Cleopatra Slots Online

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Cleopatra Slots Online

Egypt is shrouded in mystery with its pyramids, ancient spells, and hieroglyphics as well as its kings and queens. There is no queen more famous than Cleopatra. Now you can enter this mysterious world as she casts her spell and draws you in to discover her secrets while playing the mesmerizing IGT game, Cleopatra. The game itself has a bit of ancient history as far as slot machines go because IGT first introduced it in 1975 and was one of the first slot machines to be played in casinos.

Civilizations from our ancient past inspire game designers the world over, but no civilization is as intriguing as ancient Egypt. Their society was a unique combination of technological advances and strange practices stemming from primitive pagan beliefs that dominated their lives. Cleopatra and the legend of her beauty sit at the pinnacle of this mystery and intrigue. Gaming developer, IGT, puts together all that you know and love about Egypt and Cleopatra into a five-reel, 20-line slot machine game that will take you away into this ancient land of superstitions and secrets.

Basic Game Experience for Cleopatra

As you would expect, the entire layout and all of the graphics have an Egyptian theme. A tribal-type beat plays during spins with the occasional burst of harp and flute music. The letters and numbers are made in a way that is reminiscent of hieroglyphics. There are also several symbols found in the game that are prominent in Ancient Egyptian lore, such as the scarab and the famous Horus Eye. Letters, numbers, and symbols you will run across during your play include:

  • Numbers 9 and 10
  • Letters A, J, Q, and K
  • Scarab
  • Lotus
  • Crook and Flail
  • Gold pendant
  • Horus eye
  • Sphinx
  • Cleopatra

Cleopatra herself appears as a wild symbol. When a pay line includes the Cleopatra symbol, it doubles the pay line and you hear her coo, “Twice as nice.” But her multiplying capabilities increase almost exponentially from there. If you get two Cleopatra symbols on one pay line, the pay line is multiplied by 10. Three symbols multiply the pay line by 200, four by 2,000, and five by an amazing 10,000. The other symbols also have an increased multiplier effect as well, most notably the scarab and lotus which multiply the pay line by 750 when there are five symbols. It’s easy to see why this game has remained a classic with these exciting built-in multipliers.

The Sphinx symbol generates a strange, cartoonish sound when it appears, something like a vibrating lutestring. The Sphinx doubles as a scatter symbol and the trigger for the bonus round. Five Sphinx symbols will give you 100 times the stake as well as triggering the bonus.

The Bonus Feature

When three or more Sphinx symbols appear, this triggers the bonus feature. The screen is covered and set ablaze with fire on the perimeter of the play screen signifying that the bonus has begun. The bonus feature gives you 15 free spins. The music during the bonus still has an Egyptian sound to it, but it is much more upbeat. During the spins, three or more Sphinx symbols appearing will give you an additional 15 free spins. You can continue to add additional spins until you have reached the maximum of 180. The best part about the bonus feature is that any win except for the five Cleopatra win has a three times multiplier. With the additional free spins, the three times multiplier, and the built-in symbol multipliers, the bonus feature has tremendous potential for huge wins.

How to Play Cleopatra in the United States

Despite its age, you can still find Cleopatra in most casinos, especially ones that include a “vintage” area. You can still play this classic slot machine at casinos in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, or even at reservation-based casinos if you are near reservations in a state that allows this type of gambling. Playing Cleopatra online is more difficult because many states have restrictions when it comes to playing online slots for real money.

Although some states have legalized gambling in reservation-run casinos, they often still restrict online gaming. Fortunately, there are states in the US that do allow online slot machines. You can find Cleopatra at Golden Nugget Casino and Tropicana Online Casino if you live in New Jersey. You can find this game at the Hollywood Online Casino and PlaySugarhouse if you are a Pennsylvania resident.

Final Thoughts About Cleopatra

I have personally played Cleopatra before but didn’t find it entertaining enough to play often. This is primarily because, at the time, I did not know about the many multiplier features built into the game. It is amazing that you have the potential to multiply your bet by 10,000. Many of the other symbols also have significant built-in multipliers. If you’ve never played this game yourself or passed it by because it looked a bit outdated, now is a great time to give it a try. You might just be lucky enough to get five Cleopatras.