Color Cubes Slot

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Color Cubes Slot

Finding the perfect match doesn’t have to be hard… At least not in Color Cubes! In this slot game, you win prizes by collecting cubes of the same color into rows. Every match creates an explosion of new cubes, which means more chances to win! As you play, look out for special bonuses designed to give you even more winnings.

Before we start making money through matches, let’s take a closer look at how Colour Cubes by IGT works.

How to Play Colour Cubes

With a simple gameplay and surprise bonuses, this slot game provides tons of fun without being too difficult to understand or requiring complex techniques. All you have to do is place your bet, press GO and wait for your matches!

The game involves selector beams that move across the board and scan the cubes; one is horizontal, and the other is vertical. When they stop, they release blazing electric beams and whatever cube intersects with the beams is “pinpointed.” If this cube is colored, then any cubes of that color that are next to it will be collected. For example, if the pinpointed cube is blue, then any blue cubes that are horizontally or vertically adjacent to it will be collected from the board, and these empty spaces will be filled with other cubes.

Right next to the game screen, you’ll see a prize board. This includes different colored meters: one for every cube. Each color is worth a different amount, with red cubes having the lowest value and purple cubes having the highest. The amount you can win depends on your line bet. For example, if you bet 1.00, the red cube meter will be worth 1.00 and the purple cube meter will be worth 10000. If you bet 10.00, the value of the purple meter will go up to 250000. As you collect cubes, you can actually see them add up in the meter and get closer and closer to a prize!

The lower the value of the cube, the easier the meter is to fill. Here’s how many cubes you need to get to fill a certain colored meter:

  • Red: 6
  • Orange: 7
  • Yellow: 8
  • Green: 9
  • Blue: 10
  • Purple: 11

You get a prize once you fill up a meter. If you fill the red meter, you’ll just get your bet back. But if you fill one of the other meters, you can double, triple or even multiply your bet by 1,000! Colored Cubes can be played in auto reveal mode or in manual mode. The game will end after nine turns and you’ll get a message detailing your winnings.

Every time a pinpointed cube has a match, the cubes will explode and new cubes will rain in. The more matches you make, the more prizes you get! Pretty simple, right? The best part is, some of the cubes have extra prizes hidden inside them.

Bonus Features

You might notice that some cubes have icons inside of them. When you see these, make sure to cross your fingers and hope that the beam hits this cube, because that’s a bonus! There are two types of bonuses you can get in Colour Cubes: stars and bombs. Both are designed to help you win. Here’s how they work.

Star Cubes

Stars represent instant win prizes. On the prize board, you’ll notice a small gray meter with a star on it. If the beam lands on the star cube, that cube is removed from the board and the star is sent to that meter with an instant win prize. You will get this prize at the end of the game, no matter what else happens! If you’re lucky, the instant win prize alone can be worth much more than your bet!

Bomb Cubes

The bomb cubes work just like they sound; they create an explosion that helps you win faster! These cubes stand out because their background is rainbow. This is to demonstrate that these cubes don’t need to match a certain color. Instead of only matching with specific colors, the bomb cube will explode a whole bunch of nearby cubes, and all of those cubes will be sent to your prize board!

You get the best bonuses if a star cube is near a bomb cube. If the bomb goes off, it will trigger the star, so you can enjoy both of the bonuses.

Where to Play this Game in the US

Color Cubes is available at online casinos like Tropicana, Golden Nugget, BetMGM, or DraftKings Casino in New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

A Match Made in Heaven

With Color Cubes, the search for the perfect match is over! You can win prizes just by matching colored cubes and earn even higher winnings thanks to all of the hidden bonuses within the game. With all of the different colored cubes, it’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!