Online Sportsbooks with Free Bet No Deposit Promos

For any first-time user, free bet bonuses are the ideal way to start wagering in a cost-effective and risk-free way. All too often, new users will end up making needless losses on speculative bets, but there are ways to keep the gambling experience enjoyable and profitable.

How Free Bet Bonuses Work

Perhaps the most unique, and pleasing characteristic of free bet promos is that everybody benefits from them. Though terms and conditions can dictate otherwise, the biggest catch for the customer is merely the fact that a stake made through a free bet is not returned along with any winnings.

For instance, if you used a $50 free bet on a winning wager with a moneyline price of +400, the $200 payout would be received in full, but nothing more.

Free bets which return the wager are not unheard of, but they are very rare.

Naturally though, it is only possible for each free bet offer to be redeemed once by each user, and there are invariably security protocols in place to prevent the creation of multiple accounts. Such offers can only be redeemed once per household.

Best Sportsbooks with Free Bet Deals

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How to Claim the Offer

Claiming the promotion is exceptionally simple. Free bet bonus offers are always displayed prominently within online adverts, which can appear either on the bookmaker’s front page or an affiliate of the bookmaker that is licensed to display adverts.

Simply clicking on the advert will take you straight through to the sign-up page, where you will enter your details into the fields as prompted. It is at this point where the experience of claiming can be differential, depending on whether or not you can choose how the offer is used.

If you have free choice over how to use the promotion, you will place your wager as normal, selecting the action button under the option, which then places the wager in your virtual betting slip. There may be a prompt to ‘use free bet’ (or similar) when placing the wager. If clicked it will be active, and in play.

However, if the bonus must be used on a specific sport, or even an event within it, then most bookmakers will see that you are automatically redirected to the necessary event or market. Here you will place the bet when prompted, although some offers may require you to wager the entire free bet amount in one wager to make it valid.

Any bookmaker with an advert that becomes animated when the cursor is hovering over it (also known as rich media) is a certain sign that the bookmaker is going all-out to advertise this particular offer. Much of their decision to make such an investment is based on how new customers react to this bonus offer, so its quality is seldom in question.

Types of Free Bet Bonuses

Many sportsbooks and bookmakers opt to make the most generous free bet bonuses exclusive to new customers. The most important thing to firstly bear in mind is that free bet bonuses can take several different forms

What are Risk Free Bets?

Risk free bets are most commonly found in sportsbooks, and are the likeliest type of free bet to be made exclusive to new customers. Simply put, they represent an insurance against losses, and In order to be used, they require a deposit and an initial wager. In the event that the wager is won, the payout minus the stake is awarded. If the bet loses, then the stake is refunded as a free bet.

Because it may pertain to a particular sport, or an event which is looming on the calendar, this type of free bet is frequently subject to deadlines. Using this type of offer during in-play situations can be problematic, as its potential payout value may fluctuate drastically. Deadlines may apply to the initial wager and the second one in the event of a lost first bet.

Ultimately, the key here is to make the most of short-term markets with a ‘nothing to lose’ attitude, such as the longer moneyline prices you would find on a straight-up underdog win.

What are Matched Bet Bonuses?

Matched bet bonuses are similar to the risk-free bet bonus, but work differently. To activate these, you will need to open your account, make the deposit and place the initial wager. Regardless of the outcome, the bookmaker will give you a free bet equal in amount to your initial deposit.

Whether this is automatically activated or not can vary between bookmakers, and its immediate activation also may be dependent on how the site was accessed, whether via a banner or a basic URL without any affiliate codes.

Once again, terms and conditions will apply, as will deadlines given the degree of fluctuation associated with in-play markets. There will also be a significant wagering requirement, given the generosity of this offer, especially if the bettor chooses to put an initial deposit of $50 or more down upon signup.

What are Money-back Free Bets?

These days, more and more sportsbooks are offering free bets that are paid out as a compensation for a wager losing in a specific way.

For example, a free bet might be awarded if an EPL team is denied a win after the opposition is awarded a penalty, or if a UFC bout ends in disqualification or a draw.

Generally, it is ‘unlikely’ events that will feature as the trigger for a money-back free bet. Along with combat events, a few US sports are known for producing a strikingly low number of stalemates, and events like disqualification or outright abandonment are even rarer.

However, there are some very common types of outcomes that feature more than occasionally as part of a money-back free bet. These are well worth looking out for, and typically pertain to the most high-profile events, such as the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup playoff final.

Occasionally, money-back free bets can work with accumulators / multiple bets, with one of the most common money-back triggers being a five or six-fold accumulator where all but one of the outcomes in the accumulator prevail (i.e teams 1-4 win, team 5 loses).

Any free bet payout will be minus the initial stake.

Loyalty-based offers

Reward schemes are now a huge part of the modern sportsbook’s agenda, and with a points system providing clear milestones towards the best rewards, this is a part of the online wagering experience that has grown rapidly in popularity over the past decade. Points can be converted into free bet amounts or cashback.

Are Free Bet Offers Worth It?

As with any type of free offer from an online betting site, there are pros and cons that pertain to both free bets and bonuses.

Free bet offers typically pay out with hard cash in the event of a win, and the usual lack of wagering requirements is always seen as more important than the fact that the stake is not returned along with the payout.

While the generally inflexible nature of free sportsbook bonuses might prevent a user from truly making the most of a site, and all it has to offer, many of them can be used in any market of the bettor’s choosing. They also offer quicker returns and there are no minimum odds, although backing a firm favourite and receiving, say, just $7 back from a $10 free bet seems like a waste of time.

Ultimately, free bet offers can be a very rewarding means to wagering smart, and enjoying the experience. However, their availability is not long-lived, with free bet bonus offers being valid for an average of just 7 days. This makes following the sportsbook on social media, or subscribing to them on a mailing list a must.

How do deposit bonuses compare to no deposit free bet offers?

With matched bonuses, not only is the stake returned along with winnings, but there is also a lot more in the way of flexibility. Perhaps most significantly, a matched sport betting bonus can also be used in segments, meaning that if the amount is $50, then (for example) $20 could be used on one wager, $10 on another and two $5 wagers elsewhere.

Another major perk of the matched bet bonus is that it might not even necessarily be restricted to sportsbooks, and any casinos with sportsbooks might enable some crossover with the bonus, though that is entirely their call. These bonuses can often be used alongside others too, with the combination of them tilting the equation more towards ‘reward’ rather than ‘risk’.

Potential payouts are also typically much bigger in bonus, compared to those yielded by free bets. However, any payouts are often slower due to the usual review process that all winning bets undergo.

Furthermore, wagering requirements can put off those without the willingness to wager regularly, with a multiplication of the matched bet amount having to be wagered to unlock winnings.

Free bets vs matched bonuses: Which is better?

That depends entirely on what you want to get out of the wagering experience when using sportsbooks. For a quicker, less-scrutinized payout without excessive terms and conditions, the free bet is likely more suitable, although payouts are lower and it has to be used in one go.

Matched bonuses are undoubtedly more suited to those with a bit more capital, and can yield some excellent payouts. However, the wagering requirement is dependent on the initial stake, meaning that only those with the intention to wager regularly should seek out this type of free bet bonus.

Which sports go best with no deposit bonuses?

Just about any sport goes well with the free bet offers, but if there is a totally free choice in how the bet is used, there are several examples of how it may be put to good use.

Terms, Conditions & Restrictions

Any users of a NJ-licensed sportsbook must be aged at least 21 years to register, and wager with real money. This applies to all signups, whether done via desktop or mobile. Once a registration is submitted, it is then subject to vetting in accordance with the regulatory body for NJ gambling sites.

Normally, this is a process that takes only a few moments, following the submission of an electronic version of the user’s ID. This is generally a driver’s license, birth certificate or passport.

Users must also be located in the state of New Jersey to register with a NJ licensed sportsbook. New users do not explicitly require a NJ address. However, you will not be allowed to bet when accessing the site from a location outside NJ.

Popular free bet bonuses (by state and region)

This section outlines some of the most popular free / no deposit sportsbook bonuses. This section is divided into multiple categories or legal betting sites. Offers available for US bettors, covering both NJ and PA in addition to sportsbooks in Canada and across Europe.

New Jersey Sportsbooks

NJ is the prime location for legalized wagering, and is currently the focal point of the best offers around. William Hill online in NJ currently offers a free bet with a $50 value if  a new user deposits the same amount (or more).

FanDuel and DraftKings are online sportsbooks that are both available in NJ. They both currently offer a free $500 bet for all new users. FanDuel is also scheduled to open in Pennsylvania in 2019. This is one of several other sportsbooks that have a number of good free bets available

Pennsylvania Sportsbooks

As of June 2019, Sugar House Pennsylvania is the only PA-licensed operator offering free bets. It’s main features are the 1x bonus play-through requirement and a live schedule of promotions. There’s also a unified wallet to ensure smooth deposits and a ‘Best In Class Loyalty Program’.

Canadian Sportsbooks

There are huge offers in Canada, due to how gaming laws differ there compared to the United States. At present, 888 Sport in Canada is offering a $250 bonus to new signups.

European Union / UK Bookmakers

Many of the popular Canadian sportsbooks are widely available in Europe. They are at liberty to offer some exceptionally generous free bets.

There are several market leaders that currently monopolize the free bet market. Amongst them are Betway, with a £30 free bet or you can opt for the £250 welcome bonus.