Funzpoints Review – $22.50 In Free Money

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You can enjoy a colorful collection of slots and keno at the Funzpoints site. These casino style games can win you real money – via a fully legal sweepstakes gaming model. Better still, you don’t need to make a deposit to win this money. New players get $2.50 in ‘Premium Funzpoints’ to try out the games, plus up to $20 more free with your first ever deposit.

Sweepstakes contests are legal throughout the country and accessible in all 50 states. The legal part of the sweepstakes casino model is explained in more depth below.

You can find out about the games, ways to bet free Funzpoints and how to cash out your wins on this page.

Why Choose Funzpoints Casino
  • Both no-deposit and deposit bonuses available
  • Offers great choice of unique slot titles
  • Play for fun or real cash prizes
  • Free sweepstakes draw every day
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Funzpoints Casino Welcome Bonus

When you sign up at FunzPoints Casino you will have two welcome bonuses.

First, the Funzpoints’ free-play service offers 1,000 funzpoints for play and $2.50 site credit simply for signing up in Standard mode.

The Premium mode service allows players to play for real money, with our exclusive Funzpoints links providing an up to $20 bonus on deposit.

Funzpoints Casino promo code 2024

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No Deposit Bonus$2.50
Deposit Bonus$20
Last UpdatedJuly 2024

How the Funzpoints Casino Site Works

Sweepstakes contests are a popular way for businesses to market themselves. There are laws governing these contests in every state. Canadian players are also welcome to take part.

What Funzpoints has done is to turn their online casino games into mini sweepstakes contests. You’ll spin slots with the potential to win real prizes. In order to do this legally, Funzpoints need to follow some rules.

There needs to be a way to enter their sweepstakes contests for free. They can’t directly charge players to enter them.

To comply with these rules, this casino uses two different types of points to run their games. There are ‘Standard Funzpoints’. Think of these as play money only chips, which have no redeemable value. There are also ‘Premium Funzpoints’. These do have redeemable value. If you win with them, you can swap them for dollars and request a withdrawal to your bank.

If you buy a package of the standard points (starting as low as $4.99), you’ll get the premium points for ‘free’ as a gift. This means you did not directly pay to enter the sweepstakes contests – instead this was a free benefit received for buying the standard points.

While the model seems complex, it is accessible in every state. There are many casinos now running on sweepstakes models.

How to Register and Navigate the Funzpoints Site

When you head to you’ll see a message asking if you want to play for ‘Standard’ or ‘Premium’ points. You can change your selection at any time via a button on the top left-hand side of the page. You’ll see a list of benefits of making purchases of either type of points here.

These include playing ad-free, unlocking all the games and unlocking all the boosters for your achievements.

The website will adapt to your screen size for use on mobile phones – though there are no native apps available to download.

At the top of your screen you will see your current points total. This can be switched between premium and standard. You will also see how many jackpot draw tickets you have, a ‘buy’ button and a ‘burger’ menu. Under this menu are the following options:

  • Profile
  • Turn Sound Off
  • Cash Out
  • Funz Wallet
  • How it Works
  • FAQ
  • Terms of Service
  • Trophy Room
  • Gaming Limits
  • Log Out Option

On the left of the main screen you will see the latest game highlighted. Under this is the current jackpot prize and the countdown to the next draw. Games are found in the middle of the screen, with arrows to let you scroll through this list. Under this is the bonus wheel, with a countdown towards your next spin (you can spin every 3 hours).

Games Available at the Funzpoints Casino

Almost all the games are slots. The only current exception is the ‘Paintball’ Keno game. There are no casino table games at the time of writing. When you first register, you’ll notice many of the games have a green padlock over them. These are locked, giving you an extra incentive to make a purchase and unlock them.

Some games are labelled ‘coming soon’ which shows that FunzPoints have a game development pipeline. New games are added about once a month. Naturally the newest games are reserved for players that make purchases.

How the Funzpoints Slots Work

Slots at Funzpoints are bright and fast. They have a lot of entertaining themes, though they’re not the most complex games compared with the real money slots at other casinos. Most have a single bonus game (picks or free spins) and wilds in the base game.

These slots work on mobile devices. You’ll see a message on the screen asking you to flip your phone into landscape mode.

If you are looking for some fun games besides slots, you can try the scratch card games from Scratch Carnival, another popular sweepstakes site.

Examples of popular Funzpoints slots

  • Bonbon Bash: Candies are the symbols on this innovative casino slot. There are 4 rows of symbols on each reel. 4 different ‘swoosh wilds’ appear on the reels. These make candies in different directions turn into wilds. Big wins come when you hit these in different directions on the same spin. There is also a 3 stage picks bonus, which ends with a multiplier wheel.
  • Maximo the Magnificent: This slot is themed on a stage magician. Symbols are classic props, including a white rabbit and (separately) the hat it was pulled from. There are wilds in the main game. In the free spins bonus wilds take on a new role – with ‘best wilds’ connecting multiple wins by changing whichever symbol will result into the biggest wins into a wild.
  • The Java Café: This innovative slot is themed around a coffee shop. Even the filler playing card symbols are designed to look like they are made from coffee beans. There is a separate picks bonus game, where you choose from cups until you match three. You then get to spin a wheel, which gives you a multiplier.
  • Enchantress Luna: Another interesting slot with special symbols in the base game. These are magic mirror symbols, which are empty when they first appear. If wins are possible, symbols appear on these mirrors. If you get the bonus game, you pick orbs to see how many free spins you are awarded. These come with special ‘best wilds’. A symbol is selected that results in the best wins, which then turns wild when these appear.

Depositing and Cashing Out at Funzpoints Casino

To make a purchase of standard Funzpoints (by which you’ll get free Premium points) you first click the ‘Buy’ button on the top right of the screen.

You’ll need to have a completed profile before this becomes available. You can buy standard points in packages from $4.99 and higher. If you are making your first purchase, you’ll get extra premium points (usually, you get free premium points at 1-to-1 based on your standard points purchase).

You can use a debit or credit card to buy points. Cards from most banks are welcomed. Funzpoints is legal, and your purchase of play-money game chips is the same as with any gaming website or app.

If you win, then you need to exchange your premium points before they can be withdrawn. You’ll see a display in your ‘Funz Wallet’. The minimum for exchange is 2,000 points, which will buy you $20. You can swap up to $2,000 per transaction – which will come in useful if you win a jackpot.

Your withdrawal will be via a local bank transfer.

Account verification is needed before you can withdraw. This is carried out by a 3rd party on behalf of the casino. When you fill in your name, address and date or birth on your profile, make sure you use accurate and not junk data. If you are lucky enough to hit a jackpot, this will avoid any delays with the verification process.

Wrapping Up: Funzpoints Casino Review Summary

You can play innovative slots either completely for free or for coins which can later be redeemed at the Funzpoints Casino. The titles are vibrant, entertaining and varied. Bonus features, special wilds, and novel themes will keep you coming back for more.

This casino uses sweepstakes laws to give you a shot at winning real prizes. You can’t buy in direct, instead you buy play money chips, and the casino gives you ‘free’ premium chips to enter their contests. There are also free-to-enter jackpot draws, which award real money prizes.

Funzpoints is open in all states – check them out for yourself now and grab your $2.50 non-deposit welcome bonus.

Funzpoints Casino FAQ

Yes. Funzpoints offer free entry to their sweepstakes contests, which take the form of casino slots. This keeps the site legal under laws designed for promotional contests.

This is unlikely. To change the sweepstakes contests laws, states would need to go through a consultation period with businesses of all sizes that rely on these for promotion and customer retention. This could potentially cause a lot of disruption, meaning that there would be plenty of warning of any changes that would affect players.

Different sweepstakes gaming sites have been active since 2016. There has been no move from any state to block or ban these sites so far.

Yes. All slots have a house edge built in. This means that over the long-term, the casinos make a small profit on every spin. Funzpoints state that all games have a minimum 96.5% RTP (return to player). This is good compared to live casinos, and higher than many regular online casinos too. Variance in your results will see bankroll / points swings up and down – though there is no reason to think technology would be used to influence the results of an individual player.

You can get free Premium Funzpoints in three ways. First, you get $2.50 worth simply for registering and completing your Funzpoints profile. Next, you get 500 (worth $5) for sending a letter. The address can be found in the ‘terms and conditions’ page. Third, you get free bonus premium Funzpoints with your first ever purchase of standard points up to $20.

Yes. You can win tickets for daily jackpot drawings while playing for standard (play-money) points. There is one big prize, and many smaller ones. These take the form of Premium points, which can be used to win real money on the slot games.

No. At the time of writing, the only games are slots and a single Keno game. With a pipeline of new titles coming through, there is a chance that table games will be added in the future. Table games are rare at sweepstakes casinos.