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The demise of PASPA in 2018 has brought many new corporate names and faces to the US. However, one European sportsbook has been here for quite a while and clearly has no intention of letting the latecomers grab too big a piece of the pie.

UK sportsbook giant William Hill is one of the largest sportsbook companies in the world and made its US debut in Nevada in 2012. Since then, its American business has grown to the point that William Hill has more locations in the Silver State than any other sportsbook.

William Hill has also not sat on its hands in this time of sports betting expansion in the US. There are now William Hill operations in nine states — Tennessee, Virginia, Nevada, New Jersey, Iowa, Colorado, Indiana, West Virginia, Illinois, and Michigan.

Since William Hill is becoming such a big name across the country, here is a breakdown of everything you will find as a bettor with the company.

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William Hill Sportsbook Promo Code 2022

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Why bet at William Hill Sportsbook?

Within the US, there are now many online sports betting options. This section helps you make the right decision in choosing a sportsbook by highlighting the best aspects of each book.

Here are the key reasons to choose William Hill:

  • Generous welcome bonus: Enjoy the welcome offer which gives you a chance to try the book out risk free!
  • Big event promotions: Look out for promotions based around the events that are hitting the headlines right now. Whether it’s playoff time in baseball, hockey and basketball, March Madness or the NFL rolling into town, William Hill is on it.
  • Betting markets: William Hill concentrates on the biggest markets in sports. If you’re watching the big game, it’s got you covered.
  • Live betting: Get involved in the action via in game wagers. These fast-moving markets are perfect if you want to get more involved in games already in progress.
  • History: William Hill formed in 1934, so if you want to join a sportsbook with a long history of great customer service, look no further.

Navigating the app

Our first impression of William Hill Sportsbook is that it appeals to serious sports bettors. While some other sites fill the page with promotions, offers, and links to casino and poker sites, this sportsbook is all about one thing — sports betting.

Its main page is divided into three sections.

The left side of the page is where you’ll find the main menu. Your first two options on the menu are “in-play” and “search.” Clicking “in-play” takes you to the live betting page, where the current live markets are displayed.

The “search” option is a handy one that you can use to search for any sport, any team or any player (in an individual sport). For example, searching “Phillies” will bring up any upcoming or in-progress games and any futures bets in which the franchise is included. This option is very useful if you’re particularly interested in one sport or player.

Below the first two options you’ll find “popular links” — a section devoted to the most wagered sports, including football, baseball, basketball and hockey. The final menu section lists all of the sports available at the site in an A-Z list.

Clicking on any individual sport will cause another menu to appear in dark blue. This new menu offers instant links to a daily list of the markets within that sport, a link for live games and a futures button.

The middle section of the page is the largest of the three. By default, this section is populated with the most popular markets of the day. Most of the markets feature the classic totals and moneyline wagers, while point spreads, run lines and puck lines appear for their appropriate sports.

To place a bet, click on the light blue box displaying the odds. If you don’t see a bet you like, look for a number, such as “+2,” next to the featured selections. This number refers to further betting markets on the same event. Simply click on this selection to open up and display these other markets.

The right side of the screen is reserved for the betting slip. Any time you click on a bet, this betting slip autopopulates. If you make more than one selection, further options will appear, including parlays and round robins.

There are two more handy options at the top of the page. You can click on the “odds format” link to change the odds between decimal, fractional and American style odds. Or, if you’re stuck, you can click on “help and feedback” to give you access to customer service.

William Hill Sportsbook app

Members can enjoy gambling on the go through the William Hill sports betting app. This app is available for both Apple and Android devices. If you want to download it, click through our secure link above and you’ll go right to the download screen. Apple users can proceed with the download as usual. Android users will have to set their phones to accept downloads from unknown sources first, but then they can proceed as well.

While using the app, you’ll need to have the location settings enabled to prove you are betting within one of William Hill’s states. William Hill uses the geolocation verification software GeoComply to ensure that each player is betting from inside state lines.

William Hill also allows play through desktop computers and browsers. However, similarly, players will have to download software and submit to location checks before they’ll be allowed to bet.

After loading the app onto your device, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the betting markets, including live options. The app also allows all of the various bet types, including parlays and round robins alongside the standard bets.

Other bonuses and promotions

In general, William Hill Sportsbook offers other promotions based on current events on the sporting calendar. Generally speaking, events are playoffs, major games or other notable occurrences.

For example, during the NBA playoffs, William Hill once offered a promotion called the Series Sweep Special. Players could wager $50 on every point spread in a given series and pick up a $150 bonus if every selection won.

William Hill also offers several promotions that recur throughout the season. For instance, in the Play the Hits deal, William Hill pledged to pay out various free bet values for any bettor who wagered $50 or more on the moneyline. This type of bet might show back up during the year with different subject games, but it’s a great example of the opportunities at William Hill.

William Hill does offer a rewards program for its retail customers. The William Hill Rewards Club allows players to earn points toward free bets and other perks at its land-based locations. Unfortunately, this program is not available for online customers at this time. However, given how quickly online sports betting is spreading, both with William Hill and in general, it’s unlikely that app users will be exempted from this program much longer.

Betting markets at William Hill

The range of betting options offered at William Hill Sportsbook is wide and varied. However, there is a decided focus on sports that matter most to the American sports bettor. The different leagues and events are detailed sport by sport below:

Football (NFL and NCAA)

When the football season starts in September, you’ll find it’s the most-promoted sport on the site. Every game in the NFL features an extensive range of betting options. Many of the games on the collegiate level do, too, and there are plenty of basic bets for almost every game. Betting on football games notably includes opportunities for several prop bets. There is also an expansive selection of futures bets, from league championships to the winner of the Super Bowl.

Baseball (MLB)

Where most markets allow players to bet the point spread, baseball’s low-scoring characteristic makes doing so a bit difficult. So William Hill, like other sportsbooks, offers the run line instead. In a run line, the spread is set at a standard 1.5 runs, but William Hill adjusts the payout ratio to reflect the odds of the wager. In effect, the bet becomes a hybrid of a point spread and a moneyline wager. Betting on baseball games with William Hill is also somewhat unusual because you can place a bet on William Hill with or without the named starting pitchers, which gives you a little more freedom as a bettor.

Basketball (NBA and NCAA)

William Hill focuses its basketball offerings on the NBA and college hoops, but you can also find the biggest games from Europe, too. Basketball bettors on William Hill will have plenty of regular bets to pursue, but they will also be able to utilize the partial game wagers on quarters and halves of play.

Hockey (NHL)

William Hill’s offerings for hockey feature all of the latest action from the National Hockey League. Every game features the puck line, which functions in a similar manner to baseball’s run line. The puck line is set at a standard 1.5 goals for each game, but the payout ratios associated with the bet change based upon William Hill’s expectation of the outcome.


There are many soccer betting markets available at William Hill, with the focus on the big European leagues. The English Premier League, La Liga, the Bundesliga and Serie A are all extensively covered, as well as MLS. In terms of the bets offered, soccer has lower scoring than either hockey or baseball, so William Hill has chosen to use a bet known as a handicap for soccer point spreads. These are determined by the goals scored in the game, are usually no more than half a point, and must allow for the sizable chance that the match will end in a tie.


You’ll find coverage of all of the major tours in tennis, such as the ATP and WTA, as well as extended coverage of Grand Slam events, in William Hill’s list of tennis markets. Obviously, all the standard types of bets are available, but tennis also lends itself to quite a bit of granularity in terms of live (in game) betting. So you’ll be able to wager on the outcome of sets, the outcome of individual games and even on your predictions for the score of particular games.


The PGA Tour, the LPGA and the European Tour are all featured at William Hill. Golf presents some interesting challenges for betting because of its format and the size of the fields in tournaments. This means the most common types of wagers that you’ll encounter when you’re betting on golf are futures bets on the eventual winner of the tournament and prop bets about whether certain players will shoot under par during a particular round.


In years past, William Hill would have folded this group of markets together with boxing under the label of fighting.” However, the rise of the UFC and mixed martial arts has caused a division between the two, and you should use this section if you want fighting with more than just fists. These types of contests don’t really have a score, so it’s difficult to produce a point spread or totals bet for them. Generally speaking, you’ll find that William Hill offers a moneyline for the winner of the fight and a series of prop bets about the method by which the fight will end.

Auto racing

This section features all of the latest odds in NASCAR, Formula One and IndyCar Racing. In terms of betting, auto racing has a lot in common with golf, oddly enough. Both sports depict contests with one distinct winner from large fields. So, like golf, the most common wager for auto racing is a futures bet about your prediction for the eventual winner. William Hill also pairs up various drivers to create moneyline matchups between two drivers, so if you’d like to narrow a race down to two cars, it’s easy to do so.

Other sports

All in all, there are 14 sports available for wagering on William Hill. Some of the other options include rugby league, boxing, darts and table tennis. Though there may be a few notable omissions from the list (cricket), most people will be able to find plenty of opportunities to bet their sport of choice on William Hill.

Types of bets available at William Hill

Many of the available bet types are detailed in the list of sports above. Here you’ll find a list of some of the more common bets that you can make:

If you click on “more bets,” however, you’ll see a plethora of other options. Some of these options, like alternative lines, bear a bit of explanation.

Consider the standard point spread. It represents William Hill’s best estimate for the eventual margin of victory of a game or match. Longtime bettors will tell you that the accuracy of these estimates from William Hill and other top bookmakers can be quite uncanny.

However, if you have a different and more specific idea about the eventual margin, you are likely to find an option for betting that spread in the alternative lines section. William Hill typically creates odds for a host of different outcomes, so you just need to pick the one you like.

Alternative lines are also available for totals wagers. If you believe that the amount of scoring is going to be significantly different, then you can take advantage.

Other bets you’ll find are going to be various prop bets, such as partial game outcomes and milestone achievements. In most cases, William Hill will furnish moneyline odds for every possibility it is willing to book.

Banking options

It’s important for a sportsbook to make banking as painless as possible for its customers. With that in mind, William Hill offers the following selection of deposit options for your account:

  • ACH/e-check: Using an electronic check is one of the most reliable and convenient methods of moving money onto your William Hill account. You’ll need a valid checking account to deposit in this manner. This service is extremely fast, and your funds are available immediately.
  • Debit/credit card: You can usually use your Visa or Mastercard to make a deposit into William Hill. Some card issuers might decline payments to gambling sites, so you can’t always guarantee this method will work. Also, be aware that credit card deposits can attract additional fees, as credit card companies can consider these deposits to be cash advances.
  • William Hill Prepaid Card: This banking method functions in a similar manner to a gift card that you buy for yourself. There are numerous ways to move cash into and out of your card balance, and no method offers faster transactions with William Hill. You can enroll by selecting the William Hill Prepaid Card from the “deposit funds” option.
  • Cash at retail locations: You can make immediate deposits to your account at land-based William Hill sportsbooks in any participating state. As long as you have a valid government-backed ID and your William Hill account details, you’ll be able to fund your account immediately with cash.

In terms of withdrawal options, the main modes of transfer are the William Hill Prepaid Card and cash withdrawals at retail locations. However, if neither of these methods is satisfactory to you, reach out to William Hill’s customer support for additional options.

Customer support at William Hill

William Hill offers a solid sports betting experience with very few hiccups. However, because things sometimes can go wrong, the site also maintains active customer support to help iron out any issues that arise. You can reach out to William Hill in the following ways:

  • Live chat: Using live chat is likely the most efficient way to get help. You can be connected to a William Hill representative and on your way to a solution in less than a minute.
  • Text: A live chat window might be a bit unwieldy on a mobile device, however, so if you would prefer to send a text message to William Hill, you can. Make sure to check the number, as there are different lines for different states.
  • Email: If your concern needs more explanation or you want to create a record of your interactions, then email is your best bet. William Hill has several dedicated accounts where you can send your missives and receive assistance.

Responsible gambling

William Hill Sportsbook is committed to responsible gambling and making sure that you play safely. The site features an entire section about how to spot signs of trouble, both in your own play and in those around you. There are also numerous links to organizations dedicated to the promotion of responsible gambling.

William Hill is also committed to helping you stay within your own limits. You can establish controls on your account regarding your amount of gambling, your spending, your daily time onsite or your time overall. You can even instruct William Hill to ban you from the site entirely for life.

History of William Hill

William Hill Sportsbook began its journey in 1934. The eponymous founder of the company, William Hill, began the service as a postal and telephone betting operation in London. At the time, cash bookmaking was illegal in England, but the law allowed for transactions not conducted in person. The move proved to be quite prescient, as betting shop legalization would occur in 1961.

William Hill then began a spree of launches and acquisitions of betting shops throughout England. It soon grew into one of the largest sportsbook brands in the country. The company, now a publicly traded entity, has changed hands many times since Mr. Hill sold the company to Sears Holdings in 1970.

William Hill began its US operations in 2012 with a focus on retail operations in Nevada, where it would soon become the industry leader in the state. William Hill currently operates 107 race and sportsbooks and a sports betting app in the Silver State.

However, the demise of PASPA in 2018 created a host of new opportunities for William Hill. The company has managed to expand into almost every state that has legalized sports betting in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision. Thus, if sports betting comes to your neck of the woods, rest assured that William Hill will not be far behind.