Red Fortune by Konami

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Red Fortune by Konami

Red Fortune is an online slot made by Konami. This Japanese entertainment conglomerate is one of the top names in the industry, and they excel particularly at making compelling slots around a theme. In this case, Konami takes us to ancient China with a slot machine steeped in all the elegance and beauty this setting has to offer us.

How will your fortunes fare amidst the opulent pillars serving as this scene’s backdrop? If you are unlucky, you may only pull casino letters and numbers. But if the fates smile on you, you may see the bamboo symbol, or taste the sweetness of the tangerine or peach. Or perhaps you will even be greeted with the auspices of the gold hat and jade pendant.

Simply put, Red Fortune is an online slot with the high quality artwork, evocative setting, and generous bonus features we’ve come to expect from the likes of Konami. It is an excellent place to escape to while testing your fortune, featuring some of the most gorgeous symbols out there.

The Basics

Konami’s Red Fortune is another 30-line, 5-reel slot, the reels divided into 3 rows. As is pretty standard, casino letters A, K, Q, J (along with the numbers 9 and 10) represent the lower end of what you could draw in terms of earnings. The bamboo symbol is worth significantly more than this—a few steps up from that rest the peach symbol and then the tangerine, respectively.

At the top are two ornate symbols—the jade pendant and (at the very top) the gold hat. Included, also, are a symbol with Chinese script that acts as a substitute and a yin and yang that enacts a scatter, which multiplies wins on a particular line. The yin and yang symbol also triggers bonus spins. When you land 3, 4, or 5 yin and yang symbols, you receive 8, 12, or 25 free spins, respectively.

Bonus Spins

Konami has exhibited a pattern of excellency in offering generous bonus spins segments, finding novel and creative ways to reward players. Red Fortune is no exception to this pattern, and during my sample plays of this game, I found that there was potential for huge earnings in the bonus spins section.

For one thing, Red Fortune allows players to receive additional bonus spins during their free games section. The rules to winning free spins are the same in the bonus spins section as in the regular portion of the game—if 3, 4, or 5 yin and yang symbols are landed during the bonus spins part of the game, the player is awarded with 8, 12, or 25 bonus spins, respectively. But there is a unique twist—if you only land 2 yin and yang symbols during a bonus spins section, you are still awarded 5 free games. This extra little bit of generosity is enough to keep you freely spinning for an extended duration of time.

In addition to the potential for extra free spins, the Chinese script acting as a substitute is worth two or even three times as much during a bonus spins section. This, in conjunction with the possibility of landing additional free spins, makes for a bonus experience that feels rewarding and fun.

Where to Play this Game in the US

You don’t have to travel across time and space to ancient China to play this slot—you can, instead, test your luck at a number of casinos in the state of New Jersey, Michigan, or Pennsylvania. This slot can even be played online without the necessity of leaving your home. Look for Konami’s Red Fortune at the Virgin Casino, the Golden Nugget Casino, and PokerStars Casino, and transport yourself to a world full of grace and beauty—with the potential of leaving this lovely place with your pockets full.

Final Thoughts/Review of Konami’s Red Fortune

With Red Fortune, Konami continues to set the bar high in terms of symbol art and creativity in terms of bonus spins. Each symbol looks like an item of superb and delicate craftwork—the jade pendant, in particular, you will long to hold in your hands. A unique feature to the symbol art for Red Fortune is that each item has a lavish sheen—almost appearing laminated in some gorgeous substance. The bonus spins section exhibits two forms of generosity—one to be found in the potential for additional free spins, the other in the multiplication of value for winning symbols.

As often seems to be the case with Konami slots, there is a very minimal sound design throughout Red Fortune. There is no music at the start of the game and only very sparse sounds as you spin the reels. Once you land bonus spins, however, you are treated to a lovely piece of music evocative of ancient China. As to be expected, then, Konami delivers a soundtrack that is appropriately restrained and makes an impact when it matters the most.

Ultimately, Konami’s Red Fortune is an excellent online slot to test your fortunes on. The exquisite symbol art, possibility for significant earnings in the bonus spins section, and the graceful presentation makes for an experience that captivates the imagination and allows you to visit another place and time, if only while spinning the reels.