Fortune Coin Slot

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Fortune Coin Slot

You’ve probably heard of a fortune cookie, but what about a fortune coin? In China, coins come with special symbols that represent Heaven, a place of prosperity and success. Fortune Coin Slot by IGT is based on those ideals. You’ll love the bright golden colors, the Oriental-themed symbols and, best of all, the unique, lucrative bonus features!

Getting the Gold

When you start the game, you’ll enter a mysterious bamboo forest in the depths of China. In this forest, you’ll encounter long-lost golden artifacts, from pouncing lions and fire-breathing dragons to majestic gilded statues.

You’ll start with 60 coins, but you can adjust the value to your liking. To play the game, all you need to do is spin the reel, cross your fingers and hope for some winning combos!

You’ll need just three or more matching symbols on adjacent reels to get a pay-out. They’ll need to match across at least three reels; the more reels, the more money! This slot game offers 243 ways to win, along with Mini, Minor, Major and Maxi jackpot wins. These are worth 5, 10, 25 and 100 coins each! The jackpots you win depends on what symbols pop up on your reel–if you’re really fortunate, you might get all of them at once!

The best part of this game is definitely the bonus features. With all of the lucky symbols, this slot game really lives up to its name!

Bonus Fortune Features

The bonus features in Fortune Coins don’t just leave you with chump change. They work to multiply your bet, and if you’re lucky you can leave with way more than what you started with.

Serendipitous Symbols

You’ll notice a variety of symbols on the reels, from letters and numbers to Oriental objects of cultural significance. The amount you can earn depends on which types of symbols you match!


If you match playing cards across three or more reels, you’ve been dealt a lucky hand–this will earn you 5 to 15 coins, depending on how many reels they appeared on. The chiming bell is worth even more, earning you between 10 to 20 coins.


The most valuable symbols in the game are the animals. You’ll take a dive into the sea and swim with some turtles and fish, which will earn you more than the object symbols do. If you’re really lucky, you’ll take a peek into the lion’s den and encounter the king of the jungle himself. The lion will earn you the highest rewards, leaving you with up to 40 coins!

While the lion definitely gives you a helping paw, don’t forget about the mythical dragon. If you get three or more dragons, you will get launched into free bonus rounds! You’ll be rewarded with 10-20 bonus rounds, as well as 2x-50x your bet!

Stacked Symbols

One of the best parts about this IGT slot game is the stacked symbols. Any one of these symbols can appear stacked together in a single reel. This system makes it much easier to score those winning combos, translating to bigger pay-outs.

Coin Boosts

The name of the game is Fortune Coins, so of course, you can expect some lucky coins to make an appearance! The regular coins will multiply your bet anywhere between 5 times to 20 times. There are also special coins that function as double bonuses; not only will they award you with the regular coin bonus, but they have special abilities that will give you extra winnings!

Boost Coins

Some of the coins have special powers hidden behind them. These coins contain Boost, Super Boost or Mega Boost features. They work exactly how they sound–they literally boost your winnings, multiplying your bet even further!

Free Spin Coin

In addition to the Booster coins, you might stumble upon the one-of-a-kind Free Spins coin. This coin will take you to a bonus reel that you can spin at no additional cost–in other words, you literally can’t lose in this round!

Jackpot Bonus

If you’re really lucky, the coins will take you to the Jackpot Bonus round–it’s basically like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! You’ll be transported to a bonus round that stars a grid of coins. When you click the coins, they’ll spin around and reveal either the Mini, Minor, Major or Maxi symbol. When you get a match of three, you’ll win that jackpot! You can get anywhere from 500 coins to 10,000.

All Award Coin

While all of these coins offer great ways to increase your bet, the best coin is most definitely the All Award coin. With this coin, you’ll enjoy boosters, free spins and the jackpot round all together!

Where to Play This Game in the US

You can enjoy Fortune Coins from the comfort of your home by playing it online. It’s available at online casinos for Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Jersey residents at DraftKings Casino and PokerStars Casino. You can also find it at the Tropicana Casino, which is the online version of the Atlantic City casino of the same name.

Big Wins

Don’t underestimate the value of a coin! With Fortune Coins by IGT, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. The unique, Oriental-themed graphics will make you feel as though you’ve taken a trip all the way to Asia, while the bonuses will help you win big!