Total Meltdown Online Slot

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Total Meltdown Online Slot

Fun goes nuclear with the Total Meltdown online video slots game from Multimedia Games. This five row, three slots game has about a 95% return to player ratio and is capable of being played on your phone, tablet, or regular desktop computer. With an explosive bonus round and plenty of ways to win in the regular gameplay, Total Meltdown can be exciting for both veteran slots players and newbies.

Regular Gameplay in Total Meltdown

Lucky Number Seven is the key to this game, and those used to a multitude of symbols may not appreciate the simplicity of a 7-symbol game. But that’s what Total Meltdown has – a parsed down version of slots, although the symbols that are here are exquisitely rendered.

The top three paying symbols involve the game logo, and you may get that with a 3x or 5x multiplier to boot. There are black, red, and yellow sevens, which are the middle tier payouts, Finally, you’ll see a simple BAR, either once, twice, or thrice. New players may appreciate the simplicity of the game, and veterans may note that there’s a lot of winning potential with fewer symbols and the presence of multipliers in the regular round.

Betting in Total Meltdown is straightforward, as well. Unlike some slots, with fixed paylines, players in Total Meltdown can choose how many paylines, either 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. When it comes to bets and bet sizes, it all depends on the number of active paylines; players can play with one, two, three, four or five paylines.

Total Meltdown isn’t your mother’s slots game with kittens and jewels. A thumping baseline underscores familiar slots jingles and the chains to either side of the reels hint at danger. The darker colors and background like a reactor core are echoed with the stark simplicity of just seven symbols. There’s a hint of danger here, and a lot of fun.

Starting the game is simple. Chose your wager and paylines, and hit start. There’s an autoplay feature, but it might not be available in your state.

Explosive Wilds and Bonus Features

The Total Meltdown logos aren’t just spectacular multipliers in the base game. They’re also wilds in the bonus round. These will substitute for any other symbol during the bonus round and complete winning lines. It’s important, in my opinion, to max out paylines. Because the game is so small, and because the symbols are so few, I found that just playing one or two hurt my chances to win when I entered the bonus round.

Anyway, if the Wild lands on your active pay lines, then you’ll get a payout of 4,000x your wager. When you max out, it’s truly nuclear – the max wining is 100,000 coins. See why I said you’d want to max out? Even if your wager is small, you’ll still get a much higher win than if you had a high wager and just one pay line.

It’s important to note that the logos have their own reels. The regular one lands on reel one, the 2x multiplier lands on reel 2, and the 3x multiplier wild lands on reel 3, on the right. This is different than the regular round, where the logo can land throughout the reels.

Finally, the no slots game is complete without a free spins bonus and Total Meltdown has this, too. If you get multiple wilds across a payline, for example, you’ll trigger free spins or other high-value combinations, you’ll win free spins.

You’ll get 5 free spins, and although the number seems small, each spin is guaranteed a win. This is great because you can’t re-trigger the free spins round. In a nuclear wasteland, you’ll take all the guarantees you can get.

Winning Real Money with Total Meltdown

Only three states allow you to wager your own money online – New Jersey, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Total Meltdown started out as a machine game in brick-and-mortar casinos, so many of your favorite places to play may have this game.

Was Total Meltdown Explosive?

I loved this game! I didn’t think I would, but I liked that the game was straightforward, paid out, and I’ll admit I really liked the more industrial appearance and soundtrack. There’s plenty of ways to win, which veteran players and new ones should both enjoy, and the bonus features aren’t overly complicated.