It’s Magic Slot

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It’s Magic Slot

Have you ever dreamed about winning the jackpot? You might wake up and think, that never happens in real life. But lucky this slot game isn’t set in reality – It’s Magic! Make your whimsical, youthful side shine by letting all of your doubts disappear into thin air! The bright glare of the palace, the glowing flowers and the shining stars all contribute to the fun, magic-like atmosphere of the game. You can escape into the enchanting world of It’s Magic by IGT, filled with mystical objects and creatures, for a chance to win big! Just wave your magic wand and take advantage of the many unique bonus features scattered across the game.

Start the Magic

This slot game contains 5 reels, each with 4 icons. The pay-lines go from left to right and are preset. This system means you don’t have to worry about which ones to choose—you can just focus on your winnings! At the bottom of the screen you can see your coins, your chosen coin value, your total bet value, the amount your bet won and your coin balance.

The betting is fixed at 50 pay-lines, which means there are 50 different combinations of otherworldly items that will win you money! Both you and Lady Fortune control how much you win in this game– you can increase the coin value using the (+) sign in the menu. If you like to take risks, you can increase the value up to 150.00 per spin. Conversely, if you prefer to play it safe, you can decrease the coin value with the (-) sign, down to as low at 0.75. Once you’re ready, just press the button to spin the reel and watch as chance decides your fortune! If you’re not in the mood to manually press the button, you can just enable the auto roll feature for your convenience.

You might think this is a straight forward slot game, but there’s much more to this supernatural slot game than what meets the eye.

Abra-Cadabra Bonuses

Nothing makes a slot game more fun than some bonus features. This game is filled with bonuses that are so powerful, they will really make you believe in magic!

Super Symbols

Each of the different icons filling a pay-line will give you a different reward. The letter and number icons will earn you up to 25 coins when filling a pay-line of one kind. The tabby cat–a beautiful female feline– and the magical monkey will award a prize of up to 120 coins. Finally, Lily the Magician will grant a massive prize of 400 coins when filling a pay-line. She also takes up a whole reel, which makes it more likely to get those winnings!

Wild Reel Feature

You know your inner wizard or witch has shown itself when you’re lucky enough to land a full reel of the same icon. This will trigger a magical aura that covers the entire reel, creating a “wild reel.” Wild reels get locked in for the next bet and will help fill different pay-lines for any symbol except the It’s Magic logo. You can think of this Wild Reel as a magician designed to help you fill the different pay-lines and win big.

Scatter the Game Logo

The It’s Magic Logo is a rare symbol that will sometimes show up in your reels; however, you do not need to fill a pay-line with these logos to get a reward. Rather, the It’s Magic logo serves as a scatter symbol, which means that if at least 3 logos show up anywhere in your reels, it will activate a free games feature. Furthermore, if a game logo appears behind one of the wild reels, it will still count towards the scatter count. The amount of free games rewarded is dependent on the number of logos on one bet, but it ranges from 10 to an astonishing 45 free games!

Special Spin of the Magic Wheel

If you are extremely lucky, Lily the Magician will cast a spell that allows you to spin the Magic Wheel. She can do this on any base spin, and no one knows how she got this power, but when you get it, you don’t ask questions! T

he Magic Wheel has 16 different segments, so you’re sure to land on a prize when it stops spinning. However, 12 of these 16 prizes are simple coin rewards, so hold your breath, and hope it lands on one of the other four. Two of these are Grand rewards, worth a whopping 5,000 coins, and the other two are Royal Jackpots, worth a massive 100,000 coins! Your dreams of a magical world may just become reality!

Where to Play This Game in the US

You can indulge in some magic fun in casinos across Atlantic City, and even at the online versions of the well-known Tropicana Casino and Golden Nugget Casino. You can also play it at the BetMGM Casino, a favorite in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Start Spell-Casting

Who didn’t enjoy pretending to have magical powers when they were kid? It’s Magic by IGT lets you explore that side of yourself again, transporting you into a world of imagination, hope and magic. The only difference is, it isn’t all in your head; you can win actual money in this magical game, especially with all of the bonus features!