Elephant King Slot

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Elephant King Slot

Move over Simba, there’s a new king of the jungle — or maybe the savanna. While there are plenty of African-themed games, you would be hard-pressed to come up with one about elephants. I’m sure there’s one somewhere (besides Dumbo), but it’s certainly not as common as other themes. Regardless, you are in for a real treat with this one!

IGT blesses fans of this game with an online version of their super fun slot, Elephant King, a 3×5, 40-payline game that features a Prize Disk carousel of rotating rewards. What’s so fun about this game, you ask? Well, I’ll just start by saying that elephants have a lot to do with it, and you’ll be excited when you get to see the Elephant King.

Basic Game Experience for Elephant King

IGT doesn’t just wink at The Lion King with this game; it’s so reminiscent of the film that you half expect Rafiki to jump out and tell you a riddle, but wow is it beautiful. The sparse trees and golden grasses of the African plains shimmer from the warm glow of the sun rising behind the reel set while the creatures of the savannah wake to greet the day with a chorus of chirps and calls set to a rhythmic beat of African drums. Altogether, it creates the feeling that something big is about to happen. That big thing is actually the arrival of the Elephant King. The elephant is the king in this game, and his thunderous stomping gives you a clue that he is about to make an appearance. You can’t wait until he does because good things happen for you.

Along the top of the reel set is a scrolling marquee of rewards called a Prize Disk. Each spin causes the rewards to shift one column to the left. When the Elephant King arrives, you are instantly awarded the prize at the top of the column in which he appears. In regular gameplay, he can appear on reels one, three, and five. You never know which one it will be. Periodically, the reel set will shake, teasing you that he is about to come on the scene. When he finally does, the reel set violently quakes, and he reveals himself with a triumphant trumpet.

Fortunately, there are other ways to win as you await the arrival of the king while enjoying this beautiful game and top-notch soundscape. The rest of the symbols in the game include a rhino, zebra, gazelle, and, of course, an elephant. The symbols come to life when they are a part of a winning payline. The elephant is the highest paying symbol when there is five-of-a-kind and pays out twice as much as the next highest-paying symbol. With a whole herd of elephants on the screen, you can experience big wins even during regular gameplay.

The wild symbol is a tribal shield that substitutes for all symbols except the Elephant King and only appears on columns two, three, and four. Even the card symbols are works of art that look like precious gems in corresponding colors. The graphics on this game are really exceptional.

Some of the prizes that rotate through the Prize Disk are multiples of your bet, with low multiples being gold, medium being blue, and high being green (for money!). The prize that is the most exciting, though, is the free spins.

Rather than needing three bonus symbols to trigger the free spin bonus like other games, with the Elephant King, you only need one. You just need the Elephant King to appear in the column at the same time that the “Free Spins” prize is at the top of the column. In some instances, the free spins prize will be at the top of two or more columns, so you have more chances to win if the free spins reward is at the top of one of the three columns in which he can appear. When that happens, you trigger the free spins bonus feature.

The Free Spins Bonus Feature

The free spins gameplay is much like regular gameplay except for one major difference: the free spins are on a different reel set that enables the Elephant King to appear on any one of the columns. The multiple prizes are higher during the free spins, so you have more chances for bigger prizes and additional free spins.

Playing Elephant King in the United States

If you travel to Las Vegas or live in a state that has regulated reservation gaming, you may be able to find this game in the penny-slot section. If not, you can play Elephant King online, even for free. This is great, because sometimes the Elephant King is shy or may be asleep, and it takes a while to for him to make an appearance. Some states, such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania have regulated gaming which allows you to play this game online for real money. You can look for Elephant King on regulated casino sites, such as DraftKings CasinoGolden Nugget and BetMGM.

Final Thoughts About Elephant King

It may be pretty obvious that I’m a big fan of this game. I’ve only played it previously at a brick and mortar casino, so I’m thrilled to find out that that there is an online version now. It’s such a high-quality, well-made game and the Prize Disk is unique among slot gameplay. I highly recommend you give this game a try and see if you get as excited as I do at the arrival of the Elephant King.