Triple Cash Slots Online

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Triple Cash Slots Online

If you had to give it some thought, what’s better than cash or double cash? That’s right, Triple Cash, by Bally, is the correct answer to this question. Bally’s Triple Cash slot game is available and optimized for mobile platforms, so you can take your winning streak out on the road of you need to be out and about whilst playing this iteration of the classic casino slot oldie.

Indeed, one would think that not much can be done to insert life into a fruit-style machine of old, the team at Bally proved their doubters wrong by introducing the old fruit machine concept, but with a decidedly 21st-century pace. In short, if you enjoy playing classic retro games, you will love this feature, which gives you the chance to play three Bally fruit machine games all at once.

Let the Triple Games Begin

Let the clanging and banging begin with the first win on this retro re-tread with incredible traction with the gaming audience. The ability to play three games all at once with a single pull of the wheel is attractive to hardcore players looking for the ability to truly ramp up their winnings.

If you ever want to wager and watch three simultaneous slot machines all working for your financial betterment, you will want to sit down to the bangs, clangs, whistles, and bell sounds that abound throughout the game. Indeed, you will have no doubt when the game is active. That being said however, if you don’t appreciate a busy screen and a lot of background noise to your playing experience, you may want to do a pass on this gaming option.

Accessing the Bonus Options

Getting to the bonus round is the name of the game and the way to hit riches when you play Bally’s Triple Cash slot machine online. Once activated, the bonus round gives you plenty of opportunities to win big. In the end of the round, one of the Cash Wheel icons placed above the game area may be highlighted. If all three Cash Wheel icons are lit, the feature will be launched. Your screen will morph to display 21 squares that are each marked with a question mark on them, and your task is to pick them in order to find a three-of-a-kind and win big money.

Playing and Winning on Triple Cash

Far be it from me to throw shade on a video slot game that makes me nauseous, but I fear I may be passing that line today in this review. The screen is very busy. Not the type who is willing to take Dramamine to enjoy a slot play session, I have to be honest and say this slot was not my piece of cake as it were. That being said however, for those players looking to win big and enjoy the fast paced visual flow of the reels, Bally has delivered a gem in the form of a retro-style game with all the instincts of a 21st-century powerhouse.