Odds Boost Betting Sites

Online sportsbook operators are always searching for new and improved ways to reward loyal customers, and to continuously deliver an enriched online betting experience. One of the best ways to achieve this in recent years is through odds boosts.

You’ll notice that more and more online sportsbooks are providing enhanced odds to attract bettors to the site, all designed to offer longer and better odds on a particular bet.

An odds boost provides the perfect opportunity for you to receive a bigger potential profit on your wagers, which is something that goes hand-in-hand with an optimal betting strategy.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at what an odds boost is in the world of sports betting along with when and where you’ll be able to find odds boost as an online bettor. We will also discuss whether or not is a good bet to use and provide a list of the different types of odds boost you’ll find online.

Lastly, we will tell you how you can profit from using odds boosts when it comes to sports betting and the terms and conditions that are linked to these incredible offers.

List of Sportsbook with Best Odds Boost Offers

What is a Sports Betting Odds Boost?

An odds boost has different names, depending on where you are in the world. However, whether it’s called pushing, rushing, boosting, or promise, each of them temporarily enhances an entire market, an event, or even a betting line. When you utilize these offers correctly, you’ll be able to benefit from loads of value on your wagers.

Most online sportsbooks will frequently provide boosted (better) odds on a variety of different bets. When an odds boost is offered by an online sportsbook, it usually signifies a payout increase for a point spread, totals, or moneyline wager on a specific sport or game. You will also find that some online sportsbooks provide increased odds on a specific team prop or player.

All online sportsbooks include a house edge on every bet featured on the site to ensure the sportsbook makes a profit. The house edge built into the site is usually referred to as vigorish (vig). When an odds boost is offered to you, it will move the odds in your favour, as opposed to the online sportsbook. Therefore, an online sportsbook essentially gives up some of the vig to make the bet more attractive to bettors. In some cases, you will find a sportsbook will completely remove the vig on a specific bet, which manages to attract loads of online bettors to the site.

Where and When to Find an Odds Boost?

Promotional offers based around odds boosts are usually offered for a limited time only. They are often used by online sportsbooks to highlight a specific game or match occurring on the day when the promotion is available. Most odds boost promotions are specifically designed around an extremely popular match.

There are plenty of online betting sites that come equipped with odds boost promotions. You simply need to follow several renowned online sportsbooks via social media or regularly visit our site to unearth exclusive odds boost promotions on a specific game.

You are also more than welcome to create a special Twitter list where you can gather all online sportsbooks to receive special odds boost promotions from one central location which will give you an additional edge. This will also give you the opportunity to claim exclusive promotions and other betting tips and articles to further increase your chances of walking away with a decent profit.

Is an Odds Boost a Good Bet?

Online sportsbooks are not overly fond of giving you an advantage when it comes to placing bets. Therefore, it’s difficult to determine whether an odds boost promotion is a good bet or a bad one. For instance, some odds boost promotions will only reduce the overall house edge for an online sports betting site, while others will offer 0% vig when it comes to wagering opportunities.

As a sports betting enthusiast, you will always search for a fair wager. The lower the vig is on a specific bet, the better your opportunities will be to make a profit. While this type of promotion can offer a fair betting opportunity, it still doesn’t mean it’s considered a good bet.

Complicated multi-event prop bets might be able to reduce the house edge of the sportsbook, but will increase the variance which makes it a difficult wager to win. Enhanced odds might reduce the house edge but due to the parameters of the wager, it might turn into a bad bet. You will need to study an odds boost bet to determine whether or not it’s a good bet.

It’s worth mentioning that a single odds boost wager won’t allow you to make a significant profit either. At the end of the day, it will all depend on the match and the odds boost bet. If it forms part of a prop bet, you’ll have a greater chance of making a decent profit as opposed to a single odds boost wager.

Types of Odds Boost

Enhanced odds can be divided into several categories, each offering a different type of promotion that will allow you to make a bigger profit than you initially anticipated. In this section, we will take an in-depth look at each category and explain the different types of odds boost you can take advantage of when they are presented by your favourite online sportsbook.

Price Promises

This offer is very popular among greyhound and horse racing events, but can also be present in other sporting events. It essentially guarantees the best price or odds on a particular market for an event, and is only available for a short time. It provides the best odds or price from a wide range of other online sportsbooks.

A good example will be a price promise that will guarantee the best odds on the next five football accumulators from a list of online sportsbooks. This type of offer is usually coupled with outright wagers in major competitions and tournaments as well.

Price Boost & Price Rush

This offer is straightforward and easy to understand. The odds on an entire market or specific betting line are enhanced for a limited time prior to the start of a sporting event. This can either be for the next 24 hours or perhaps 60 minutes before the sporting events gets underway. It all depends on the online sportsbook. You can essentially see a price boost or price rush as an enhanced odds offer that has an extremely short shelf life.

Boost Your Own Odds

The latest trend that has surfaced from leading online sportsbooks is the ability to select your own wagers which you can price boost. Most odds boosts are restricted to a single wager or event, and all of them are usually controlled by the sportsbook itself.

However, once you have the power to boost your own odds, you will have far more control over the prices as opposed to the online sportsbook. For those that consider themselves to be online betting enthusiasts, this is undoubtedly the best way to earn long-term value when it comes to betting online.

Price Matching

This bet type is very similar to supermarkets and the way in which they match grocery prices with other supermarkets. It’s also very similar to a price promise. However, with this bet type you are essentially agreeing to match the best possible odds as opposed to beating them. This basically means an online sportsbook promises to match the best odds available from a wide range of other online sportsbooks.

Enhanced Place Terms

This bet type is primarily available for horse racing events, but you will find enhanced place terms in a handful of other sporting events as well on rare occasions.

There are essentially two major forms of enhanced place terms.

The first is a boost in the number of places that will provide a payout for either a place bet or an each way bet. For instance, you will receive 4 places that will pay out as opposed to 3 places.

The second is basically a boost to the overall odds that were given to you. For instance, where you were initially going to receive a quarter of the odds, you will now receive a third of the odds when it comes to an each way bet.

New Player Enhanced Odds Promotions

These types of offers are targeted towards newly registered customers and only last for a limited time before they expire. If you ever come across these offers as a new player, make sure to grab them immediately as most of them are considered better than a welcome offer. This type of offer will give you an incredible boost on odds where existing players won’t receive the same treatment. For instance, let’s say Manchester City is playing against Brighton in the Premier League, which means the true odds for Man City will be below evens to win. As a new customer, you might receive odds like 7/1 on Man City after you register a new account.

Enhanced Offers, Triple Odds, and Double Odds

These types of offers are quite rare to find online but you might come across them at several leading sportsbooks across the globe. As the name suggests, this type of bet will allow you to take advantage of enhanced double odds or even triple odds on a single bet placed. Some online sportsbooks will utilize these offers as a way to attract new customers to the site, while others will use them to maintain their current data base.

Enhanced Odds Coupons

These are basically accumulators, consisting of multiple bets, that are presented with fixed odds. These are extremely popular among existing bettors to ensure continuous loyalty on a single sportsbook. Enhanced odds coupons are available almost everywhere online and will give you odds of 7/1 for West Ham, Tottenham, and Arsenal to win. The true odds on this event should be lower in the region of 4/1. These bet types truly place the odds in your favour if you interested in making an accumulator bet.

How to Win an Odds Boost

There are several ways in which you can profit from an odds boost when betting online. To give you an idea of how you can win, we included a list of ways that will surely help you become more profitable over the long run.

  • Boost Your Own Odds – A handful of sportsbooks will allow you to select your own wagers where you can enhance the odds yourself. This will give you the power to place any kind of wager you want as opposed to being restricted by enhanced odds that were created by the online sportsbook.
  • Select Your Wager in Advance – There’s no denying that enhanced odds can add additional value to your wager. However, if you rush a bet with an online sportsbook where the enhanced odds is not good, you will shoot yourself in the foot. Rather spend time evaluating a wide range of odds boost promotions and place your bet well ahead of the match.
  • Register With Several Sportsbooks – If you interested in taking advantage of enhanced odds, we highly recommend that you register with a vast selection of online sportsbooks. This will give you the ability to shop around for the best odds promotions before placing your bet on the upcoming event.
  • Know When to Bet – You will find some online sportsbooks that will honour a boosted price on all wagers that were made before the price was actually boosted. However, not all sportsbooks will be this kind. It’s for this reason that its better to wait until the event draws closer to get access to the best enhanced odds promotions.
  • Enhanced Multipliers – You will need to determine what type of wager you want to place on the upcoming event before searching for an enhanced odds offer. For instance, if you interested in making multiple bets, look for enhanced multipliers instead of a regular accumulator to get the most out of a winning wager.
  • Accept Multiple Deals – On most major sporting events from across the globe, online sportsbooks will provide enhanced odds. Each of them will come equipped with maximum winnings or maximum stake limits. Therefore, we highly recommend splitting your total bet amount across several sportsbooks to get the most from your bet.
  • Singles and Multipliers – Most of the promotions that consist of enhanced odds are targeted towards single lines, especially when it comes to price rush features or short terms price boosts. If you wish to combine your wager with other selections, make sure to evaluate the terms and conditions first as this could result in you not getting your boosted price or your entire bet might be voided in the process. You will notice that some price boost promotions can be used in multiple wagers, but won’t allow you to bet on several sporting events.
  • Coupons – You will notice that most enhanced odds multipliers will be presented through specific coupons. This can be an open coupon that will allow you to make several selections coupled with guaranteed odds, or in the form of an online sportsbook offering a specific enhanced odds promotion on trebles or doubles. However, if one selection is not to your liking, don’t make the mistake by placing a multiple enhanced odds bet.
  • Max Bet / Payout – Most online sportsbooks use enhanced odds wagers to retain and attract new customers. However, due to the fact that the odds are in your favour, these promotions are usually capped in some way or another. This means that most online sportsbooks will either have a maximum bet amount or a maximum payout amount. Please go through the fine print on each offer to know the restrictions before you place a wager.
  • Price Promise and Matching – The online sportsbook will either match or promise a price that is displayed on a list of other massive online sportsbooks. Please note, however, that this does not mean that all online sportsbooks are included on the promise or match. Only those displayed on the list. It’s also worth mentioning that the promise or match offered isn’t the best in the industry. Therefore, we highly recommend that you shop around before claiming one of these offers.

Terms and Conditions Always Apply

Before you decide to claim an enhanced odds promotion, or odds boost offer, we suggest reading the fine print on each of them to determine their value. Remember, there will also be a wide range of restrictions that are coupled with these offers, so it is definitely worth taking the time to read through the terms and conditions before you claim it. Some things to look out for include:

  • Evaluate the Minimums – Most odds boost promotions will come with a minimum bet requirement to successfully activate the offer. Please ensure you keep an eye out for these to ensure you are well aware of the required limits.
  • Maximum Winnings / Stake – Most online sportsbooks will promote these offers at a loss or even at cost which means the qualifying bet will usually be limited. For instance, if the odds boost pays out up to $25 on a wager, any additional wager amount will be calculated on the original odds and not the boosted odds.
  • Free Cash, Bonuses, and Bets – It’s worth remembering that not all winnings from enhanced odds are paid out in cash. Some might provide winnings that you can withdraw immediately, while others will provide the funds in bonus cash or in bonus bets that you still need to wager.
  • Time Limits – The most important factor when it comes to these offers is the fact that each of them are available for a limited time only. Therefore, we suggest checking the time limit involved to ensure you have enough time to claim the offer before it expires.
  • Rule 4, Void Bets, and Non-Runners – Should you wish to place a bet on a horse with a boosted price and the overall field is reduced due to a disqualification, the odds boost might get reduced due to Rule 4. Therefore, it is always advisable to check what happens with your bet when there’s a non-runner or disqualification on an event.