Cats Online Slot

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Cats Online Slot

Big cats stalk through our collective imagination, preying on our dreams. Will these dreams bring fortunes good or ill? Spin the reels to find out…

The spirit of big cats is alive and well in IGT’s Cats, which brings these majestic creatures to life in a vibrant online slot machine. This 2017 game is a fun, colorful way to test the odds while visiting the exotic landscape of these mighty felines.

Amidst the sun-drenched backdrop of a savanna, all is quiet until you let the reels fly. At that point, you hear a soothing melody that builds to a climax as you hope and pray to be greeted with the face of the tiger—or better yet the lion—or best of all, the black panther.

Let’s go over how the game works and some of the cool bonus features of this trip to the lion’s den.

Breaking Down the Basics

Cats has five reels and allows you to play a respectable 30 lines, which means that there are a lot of different way that you can win big. As the reels spin, they land on chance’s choice of a few different options. Letters A, K, Q, and J are worth the least. Paw prints get you extra spins. And then there are the big cats themselves, which are what you are really after.

There are five feline representatives in IGT’s Cats. Least among the big cats but still towering over the letters is the cougar. Next up is the jaguar, then the tiger. You’re getting into some real serious winnings if you land big with the lion. And the black panther tops them all. Each of the big cats features a two-cat variant that is worth double, called a “split.” You win by getting a minimum of 3 of the same cats or a maximum of 10 in a single line.

But that’s not quite all—you could also land the word “CATS.” CATS is wild for all symbols. Moreover, it counts as a split—thus counting for double when substituting for any of the big cats. So four black panthers and a CATS is better than five black panthers, if you think about it.

Bonus Spins

IGT’s Cats offers some impressive opportunities for bonus spins. These are awarded when you land 5 or 6 paw print symbols. 4 paw prints don’t give you any bonus spins, but they do award you with a scatter win. Paw print symbols appear only on reels 2, 4, 6 and count anywhere they land on those reels. Like the big cat symbols, the paw print symbol features a split that is worth double.

5 paw prints awards you with 5 extra spins. 6 paw prints give you twice that many—a whopping 10 free spins. The bonus spins are worth several times more than the usual spins. So if you land 5 paw prints, you’re potentially in for some big rewards. And if you land 6, you have some serious opportunities for winnings.

Where to Play this Slot in the US

No need to go all the way to jungle to kick it with the kings—IGT’s Cats can be played at online casinos in New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania at the Tropicana Casino, PokerStars Casino, Golden Nugget or BetMGM Casino. There’s no need to waste your time dreaming about these dignified felines when you can play this game online without even leaving your home.

Final Thoughts/Review of IGT’s Cats

All in all, Cats by IGT Slots is a colorful, fun experience with many different ways to win big. The theme of cats is a nice deviation from looking at stock casino 7s and fruit symbols.

Aesthetically, Cats is impressive. The art for the cat symbols is beautiful, depicting these incredible creatures with the majesty and awe that they deserve. Such art makes for a captivating experience while testing the odds. The cat symbols look excellent in higher resolutions, too, where you can see all the detail of the artwork up close.

It is also to be appreciated that Cats presents its theme without distracting from the game itself or growing obnoxious in its presentation. The design of the reels is streamlined and elegant, and the lack of music when not spinning is a refreshing change of pace from the chaotic and constant sounds found in many other slots.

The game rules are simple and straightforward, and the one twist—the split feature—is a nice addition that increases the excitement and opportunity of playing. The bonus features are generous, offering a high number of free spins, and the fact that the bonus winnings increase the base win by several times makes Cats potentially a very lucrative experience.

So all in all, there’s a lot to love about IGT’s Cats. If you’re looking for a fun way to test the odds—or if you’re just looking for an escape from the monotony of everyday life—this virtual slot machine is an excellent place to slip off to. And who knows? You may even wind up winning as big as the mighty king of the jungle.