Five Pirates Slot

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Five Pirates Slot

Ahoy matey! Welcome to this swashbuckling adventure on the high seas as you follow the map sailing with the wind in your hair and the sea-spray on your face while you search hidden islands for buried treasure. Argh, will you be the best pirate anyone has ever seen?

Lightning Box presents their pirate-themed Five Pirates slot that contains a five-reel, four-row reel set with 1,024 ways to win. Come and see if you have what it takes to find the buried treasure.

Basic Game Experience for Five Pirates

Lightning Box took the pirate theme to every detail in this game. The reel set, framed by rope, swords, and lanterns, is positioned at the bow of a ship facing toward the sea and filled with gold coins. The scene is accompanied by the sounds of waves crashing, seagulls squawking, and jolly music, alternating flute and accordion, playing in the distance. The wistful, serene scene is periodically interrupted with louder, more robust organ and harpsichord music when a winning combination is hit.

The game boasts “1024 ways to win,” so there aren’t specific pay lines. Symbols must appear in successive reels to win, except for the pirate flag bonus symbol that pays as a scatter symbol. The pirate flag bonus symbol triggers a dramatic orchestra hit when it appears. The symbols are all pirate and sea-themed with the bases of the A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 set inside rolling barrel waves. Other symbols in the game are animated and include the following:

  • Flying parrot
  • Knife-wielding monkey
  • Sailing ship
  • Cannon
  • Map
  • Gun-shooting pirate (wild symbol)
  • Crossed-sword pirate flag (bonus symbol)

Some of the symbols, like the parrot, monkey, and ship, payout when only two symbols appear. The pirate flag bonus symbol pays out as a scatter symbol in addition to triggering the bonus.

Hold and Spin Feature

Two or more scattered bonus symbols, starting in the first reel, trigger the Hold and Spin feature. The Hold and Spin feature holds the bonus symbol in place with a sealed scroll on each reel and spins the remaining reels three times to try to get to five of a kind to trigger the Barrel Bonus feature. Anytime an additional pirate flag bonus symbol appears, the three-spin counter starts over and that bonus symbol is held as well while the remaining reels spin an additional three times. When all five pirate flags appear, the player is sent to the Barrel Bonus.

Barrel Bonus

The Barrel Bonus starts when a screen appears where the player is urged to choose a pirate, and five options are given for the number of spins and a corresponding multiplier. Once one “pirate” is chosen, the next screen reveals the Barrel Bonus which is a graphic that displays barrels stacked on top of each other. The player chooses a barrel from the first row, and if chosen correctly, advances to the next row. Each row has a corresponding number of spins and a multiplier based on what was chosen on the previous screen. The higher the player goes on the barrel stack, the greater the number of spins and the higher the multiplier, up to a 15-times multiplier.

The gameplay continues during the Barrel Bonus in much the same manner as the regular spins with the pirate flag bonus symbol appearing and the Hold and Spin feature active. All wins are multiplied by the multiplier previously awarded. The player can retrigger more spins with the five pirate flags during the Barrel Bonus, but the additional spins have the same multiplier as was originally chosen.

How to Play in the United States

Lightning Box games can sometimes be found in local casinos or Las Vegas, so you can check there to see if you can play it in a brick and mortar casino locally. To play online, you might be able to find this game in Michigan or Pennsylvania online casinos. A few places to check it out and play for free is the Golden Nugget Casino. BetMGM Casino, or Virgin Casino. The great thing about playing for free is that you can see all of the features without needing to use any real money to play.

Final Thoughts About Five Pirates

Five Pirates is a fun game with a lot going on at all times. The 1024 ways to win means that there are often winning bets. The bonus features appear frequently, and Five Pirates isn’t stingy with awarding the Barrel Bonus. Even when you don’t get the Barrel Bonus, the Hold and Spin feature is suspenseful and thrilling. If you love pirate adventures, try Five Pirates and see if you get to the top of the Barrel Bonus and the 15-times multiplier.