Archangels Salvation Slot

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Archangels Salvation Slot

Archangels: Salvation is a spectacular 3D online casino slot game designed to offer an out-of-this-world gaming experience. The game revolves around an eternal battle between an archangel of light and the devil of darkness. Based on the Holy Bible’s story that is as old as time itself, the slot is all about good versus evil, Heaven and Hell, as well as right and wrong. Both the archangel and demon are armed with weapons: the angel has a lance while the winged demon holds a sword. Appearing on opposite sides of the screen, the two characters are ready to hurl fireballs at each other.

Powered by Net Entertainment, this superb-looking slot features 6 reels, 12 rows, and an amazing 100 bet lines. The slot also offers high-value symbols of Wilds, 2×2 Wilds, regular wilds, and 25 free spins bonus. There are also two separate hot spot areas that activate the Heaven, and Hell features when a 2×2 Wild symbol lands in the areas. The minimum bet is $0.40, and the maximum is $200 per spin. This game features excellent graphics, a soundtrack that sets the mood, and beautiful animations to make the mission more engaging. Despite its complex look and sophisticated feel, this game is pretty straightforward to play.

How the game works

Once you open the game, the heavenly angel will appear on the left side of the screen, which is reserved for Heaven. On the right side of the screen, which is reserved for Hell, is the evil archangel. Of the 12 rows, top two rows are ‘heaven’ while the bottom two are ‘hell.’ The two protagonists order skirmishes from their respective domains in the form of wild symbols at each other. Symbols include low-paying clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds, and higher-paying helmets, hoods, lions, and skulls. The Lion’s head stands in as the Wild, and the S shield is a scatter that triggers the Free Spins feature. Before hitting the spin, you will need to select your bet level, decide the number of coins to be used per line, and the coin value.

When playing this game, you have to choose which side you are on. Depending on the side you choose, you stand to benefit from either the Heaven feature or the Hell feature. A 2×2 wild symbol will trigger the creation and addition of two stacks of Wild into the reels when it lands partially in the top two rows and 4 stacks of Wilds when it lands fully. Eight wilds are added randomly to the reels when a 2×2 wild symbol lands partially in the bottom two rows, while 16 single wilds are added when the 2×2 wild lands fully. Generally, the big wins are in the free spins rounds. Getting 16 wilds or stacked is a sure way to obtain some impressive wins.

How the bonus features work

In addition to the fun and thrill that the slots game offers, Archangels: Salvation has outstanding bonus features. This is designed to improve your gaming experience and enable you win extra money. Here is what you can expect as you try to help one of these forces overcome the other.

Hotspots bonus

The Hotspots bonus is based on the two rows at the top and bottom of the game grid designated Heaven and heel, respectively. When a 2×2 Wild block lands either partially or fully on any of the areas, the respective Wild feature is triggered.

  • Heaven Wild Feature: This feature adds two stacks of Wilds and four stacks of Wilds to the reels at random for a partial Wild block and full Wild Block, respectively, in the top two rows.
  • Hell Wild Feature: The Wild feature randomly adds eight and 16 single Wilds to the reels for a partial and full 2×2 Wild block in the bottom two rows.

When any of the random single or stacked Wilds from the primary feature land in the opposite Hot Spot area, these features can be reactivated.

Free Spins round

This is a medium variance offering that activates when three or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. During the bonus round, Hot Spot areas increase from two to three rows, so you have a better chance of activating the Wild features. Free Spins round can result in wins 375 times your stake on every spin.

Where to play the game in the US

Archangels: Salvation features a theme that many people are familiar with: good vs. evil. This slot game promises to deliver the excitement you are looking for regardless of the side you are on. The game is available in different states, including West Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Gamers can enjoy Archangels: Salvation at BetMGM, Golden Nugget, DraftKings Casino, Virgin Casino, Tropicana Casino, PokerStars Casino, and other regulated online casinos in the country.

Final thoughts

In Archangels: Salvation, NetEnt offers gamers an epic game with numerous winning opportunities. The slot has an interesting theme, clear graphics, and gorgeous animations that make it unique. There are also innovative Wild features, bonus features, and 100 paylines to help you achieve big wins and keep you interested. Simply decide whether to join the heavenly archangel or the devil to enjoy the daring experience.