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The heart of the bet365 product is the sports betting platform, but it’s easy to forget that bet365 has also built class-competitive – and in some cases, class-leading – options for gamblers on the casino front as well.

Live dealer options compete with a deep library of slots titles, and additional products round out the award-winning suite, including one of the largest online poker sites on the market and an industry-topping financials product.

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Bet365 Sport Banker Bets: What Are They And How Do They Work?

One of the most exciting aspects of betting with Bet365 Sport is that you have a massive choice of bets to choose from. Not only do you have the usual Win or Each Way bets available, but there’s a wide range of multiple selection betsavailable too.These bets include DoublesTrebles, and Accumulators. There are also more complicated multiple-selection bets, such as YankeesCanadiansLucky 15’s, and the like.

However, in addition to all these different types of bets you can access easily at Bet365 Sport, there is another bet which you can access directly from your betting slip. These bets are Banker Bets. They offer punters a different way to bet on multiple-selection bets.

Banker Bets can be tricky to find at Bet365. In fact, it is very easy to miss them, as they are only accessible once you have a bet slip with the required number of selections. However, they do offer punters an exciting and flexible way to bet on multiple selections. The bet offers a fabulous compromise between the single line accumulator bet and the rather expensive to back multiple line combination bets.

In this article, we are going to explain exactly what Banker Bets are . Then we will look at how you can place a bet on them at Bet365 Sport.

Explaining the Bet365 Banker Bet

A banker bet is a form of betting on three or more selections on a bet slip. It is different from a standard accumulator bet, which includes all selections on a single bet. It is also different from a combination bet, which can include some or all possible combinations of the selections on the bet across multiple paylines.

There are essentially two steps to placing a banker bet. The first is adding the selections to your betting slip. From these selections you decide which one (or more) you would like to select as your “banker” bet(s). The second part of the bet is then deciding which out of the available bets based on your banker selections you would like to back.

How do I pick my banker selections for a bet?

You begin making a banker bet in the same way you would any other multiple selection bet with Bet365, and that is by adding selections to your bet slip. Once you have added three or more selections to your slip, then you need to select the “Banker” betting option on the bet slip. We’ve provided a guide on how to do this below.

Once the bet slip changes to a Banker Bet, then you will see all your selections listed. When you select one of these as a banker bet, then this (or these) selection(s) must win if any of your bets are to come in. If any of your banker bet selections lose, then your bet loses.

As such, it is imperative that you select your banker options very carefully. You want to ensure you have the utmost confidence in them winning. When you are confident in your banker selection, highlight the box with the letter “B” inside it on the bet slip. Once this is highlighted, the selection is now one of your banker bets.

Depending on the number of selections on your bet slip, you can elect to have more than one banker bet. When you have a bet slip with a large number of selections, having more than one banker can reduce the number of lines you need to cover. Thus, you reduce the initial size of the bet considerably. However, you have to weigh the benefits of that up against the chances of all your banker bet selections winning.

Now that you have selected which of your selections will be banker bets, you now need to move on to the second part of placing the bet. That is deciding which of the available bets to back.

How do I decide which of my available banker bets I should back?

Once you select a banker bet, then you will notice that the options available on the betting slip change automatically. Underneath the banker section, you will see a list of all the available betting options. These options combine your banker selection(s) with the other selections on the betting slip.

These are listed in a shorthand format, which looks a little like the options outlined below. These are found when you place a three-selection banker bet, when you have just one selection as your banker.

  • 1B + 1/2
  • 1B + 2/2

How the Banker Bet wager works

This shorthand simply means that there is one banker selection (1B). In the first example, you need one of your two selections to win in order to receive a return. This bet requires you to cover two lines. One is for the Banker Bet and selection one. The other is for the Banker Bet and selection two. Therefore, if you want a £10 unit stake on this bet, this would cost you £20.

In the second option, you have your Banker Bet (1B). You are now saying you want both your other selections to win in order for you to receive a return (2/2). This is a single line bet and a £10 unit stake on this bet would cost you £10 to place.

What makes this bet so flexible is that you can elect to back either just one, or both of these selections as your banker bet. Backing both would cost you £30 for a £10 Unit Stake. However, you can back one of them individually if you prefer. The choice is entirely yours.

For simplicity, we used a three-selection banker bet as an example. As the number of selections in a banker bet grows though, the number of options available for each bet grows exponentionally. As such, punters need to be very wise about which of their bets to use on the Banker Bet. However, by being able to select which bets you cover, you can keep the overall cost of the bet down.

How do I find Banker Bets on the Bet365 bet slip?

Banker Bets are relatively easy to place and understand. The main problem many people have is finding them. This is easy to find when you know where to look, and the answer is to look on the bet slip once you have made your selections.

Here you will see a drop box which contains the word “Standard”. This means that this is the standard betting slip used to place most bets at Bet365 Sport. Simply click on the drop down box to reveal other options of bet slip. One of these will be “Banker.” Select this and you will load up the Banker betting slip.

You then place your bets exactly as outlined above. You can be betting using banker bets in no time at all.

So if you have signed up with Bet365 recently and are looking at enjoying all the sports betting site has to offer, don’t forget the Banker Bets . They offer a cheaper and more flexible way to bet on multiple selections than either accumulators or other multiple selection bets.

How To Cash In On Bet365 Cash Out Sports Wagers

Not so long ago, before the days of the Internet, betting was a generally simple exercise. You would go to a bookmakers, place your bet with them, walk back home, wait for the result of your bet. If you won, you’d head back to the bookmakers to collect your winnings.

Of course, the advent of the Internet and online sports betting services such as Bet365 Sport changed all that almost overnight. The incredible flexibility of the Internet meant that sports books could offer their punters so much more in terms of offers, betting markets, and accessibility. There are also features on the site, such as stats packages to help with research and so on.

Over time, as the speed and amount of data that could be transferred between devices improved, so did the features on offer at sites such as Bet365. First there was In Play betting, the ability to bet on an event as it was taking place. There’s now live streaming available for desktop PC’s and mobile devices too.

However, for many years, the same situation regarding your bet remained; that being once you have placed a bet, then you have to wait until your bet is complete before you can do anything about it.

Well, thanks to the Cash Out options available at Bet365 Sport, that is no longer the case.

What is the Cash Out option at Bet365 Sport?

To understand how the cash out system works at Bet365 you first need to understand that it is not available for all types of bets or on all types of sports. It is only available on certain bets on certain sports at Bet365. You don’t have to worry about this though, as any bet that is available to be cashed out will appear in your browser.

This means that you won’t miss any opportunity to cash out a qualifying bet. Bet365 Sport’s software recognizes eligible bets and will show these in the relevant cash out section.

The Cash Out option becomes available on selected bets when your bet is in progress. I say bet rather than selection, match, or game because some eligible cash out bets have multiple selections (such as accumulator bets), so it may be that these events take place at different times. Once any part of your bet is actively in play, then the Cash Out option will likely be available shortly after.

An example of Cash Out in action

What Cash Out does is allows punters more flexibility over their bets. Here is an example using a five-fold accumulator bet.

Let’s say you place a £10 bet on the following:

  • Liverpool v Arsenal – Draw at 2/1
  • Manchester United v Everton – Home Win at Evens
  • Chelsea v Tottenham – Draw at 2/1
  • Stoke v Manchester City – Away Win at Evens
  • Watford v West Ham – Away Win at 2/1

Let’s now say that all your games kick off at 3pm apart from the Liverpool v Arsenal match, which kicks off at 12.30pm andfinishes in a draw.

When this happens and your games at 3pm kick off, you may get offered a Cash Out amount. However, that amount offered depends on the state of your bet. With just one complete result and four still to go, the Cash Out offer may be small. But the beauty of this feature is that this can change as games progress.

Cash Out offers change over the course of the action

Let’s now say that after 75 minutes of action, Manchester United and Manchester City are both winning and Chelsea v Spurs and Watford v West Ham are currently drawing.

At this point because you have four of the five results correct at present, plus you just need a West Ham goal to make it five out of five, added to the fact there are just 15 minutes left in the game, you will find that the amount you are offered as a Cash Out will likely increase in this situation.

However, you then need to weigh up whether you want to cash out and take the guaranteed money on offer, or whether you want your bet to run its course. If you keep the bet, it will result in you potentially winning more money. However, it is at the risk of one result being incorrect and your bet not winning anything.

What is Partial Cash Out and how does it work?

That was the dilemma that makes deciding whether to use Cash Out so daunting for many Bet365 customers. To address that issue Bet365 developed another option. Partial Cash Out.

Partial Cash Out offers punters arguably the most flexibility ever when they make a bet. Assuming your bet is one that can be cashed out, Partial Cash Out allows you to cash out a percentage of your bet for the offered cash. Then the remaining percentage of your bet is still left to run on your bet.

A sample Partial Cash Out offer

This is best shown by an example, so we will use the same £10 fivefold accumulator bet to show you how a Partial Cash Out on this may work.

Let’s say we are at the 75 minute-mark. Four of your five selections have the correct result (with one final score in those four selections). Plus, the other match needs just one goal for one team to be a winner. We will also say that Bet365 offers you a Cash Out value of £20 for the bet.

Now if you fully cash out, then you can take the £20. Then your bet is over. However, with Partial Cash Out, what you can do is cash out 50 percent of your Cash Out offer, but let the other 50 percent remain on the bet until the results are known.

If then your results all win, then you will be paid out based on the 50 percent of the bet that was remaining active on the bet. In this case, there is still £10 on the bet, which would mean a return of £1070 profit based on the odds.

This is a very simplified version of a Partial Cash Out bet. Partial Cash Outs are very different to the amounts shown here. They depend entirely on the bet and the state of the selections within it.

How does Auto Cash Out work?

Of course, Partial Cash Out and Cash Out options do require you to be present and watching how your acca performs. That way you can cash out at the optimum time. Of course, if you are busy or working, it isn’t always easy to do that.

So Bet365 came up with another recent development Auto Cash Out to help punters with this issue.

With Auto Cash Out, when you make a qualifying Cash Out bet, you identify the parameters by which you would cash out all or a percentage of your bet. This parameter is when a Cash Out offer reaches a chosen value.

You can use the Auto Cash Out option on a bet by clicking on the bet in the My Bets section of the site. Then click on the bet you want to select for Auto Cash Out.

Once you create the rule, set the parameters for when the bet will be Cashed Out by entering your chosen Cash Out amount. Once you decide, click Create Rule to finish. The rule is now set, and you can log out knowing that if your Cash Out amount reaches the amount stated, your bet will automatically be cashed out whether or not you are online.

Cash Out options at Bet365 Sport offer punters a more flexible way to bet on a number of sports and markets with a higher degree of flexibility in their betting than ever before. However, this is not always a good thing.

How to use the Cash Out options prudently

While the Cash Out options are undoubtedly a good thing for punters, they do need to be used very wisely. In the vast majority of cases, the amount offered for a Cash Out will be lower than your initial bet. In these cases, you are simply reducing the size of your loss when using the feature. This is not a bad thing, of course. Sometimes it is better to lose just some, rather than all of your stake. However, it is not going to generate profit if used only this way.

The real danger comes when players cash out their bets too early. Then they turn what would have been a sizeable win into a much smaller win. As such, there is a risk element to using the Cash Out options at Bet365 Sport. It is down to your ability, luck and judgement to use it to gain the maximum benefit when you do.

Who is the Bet365 site for?

One of the most apparent aspects of the Bet365 platform is that it caters to every type of gambler.

The site may have gained popularity initially as a sports betting site, and certainly most of its TV advertising is based around this. But the options available for casino enthusiasts, poker players, and bingo fans are equally diverse and all-encompassing.

As such, regardless of what your preference is, you’ll find a high quality selection at Bet365’s family of sites.

Sports betting does deserve a special mention as the diversity of markets and the sheer number of features available on the sports betting site do make this a hugely attractive option for punters.

That combined with generally favourable odds for the majority of markets, outstanding promotions, and market-leading mobile, In Play and Live Streaming services, there are few online gambling sites available today that offer the range of options available at Bet365.

So regardless of whether you are simply a poker player, or a sports betting fan who likes the occasional slot or hand of poker, you will not be short of options if you elect to join any of Bet365’s family of high quality sites.

The best things about Bet365

  • Industry-leading sports betting service that continues to set the standard, particularly in terms of the breadth of markets offered, live streaming, and in play betting services.
  • vast choice of casino games to select from their 3 sites (Bet365 Casino, Bet365 Vegas, and Bet365 Games).
  • Easy to navigate site that is particularly simple to use from a mobile device. Bets are quick and uncomplicated to place.
  • Great value promotional offers. These are available for longer periods of time and can be used repeatedly to gain extra value for the customer.
  • Over 12 million satisfied customers mean that Bet365 is one of the premier names in the online gambling industry
  • Multiple new player offers can be used over the duration of your membership. This is provided you have no bonuses running on your account at the time you access them.

The worst things about Bet365

  • Some introductory offers are hard to gain full benefit from due to the wagering requirements and/or the length of time you have to fulfill the terms of the offer.