Mammoth Slot by Konami

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Mammoth Slot by Konami

Mammoth Power slots are a little bit different than most Konami games in that a decent return can happen anytime and an amazing win happens fairly frequently. In fact, Mammoth Power tends to pay out well, dependent on how much is wagered, whether the payoff happens during regular play or during a bonus round.

Caricature symbols set the prehistoric theme while an ancient cave serves as a wild in regular play. Free games can result in multiplied wins that add up quickly.

The symbols are imaginative and fun, although for most wagering, how much fun is determined by how much the game is paying out.

Nuts and Bolts (or in this case, Saber Tooth Tigers and Wooly Mammoths)

For as little as 45 cents the game can be played and that includes 1 credit for 30 lines plus additional features. The maximum that can be wagered is 50 cents at 4 per line for 30 lines, which is $90 per spin.

The reels pay left to right on adjacent lines, except scatter wins and only the highest win pays per line while only the highest scatter wins.

Regular wins are multiplied by the amount wagered per line, which adds up, and scatter wins are added to the total line wins. Scatter wins are multiplied by lines played times the amount wagered per line.

The symbols in play are prehistoric creatures, including a Mammoth, saber-toothed tiger, wolf, horse and a rhinoceros-looking animal.

The most valuable of the animals is the Mammoth, which pays 250 times the number of credits wagered. The least valuable is the horse, which pays 100 times the number of lines and the amount wagered per line.

Other symbols are from a deck of cards (A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9.) These pay less than any of the face symbols.

A prehistoric cave serves as a wild symbol and if it is part of or rounds out a winning sequence it converts to a cave wall painting, although its value remains the same as the initial wild cave.

Bonus Features

Mammoth Power has wild and scatter symbols as features.

The wilds can round out or make up a winning sequence substituting for the symbol needed to complete a win or adding to a sequence of winning symbols.

The scatter (arrowheads) symbol is the number of symbols times the number of lines played times the amount wagered per line. In addition, 2, 4 and 5 scatter symbols pay at 2, 10 and 50 per credit times the amount wagered times how many lines were in play, allowing for a significant winning amount with free games in addition to what is won during the free games.

Free Game Feature

When the scatter symbol is displayed 3, 4 or 5 times, anywhere on the board (meaning they do not have to be consecutive,) 8, 20 and 30 games are awarded respectively.

Free games use different reels and score differently than the reels in regular play.

During free games play, any 2, 3, 4 or 5 arrowhead symbols result in 2, 8, 20 or 30 additional games being rewarded as well as winning the scatter amount.

The cave symbol serves as a wild and when part of a winning sequence, transitions to the cave wall drawings symbol with each symbol serving as either 2 or 3 times the amount won.

For example, if a free game spin results in a win of 100 credits with two reels showing the wild cave symbol, the symbol would transition to a cave drawing and display either 2X or 3X, per symbol. The initial win would then be multiplied by 2 or 3 for the first reel showing the cave drawings and then that win would be multiplied by 2 or 3 for the adjacent reel containing the cave drawing symbol.

That feature, because the cave wilds are prevalent, means the game can pay out very well. It lets minor wins multiply by a lot and large wins become epic.

Symbol Values

As mentioned, the Mammoth is the most valuable symbol, paying at 25 for 3, 75 at 4 and 250 at 5 Mammoths in consecutive reels. The horse pays 15 at 3, 30 at 4 and 100 at 5, which the other three animal symbols falling between those two.

Number symbols pay much less, with a high of the A paying 50 for 5 across and the lowest being the 9, paying 5 for 3 across.

Where to Play

Mammoth is another extremely popular Konami game. You can find it in NJ, PA, MI and WV casinos, including, but not limited to BetMGM, Golden Nugget, Tropicana, Borgata and Virgin casinos in physical form and multiple online gaming and “for fun” slots apps.

Final Thoughts

Mammoth pays well throughout, but players can really clean up during bonus rounds. Getting additional free games during the free game feature is an extremely good possibility and wins can be two or three times the face value.

While all the standard warnings about wagering come into play, Mammoth Power is one slots game where you win a lot of credits very quickly while having a lot of fun.