Game of Thrones Slots from Aristocrat

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Game of Thrones was one of the biggest hit TV shows of the last decade. It started in 2011, covering the fortunes of royal dynasties in a fantasy setting. The show concluded in 2019. Aristocrat now have two immersive casino slots based on the series.

This review covers the original slot, released in 2017. The latest version is reviewed separately. See this Game of Thrones: Fire and Blood slot review for more. MicroGaming also have a Got themed slot, which you can find at online casinos.

With a huge curved screen and amazing special effects, there is a lot going on with the original Game of Thrones slots. There are 3 sets of reels spinning together, with plenty of on-reel features – most of which add wilds. It is the range of themed bonus games which really help this slot to stand out.

Basics: Game of Thrones Slot Setup and Base Game Features

Aristocrat has made the most of the extra tall cabinet, fitting 3 sets of reels on top of each other for the base game. These are linked, the strips of characters and fantasy themed symbols spin over all 3 sets of reels. They are color-coded, splitting the view which might otherwise become too intense.

You can spin this game for just 50c and up. Keep in mind that the progressive jackpot bonus feature gives you a big advantage if you do bet the maximum.

There are on reel features, which can kick in at random on any spin. These all involve extra wilds. Most also involve a short clip from the show, introducing a battle or speech from an important character. Sometimes these wilds will only appear on one of the three reel sets, which can expand.

The most spectacular on-reel feature sees dragons appear in a cloud of red flames. They fly up the reels, leaving a trail of wild symbols in their wake. If you are lucky these dragons will also fly back down again. This gives you the potential for multiple wild reels and significant line hits if you combine them with the higher paying (and oversized) character symbols.

Game of Thrones: Spin the Wheel for Spectacular Bonus Features

You need three special bonus symbols to trigger the wheel spin. This is huge, using the curved screen to give you the view from inside. Each of the segments which can stop by the ornate silver pointers shows a different bonus feature. There are also segments with dragon emblems, which start a jackpot picks game.

Here are some of the Game of Thrones bonus highlights:

  • Mother of Dragons: This is a picks game. You get 3 rounds to pick coins in different locations from the show. You choose between 1 and 3 picks per round, with different levels of multiplier (bigger for fewer picks). If you pick dragon emblems, these provide wild reels at the end of the picks sequence.
  • Battle of Blackwater: A free spins round with wilds associated with the different characters. A smaller arched reel set appears. On the top of the cabinet the characters show, with wilds either side. If these characters land on the middle reel, those wilds drop into the reels – connecting wins.
  • The Wall: This is another free spins game, this time the ice wall is the theme. There is a 2x wild in the middle reel. This moves upwards as you spin, breaking the ice and adding more lines. By the final spin, the reels can be towering above you.

Progressive Jackpot Picks

Getting the dragon emblems on the wheel gives you a picks game to win the progressive jackpots. The largest of these jackpots is $500k+, with 3 smaller ones available. The dragon emblem opens, revealing 5 discs. Your bet multiplier determines how many picks you get.

These can either reveal credit wins (some bigger ones) or one of the progressives – which will be displayed above the discs.

Where Can I Legally Play the Game of Thrones Slots?

To enjoy the original and updated Game of Thrones slots, you’ll need to head to a live casino. The huge curved cabinets and distinctive logo and sound effects make these games hard to miss.

Design of Aristocrat’s GoT Slots

The TV series was such an epic drama that anything less than a spectacular slot design would have disappointed fans. Aristocrat certainly stepped up to the challenge, creating a unique and impressive game. The cabinet curves above you, with a surround sound chair completing the immersive experience.

Graphics and special effects are excellent. The clips from the show are overlaid on the screen, appearing and fading away seamlessly – without feeling like they interrupt the flow. Add in the dragon sequences, stirring music and touch screen interactions – and you have a casino slot not to be missed.

Wrapping Up: Should You do Battle with the Game of Thrones Slot?

There is enough depth to this game to keep it fresh for many sessions. While fans of the show will be the main audience, there is plenty to keep you entertained even if you missed the TV series.

On reel features kick in frequently, adding wilds to the reels. When you get the impressive bonus wheel, you can be transported to different lands for bonuses which each have a unique design.