Merlins Millions Slots by NextGen

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Merlins Millions Slots by NextGen

The mythology of Merlin the Wizard predates even the legendary tales we’ve heard about his role in King Arthur’s court. But it’s his protecting King Arthur from evil that we most associate Merlin the Wizard. The image of Merlin’s long, pointy beard and his equally pointy hat come to mind the minute we hear the word “wizard.”

NextGen brings the tales of Merlin the Wizard to their 5×3 slot machine, “Merlin’s Millions slots,” that boasts two bonus features and a Super Bet multiplier.

Come and find yourself enchanted as Merlin casts his spell on you and brings you into the mythical world where wizards, orbs, and magic delight the eyes and spark the imagination.

Basic Game Experience for Merlin’s Millions

NextEnt games have very animated, cool-looking graphics, and Merlin’s Millions is no exception. Merlin stands off to the side watching the game and interacting with some of the game play, or just looks at the orb he produces in his hand. You get the occasional thumbs up on a good win or maybe an impatient knock on the fourth wall if you go too long without spinning.

The game screen is opaque showing the graphics from the background through the screen. The music during game play is pleasant with staccato strings plucking and a choir singing “Ah’s” here and there. There are also quite a few sound effects, like water dripping and crickets chirping that you can hear during the game.

There is a “Super Bet” button that lets you choose a multiplier for the wilds that affects both the bet and the win. Changing the Super Bet to the “2x” doubles the bet and changes the wilds to a 2x multiplier. Changing the Super Bet to “10x” increases the bet seven times but changes the wilds to 10x and also increases each pay line.

There is also a “4x” and “6x” option with the 4x times option increasing the bet three times and the 6x option increasing the bet five times. Each time you change the Super Bet multiplier, Merlin waves his magic staff sending green lightening all over the game screen. If you get a big win, Merlin dances and diamonds fall out of the sky. Symbols that can be found in the game include:

  • 9
  • 10
  • J
  • K
  • A
  • Magic Staff
  • Potion
  • Spell book
  • Owl
  • Orb
  • Animated Merlin Wilds

The Orb and Owl symbols unlock bonus features.

The Owl Bonus

The owls appear on reels one, three, and five and enlarge with a dramatic hoot when they land on the reel. When you receive three owls, you trigger the Owl Bonus. When the owl bonus feature starts, Merlin sends his owl flying across each row of the reel set. As it crosses the row, all of the symbols turn into owls.

Although you aren’t given any instructions on what to do next, eventually you figure out that you are supposed to pick the owls. Each owl that you pick has a dollar amount. Your winnings accumulate with each owl chosen until you find one that says “Collect.” You are awarded your accumulated winnings and the game goes back to regular play.

The Orb Bonus

The Orbs appear on reels two, three, and four. When you get three orbs, you are awarded five free spins. Now that might not sound like much, but during the spins, Merlin works his magic. Once each spin is complete, he waves his magic staff and certain squares turn into Merlin wilds each with the multiplier you chose before the spin.

He doesn’t just add to the existing wilds; he can make them appear when there were no wilds there in the first place. And he can make a lot of them, potentially filling the entire three middle reels. When he gives you a lot of wilds, you don’t mind so much that you only received five free spins.

How to Play in the United States

You can find Merlin’s Millions at many physical casinos like those at Atlantic City or Las Vegas, as well as reservation-based casinos. It’s a bit trickier to find Merlin’s Millions online.

Merlins Millions is only available online for free or real money. The game is not available at brick-and-mortar casinos in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. If you want to play this game online, you can do so by joining Hollywood or Borgata Casino.

Borgata offers a free $10 no deposit bonus, when you join using our Borgata bonus code. Hollywood on the other hand offers a $25 no deposit bonus when you use our Hollywood Casino bonus code.

Final Thoughts About Merlin’s Millions

I’ve been a fan of Merlin’s Magic so I thought this was a fun, animated game with plenty of features to keep someone entertained. I really enjoyed the Orb bonus especially. If you haven’t played Merlin’s Millions, try it and see if you get caught under its spell.