Book of The Sphinx Slot

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Book of The Sphinx Slot

Egypt holds a special fascination with us due to its architectural mysteries, seeds of modern culture, and ancient mythologies. One story that stands out is the myth of the riddling Sphinx, probably because of the enormous depiction of the Great Sphinx that stands guard of the temple doors at Giza in Egypt.

IGT Slots joins the many video slot machine developers in bringing their entry to Egyptian-themed games with the Book of the Sphinx, a 3×5 reel, 20 payline slot. See if the Book of the Sphinx will unlock the secrets to finding the riches of Egypt hidden in the pyramids protected by their statuesque guardian.

Basic Game Experience for The Book of the Sphinx

The Book of the Sphinx slot is an Egyptian-themed game set in a tomb with torches illuminating ancient statues that stand guard over the reel set. Once you press the button to spin the reels, Mediterranean-flavored tribal music begins to play and continues until the reels stop for a period of time. The game includes all of the usual suspects for Egyptian images, such as scarabs, Anubis, and a Pharaoh, which might even be King Tut. A clay tablet inscribed with hieroglyphics, a cobra, and an ankh also appear as higher-paying symbols in addition to the typical lower-paying card symbols.

Eye of Ra Feature

The feature symbol is the Eye of Ra, with its own distinct sound effects, depending on which reel it lands. After the third Eye of Ra symbol appears, the eye glows to reveal one of the other randomly selected symbols, which replaces the Eye of Ra in its current positions. The new symbol then expands to the full height of the reels and replaces any other symbols they previously contained, giving you three or more stacks of replicated symbols.

In most slots, stacks would need to be adjacent, starting from reel one, to count toward a win. This is where the Book of the Sphinx really sets itself apart. The stacks of replicated feature symbols operate as a hybrid between scatter symbols and normal symbols, meaning that any of them that are included on a payline count toward a win, regardless of their position on the payline. This means that anytime you trigger the Eye of Ra feature, you are guaranteed a win, no matter which reel the Eye of Ra is on. Considering that the Pharaoh symbol pays out five times more than the scarab and ten times more than the ankh and Anubis, this is the one you are hoping to get for big wins.

The Book of the Sphinx Symbol

The wild symbol is the sapphire-bejeweled Book of the Sphinx, hence the name of the game, and is also the bonus symbol. Accompanying sound effects announce its appearance, and a second book triggers a dramatic spinning of the reels to enhance the anticipation of a third. When three books appear, they combine together and enlarge to invite you to click the “Start” button inside the jewel to trigger the bonus feature.

The Book of the Sphinx Bonus Feature

Once you click the “Start” button, random symbols appear in the enlarged sapphire jewel of the Book of the Sphinx until one is chosen. This is how you select the “Special Symbol” that will be in effect for the duration of the bonus round. During the ten free spins, any time three or more of the Special Symbols appear, they take on the same expanding powers as the symbols during the Book of Ra feature.

Just as in the case of the Eye of Ra feature, the replicated stacks of Special Symbols also count toward a win, regardless of where they are positioned on the payline. The wild symbol does not replace the replicated Book of Ra symbols or the Special Symbols and does not increase your wins. If you are lucky enough to get the Pharaoh as the Special Symbol, you have a chance at big wins for every one of the ten free spins.

Where to Play the Book of The Sphinx in the US

For United States Egyptian-themed slot enthusiasts, the Book of the Sphinx is available for real money or to play for free at several US online casino sites. Look for the Book of the Sphinx in states that allow regulated online gambling, such as Michigan and New Jersey. NJ online casinos include Golden Nugget and Caesars, and in Michigan, you can gamble online at BetMGM casino.

Final Thoughts About the Book of The Sphinx

Although there are quite a few Egyptian-themed games out there, I found the replicating stacks during the Eye of Ra feature and the Bonus Feature to be a refreshing twist. On the other hand, it did seem to take a while to trigger each feature with a low bet. I would recommend trying the game out for free if you want to trigger all of the features with higher bets. If you haven’t had a chance to play this game for yourself, you should definitely give it a try and see if you can get the Pharoah for the Special Symbol and see really huge wins.