Cash Noire Slot

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Cash Noire Slot

Murder and mystery are at the center of this 1930s detective-themed slot machine by NetEnt that guides you through the clues to help you solve the case. The game includes all of the tropes you would expect, including bad guys, a femme fatale, car chases, smoking, whiskey, playing cards, and a vault.

Cash Noire is a five-column slot machine that features avalanches, expanding hotspots, and a bonus round that gives players up to 10 times their bet. If you are a fan of old detective movies, this is one cloak-and-dagger slot you don’t want to miss.

Basic Game Experience for Cash Noire

The game setting is inside a dark office with the silhouette of a woman sitting on the desk, smoking a cigarette. Suspenseful music starts to play, reminiscent of the Jason Bourne movies. You immediately notice that a glow around three of the squares, but there is no initial explanation for it. This is your first mystery.

As you spin, the three highlighted squares move to different positions. You begin hearing a narrator tell you the story about the current case he is working on in small sound bites between spins. Some of the lines he says are a bit tongue in cheek, such as when he says, “Everything is falling into place,” during an avalanche (see below). His cadence and language sound like a classic detective movie, and you are half expecting him to call a woman a “dame” at any minute. The symbols that appear in the game fit the theme and include:

  • Magnifying glass
  • Box of matches
  • Green ace of spades
  • Glass of whiskey
  • Knife
  • Handgun
  • Femme fatale
  • The gunman
  • The knifeman
  • The smoking lady
  • The vault

The game also has the following features during regular gameplay:

Crime Zone Hotspots

The Crimes Zone hotspots start as three squares but can expand to four and then five when the correct number of symbols within the Crime Zone is a part of winning bet way. Once a spin results in no wins, the Crime Zone reverts back to three squares.


Symbols that are a part of a bet way disappear, and the symbols above them fall to take their place. New symbols fall to replace the ones that have shifted into new positions. One spin can result in avalanche after avalanche as each new set of symbols results in new winning bet ways.

Mystery Symbol

A single vault appears as a Mystery Symbol and can fall into different positions along with the other symbols. After the last avalanche, the Mystery Symbol will reveal itself as one of the symbols in the game, often causing a new winning bet way and another avalanche. If the vault lands in the Crime Zone after the last avalanche, it replicates itself to fill the Crime Zone before it is revealed.

Clue List

To the left of the reel set is the Clue List that looks like a movie-style suspect board with a red string connecting the clues. Each time a symbol in the Crime Zone is included in a bet way, you hear the sound of a camera snapping and one of the clues in the Clue List lights up. After a certain number of clues light up, the Crime Zone expands. If you reach the top of the Clue List through a series of avalanches before your spin is complete, you unlock the bonus feature.

City Chase Map Bonus Feature

Once you reach the top of the Clue List, you receive six free spins and advance to the City Chase Map. A GPS map replaces the Clue List to the left, with hotspot points that lead to multipliers and additional free spins. The Crime Zone remains expanded to five symbols during the bonus round. Each winning symbol in the Crime Zone that is a part of a winning bet way advances you to the next hotspot point on the city map.

If you continue to the end of the city map, you can receive up to a 10-times multiplier that includes three free spins. Once you reach the end of your spins, the case is closed and you return to regular gameplay. With numerous avalanches and additional free spins, the City Chase Map bonus feature can last quite a long time with huge wins, especially if you reach the 10-times multiplier.

Where to Play in the United States

Cash Noire is available on desktop and mobile, but it is not available in brick and mortar casinos. There are online casinos that allow you to play slots online in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for free and for real money, such as Golden Nugget and DraftKings. You can check your state’s regulations on online gambling at Legal Online Gambling Map.

Final Thoughts About Cash Noire

Cash Noire itself feels like a mystery when you play it. You’re not quite sure what will happen next, and you look for clues and follow the adventure. What is amazing about this game is that the narrator continues to say original lines, even after hours of gameplay, although less frequently than in the beginning. That alone is unique in the slot machine world. If you love a good mystery, try Cash Noire for yourself and see if you can reach the 10-times multiplier on the City Chase Map and close the case.