Hercules High and Mighty Slot

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Hercules High and Mighty Slot

There is a fascination with Greek and Roman Mythology that causes it to appear often in various forms of entertainment, especially the story of Hercules. Hercules is the famed son of Zeus, the king of the gods, and a mortal woman named Alcmene, known for his incredible strength. Hercules is said to have created two mountains called the Pillars of Hercules in addition to other amazing feats, including wresting Death.

Barcrest brings the story of Hercules to its 5×5 reel, 100 pay-line slot machine game, Hercules High and Mighty, that expands to 5×10 and features expanded wilds and extra features during its Big Bet option. You might just be amazed by the wins on Hercules High and Mighty that are no myth.

Basic Game Experience for Hercules High and Mighty

Because it is based on the mythological god, Hercules, the game has a Graeco-Roman theme. True to the myth, the reel set is positioned between two Roman pillars with a gold bar suspended by chains blocking off the upper half of the reel set, called the Mighty Reels. In addition to the lower-paying symbols, the heart, club, spade, and diamond, the higher paying symbols include major characters from the Greek and Roman myths, such as Pegasus, Hydra, Medusa, Hercules’ parents (Zeus and Alcmene), and the Nemean lion.

The Hercules symbol is the wild symbol that fills three vertical rows in its standard form. When the full standard form of the Hercules symbol appears in the lower half of the reel set, the gold bar raises to include the upper half, expanding the rows from five to ten. When the rows expand, the Hercules symbol also expands from three rows to the standing in the full length of the Mighty Reels.

Once the Hercules symbol expands, it is included in any winning pay-lines in both the upper and lower half of the Mighty Reels, giving you many more opportunities for wins. If the expanded Hercules reveals other Hercules symbols in the upper half, they expand as well. Once the spin is complete, any expanded Hercules symbols return to their standard form and the gold bar is lowered.

The Roman coin symbol is the bonus symbol in this game and appears on any of the reels. When there are three or more bonus symbols, it activates the bonus round. Three coins gives you 8 free spins, four coins gives you 12 free spins, and five coins gives you 20 free spins.

Free Spins Bonus Round

During the bonus round, the columns change color and lightning strikes while dramatic music plays. If the coins appear during the bonus round, it retriggers more free spins at the same rate.

Big Bet

The Big Bet feature affects both regular gameplay and the bonus round. With the Big Bet feature, you choose one of three options for 5 spins at one bet. The first option is a standard Big Bet. The second option takes out all of the lower-paying symbols and only includes the higher-paying symbols in each spin. This includes any spins during the free spins bonus round.

Persistent Hercules

The third option also removes the lower-paying symbols but also includes the Persistent Hercules feature. With this feature, when the Hercules symbol appears and expands, it stays expanded while the reels respin until there is a win. Once a win is achieved, the Hercules symbol returns to its standard form and regular gameplay is resumed.

How to Play in the United States

Hercules High and Mighty is primarily an online slot game that is unlikely to be found in local casinos or Las Vegas. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to find online casinos that carry the game. There are states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania that allow online gambling. If you want to try Hercules High and Mighty for free, you can find it at  Golden Nugget Casino. Some other great online casinos are BetMGM, Tropicana Casino, DraftKings Casino, and Virgin Casino. Playing for free is a great way to play long enough to activate its features and try out the different options for the Big Bet feature.

Final Thoughts About Hercules High and Mighty

Hercules High and Mighty is a very well-made game that is unique in its game style, blending traditional slots reels with an expanded Colossal Reels format. The option to eliminate the lower-paying symbols and activate the persistent Hercules option during the Big Bet causes many more higher-paying winning combinations. The difficulty in getting any higher paying symbols to line up is often the downside to Colossal Reels, so this is a great option to have. Give Hercules High and Mighty a spin and see if you can unleash its strength to realize big wins.