Berry Burst Max Slot

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Berry Burst Max Slot

Berry Burst Max is a video slots game, available to play online, created by NetEnt. The company has a well-established history of making exciting online slots games with fun themes and crisp, clear graphics. Berry Burst Max is the sequel to the popular Berry Burst, and the game has added a higher payout (up to a whopping 6000 times the initial stake). The theme is, of course, berries, but winning the game is a little different than traditional slots. However, there is a free version of the game, so for people with a limited budget or those who live outside the states where online betting is legal, Berry Burst is still available for hours of fun.

Berry Burst – How It Works

The game features 5 reels and three rows, with random wilds that can appear on every reel. Unlike other slots, where winnings are based on matches along with paylines, Berry Burst instead offers wins for matching “clusters” of berries. The lower paying symbols are the cards, while the berries payout significantly higher. For people that have played the NetEnt “Starburst” slots game in the past, the set up of Berry Burst Max should look familiar.

The card symbols are the lower value ones, and you’ll see spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds, while the brightly colored fruits are higher value. Grapes and limes are the middle-value symbols, while tangerines and raspberry are the highest. There isn’t a progressive jackpot in this game, however, which some players may not enjoy. The Return-to-Player index is just under 95%, on the low side for a video slots game, although I noticed a fairly consistent payout when playing.

I liked the “bunches” element in game play, and a few times I was pleasantly surprised at getting a really nice payout from my little clusters. This twist gives the slots game a different element and takes away some of the confusion that other games with a few dozen paylines have. This way, I can tell when I win!

I mentioned that wild symbols can drop on any reel (another feature I like), but these wilds won’t give you free spins. Instead, Berry Burst gives “re-spins”, which are triggered by the wild symbols. The wilds are obvious – it’s the word “wild” in neon lettering. You don’t have to have anything except one wild to trigger these, but for people who like having the endless rounds of free spins that other video slots have, the absence of this feature may be disappointing.

Bonus Features For Berry Burst Max

The gameplay for Berry Burst Max is the same as other online slots – select the wager and wait for the reels to spin. Instead of matching in a line, however, you’ll win when you have five or more symbols match in a cluster. That is, the symbols must be touching one another.

The game doesn’t have free spins, just a “re-spin” feature that happens when you hit a wild symbol. The wilds are expanding wilds, which means that when one drops, it will cover the whole reel. This is a good thing since the game doesn’t have a true bonus round, as some others do.

However, when you do win big on Berry Burst Max, the payouts can be huge – the game says up to 6,000 times the amount wagered, but I didn’t quite make it. However, let’s just say that I won a really nice jackpot a couple times, and it was totally unexpected!

Where Can I Play Berry Burst Max in the US?

While all states allow Berry Burst Max to be played online for free, there are just a few that allow players to bet real money on the game. These states are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia. Look for BerryBurst Max at licensed and regulated online casinos, in the slots section.

Golden Nugget Casino may have Berry Burst Max in the physical location, as well as part of the New Jersey-based online casino. Other places for Berry Burst Max online gameplay include Party Casino and Ninja Casino; both of these websites have the full game available online, with wagers allowed for players in the appropriate states.

Overall Thoughts About the Game

Berry Burst Max is one of the most fun slots I’ve played in a while. I like the cluster feature, especially since I get frustrated with games that have too many paylines. And, not having to keep track of bonus rounds that spawn another game, likes wheel-of-fortune or other features, is great, too. Berry Burst Max is a straightforward game, but with remarkably high payouts. Finally, the game is optimized for mobile, and the gameplay is just as seamless on my smartphone (I use Android, but it works on Apple devices, too) as it was on my laptop. The graphics are just as clear, and I didn’t notice any difference in the play. I definitely jammed out with Berry Burst Max!