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If you’re looking for a unique sports picking experience that’s legal everywhere in the US, look no further than FendOff Sports. A subsidiary of sweepstake operator Chumba, this site allows you to put your picking skills to the test against a community of like-minded fans.

As we’ll explain later in this FendOff Sports review, the way you play is different from the norm. However, by using the promotional sweepstake model, this operator is able to offer its service to anyone in the US aged 18 or over. That’s something no traditional bookmaker can do and one of the reasons it stands out as a unique proposition.

To learn more about what this operator has to offer, come with us as we take you through our FendOff Sports review.

Why Choose FendOff Sports
  • Legal sweepstakes sportbook for US players
  • 100% first purchase bonus worth up to $25
  • Daily contests offering prizes
  • New signups get free $5 package
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Fend Off Sports New Player Bonus

We’ve already touched on the idea that Fend Off Sports is different from many of the online bookmakers you may be used to. In the following sections, we’ll get into the specifics and tell you exactly how things work when you sign up. However, before we do that, we need to talk about bonuses. As well as giving you an insight into what you can get as a newbie, the FendOff welcome bonus is a great way to highlight this operator’s unique selling points.

In terms of the basics, you’ll receive a $5 Gold Coin Package when you create your first account. On top of that, you’ll also receive 200 Gold Coins every two hours. If that’s not enough, anyone you refer to the site will earn you an additional pack of Gold Coins worth $2.

Finally, just for good measure, all Fend Off Sports newbies will get a 100% purchase bonus worth up to $25. Now, we’ll explain what Gold Coins and Sweeps are later in this FendOff Sports review. For now, just know that they’re the currency you need to make plays and, in turn, win prizes on the site.

FendOff Sports Review and Bonus Codes 2021

Online Sportsbook FendOff Sports
Bonus CodeNone - Use Links
Purchase Bonus100% up to $25
Online Since 2019
Last UpdatedAugust 2021

Double Delight for Newbies

When it comes to the no purchase bonus and 100% match, the important point to note is that your reward comes in the form of credits and not cash. Because you don’t actually make plays for money (you used Gold Coins), there’s no system for holding a cash balance. Instead, you purchase packages filled with Gold Coins and Sweeps. When you create your first account, FendOff will give you a $5 package on the house.

From there, your first purchase will be doubled. To put it another way, when you purchase one package, you’ll get a second one of equivalent value for free. This offer is good for all packages worth up to a maximum of $25.

In practice, we know this is slightly different to the deals offered by regulated US sportsbooks. However, it’s important to remember than FendOff is a sweepstake site and, therefore, operates in a slightly different way. What impressed us though is the way it’s taking inspiration from the sports betting sector. No purchase deals and purchase bonuses are popular at all the top sites, which is why FendOff has jumped on the bandwagon. Yes, it might be slightly different to what you’re used to but the promo is still a great way to get more for less.

How to Get Free Sweeps?

  • Free Sweeps with Gold Coins purchase: When you purchase a Gold Coins package, you automatically receive Sweeps as a bonus. Gold Coins are used for the social contests while Sweeps is used for Sweeps contests.
  • Free Sweeps with Account Verification: All new accounts receive 5 Sweeps once the account has been verified.
  • Social Media: Receive free Sweeps by entering no-cost giveaway contest on social media.
  • Refer-a-Friend: You will also earn 2 Sweeps when you invite a friend to join Fendoff.
  • Request Free Sweeps by Post: You can receive Sweeps by sending in a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below. Make sure you include your full name and address on the envelope with the words “Sweepstakes Credits”.

Fendoff PTY LTD
Fendoff Sports Sweepstakes Department
PO BOX #8486
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Other Promotions at FendOff Sports

Given the way FendOff works, those searching for regular promotions might be slightly disappointed at first glance. However, as you start to understand the dynamics, you’ll see that there is a constant stream of added value. As we’ve said already, referrals can earn you packages worth $2. Beyond that, your Gold Coin and Sweep balances are topped up on a regular basis.

As long as you’re an active customer, you’ll find 200 Gold Coins added to your balance every two hours. When you combine this with the FendOff Sports welcome package that gives you 15,000 Gold Coins and 5 free Sweeps, it’s possible to take part in a contest without spending any money. That, in our opinion, is fantastic and one of the reasons FendOff is an ideal way for novices to try their hand at sports play in a unique way.

The final way to get more for less at FendOff is to purchase bigger and better packages. Now, we’re not saying you should spend more than you can afford. Indeed, you wouldn’t walk into a store and purchase something you didn’t have enough cash for. However, the way things work off at FendOff Sports is that the total value of a package increases the more you spend.

For example, if you purchase a $2 package, you’ll receive 5,000 Gold Coins and 2 free Sweeps. Spend $10 and, instead of 25,000 Gold Coins, you’ll receive 37,500. What’s more, you’ll bank 10 free Sweeps. This dynamic continues all the way up to the $100 package where you get the most value. Again, we’re not saying you should spend $100. But, if you do want to get the most bang for your buck, it’s worth considering the packages at the top end of your bankroll.

FendOff Sports Mobile

FendOff.com Sports may not win any awards for style but it is fully mobile compatible. The interface is fully optimized for mobile devices, which means you can take part in a contests whenever and wherever you like.

The thing we like about the software is that the styling is simple yet effective. Each category is depicted by an icon linked to the sport in question, while the contests are arranged in neat tables. The same goes for teams. By keeping the tables free from unnecessary clutter, it’s easy to click and pick.

Another neat feature is the My Picks tab. This is your personal portal that provides a breakdown of everything from your playing history, Gold Coin/Sweep balance and performance over time. For those that like to study their form and try to improve, this feature is fantastic.

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Fend Off Sports App

At the time of this writing, Fend Off does not offer a sports app for either Android or iOS. We do expect an Android app in the future as both sister sites to Fendoff.com offer an Android casino app.

Put your sports picking skills to the test at FendOff.com and win special gift card prizes!

How to play on Sports at FendOff.com

So far in this Fend Off Sports review, we’ve given you a taste of how it works and the bonuses you can get both as a newbie and a loyal customer. At this point, it’s worth running through mechanics of how you play and, more importantly, win something for your troubles.

By now you’ll have gathered that FendOff isn’t a traditional online sportsbook. Instead, it’s what’s known as a sweepstake site. This means you can make sports-based predictions but the way in which you play is different to the norm.

Put simply, your job is to put Gold Coins on certain events in an effort to earn points. Those that earn the most points based on one of five ranking systems will win Sweeps. In practice, the process of making a play looks like this:

  • Choose your favorite sport using the menu at the top of the page and enter one of the available contests. Each contest will vary in terms of buy-in and rules. It’s typically the case that you’ll have to make multiple picks from a selection of upcoming games to participate.
  • Find a game you’re interested in and pick the team you want to back. Beside each team will be a percentage score. This figure is the same as the odds you’d see at a traditional online sportsbook. In other words, it’s how likely/unlikely the team is to win be. Additionally, the percentage score determines your potential prize.

The higher the percentage score, the more likely a pick is to win and, therefore, the lower your returns will be. The lower the score, the more of an underdog a selection is and the bigger your returns will be.

  • Finally, you need to enter the number of Gold Coins you want to stake beside your selection and hit the submit button. Once you’ve locked in your pick, it can’t be changed.

Points = Prizes at FendOff Sports

Once a contest comes to an end, the top ranked players will win a share of the prizepool. Depending on the buy-in and number of entrants, the prizes and their distribution will vary. What’s also important to note is that the way points are calculated will change according to the contest rules.

By offering five scoring systems, FendOff has tried to make its competitions fair for everyone and not just those that can spend the most money. Based on that, your efforts will be ranked according to one of the following scoring systems:

  • ROI – Points are earned based on the Gold Coins they stake per pick.
  • Streak  – The number of consecutive winning plays a player makes determines how many points they in this scoring system.
  • Strike Rate – The number of correct picks a player makes vs. the number of incorrect picks they make defines their score in these contests.
  • Total Gold Coins – The total number of Gold Coins a player wins within a nominated period will determine their overall points total.
  • Unit – This leaderboard focuses on the percentages of all successful picks minus the percentages of the unsuccessful ones.

In any contest, you need to have at least 10 finalized results to qualify. Of those that qualify, it’s typically the case that the top 20 performers win Sweeps. However, in certain free-to-enter contests, fewer players might win a share of Gold Coins rather than Sweeps.

In terms of banking some cash, the way you win at www.FendOff.com is to redeem Sweeps for vouchers. To stay within US sweepstake laws, this operator can’t pay out prizes in the form of cash. Instead, you can redeem Sweeps for a gift card.

Now, it’s fair to say gift cards aren’t quite as good as cold hard cash. However, to provide a sports play service to the whole of America, not just states with specific regulations, this is a necessary feature.

What Can You Play on at FendOff Sports?

Now we’ve outlined how FendOff Sports works, you’ll want to know what you can make plays on. At this site, the only type of prediction you can make is an outright one. In other words, you’re simply picking which team will win in a straight shootout.

Anyone that’s tried a US sportsbook such as William Hill will know that it’s possible to speculate on a variety of potential outcomes. Whether it’s the final score, how many fouls a player will commit or something else, bookmakers usually offer lines on dozens of propositions.

Because FendOff is a sweepstake site, that’s not possible. However, the benefit of only being able to make outright predictions is that it keeps things simple. Sure, you might lose a touch of diversity. But, if you’re a novice in the sports betting world, having a simple way to put your knowledge to the test is perfect.

Beyond that, you’ve also got an element of competition that’s missing from traditional sports betting. In addition to multi-player competitions, FendOff is planning to launch MatchUp contests. These are set to be one vs. one showdowns between you an someone else. At the time of writing (November 2019), this feature hadn’t gone live. However, if that’s something that piques your interest, you should look out for these contests in the near future.

Assuming you’re happy with the idea of making outright picks, you’ll be able to speculate on the following sports at FendOff:

Does FendOff  Sports Offer In-Play Games  and Live Streams?

During our FendOff.com Sports review, we did see an option for live play. However, there weren’t any games running at the time. This suggests you can make in-play plays. In line with the site’s outright win playing dynamic, you’ll simply have to pick which team will win at any stage of a game.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for live streams, you’re going to be disappointed. Even though this site has some unique features, it doesn’t allow you to watch live games in the same way operators do.

Who is FendOff Sports For?

In our opinion, FendOff.com Sports is perfect for sports games novices. Because you’re playing with Gold Coins instead of cash, everything feels a lot less daunting. Add to that the fact you only have to make outright picks and things are ideal for those with little experience of sports game plays.

Of course, that’s not to say experienced players won’t get something from the site. If you’re knowledgeable about a particular sport, you stand a great chance of ranking well in a contest and winning some Sweeps. Beyond that, MatchUp competitions will be another way for experts to press home their advantage.

Finally, if you’re in a US state that hasn’t yet regulated sports betting, FendOff is the place to go. Because this operator uses long-standing sweepstake laws, it doesn’t fall under the same category as traditional online bookmakers. In practice, this means you can sign up and play for prizes (i.e. gift vouchers) from anywhere in the US. The only condition you need to meet in terms of creating an account and anteing up is that you have to be at least 18 years old.

The Best Things about FendOff Sports

  • You can speculate on sports anywhere in the US.
  • The playing process is extremely easy to understand.
  • Everything is fully legal, which means you can be confident your funds are safe and your prizes will be posted to you without any issues.
  • The software is simple, effective and available on all mobile devices.

The Worst Things about FendOff Sports

  • You can’t win money prizes.
  • The types of plays you can make is limited.

FendOff Company History

FendOff Sports describes itself as a social sports prediction website. It’s based in the US and is an offshoot of sweepstakes casino site, Chumba. Also located in the US, Chumba Casino has been offering a range of sweepstake betting options since 2017. With sportsbooks gaining traction in the US at the close of 2018, the company applied its gaming model to sports.

This resulted in the launch of FendOff.com in 2019. Today, this site is available in all US states and operates legally under long-standing sweepstake laws. Although it provides a slightly different experience from traditional bookmakers, it’s an ideal way to speculate on the likes of football and basketball in states that don’t yet allow full sports betting.

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