Walking Dead Slots Machine from Aristocrat

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The Walking Dead was one of the biggest TV series of recent years. It has been running for seasons, and even featured spin-off series. The post-apocalypse, zombie-filled world – and quest for survival for an unlikely mix of characters – provides plenty of material for casino slots.

Aristocrat took this theme and turned it into a series of spectacular games. These feature characters and ideas from different series of the show. All three games feature on-reel features, multiple bonus games – and progressive jackpots.

There are plenty of Aristocrat slots available online. You won’t currently find from the Walking Dead titles among them. To get the best from these games, you need the surround sound chairs, huge HD screens and interactive touch controls only found in brick and mortar casinos.

Walking Dead I Slots

The first slot in this series started with season 1. The chaos of Atlanta, filled with zombies, features heavily. Walking Dead 1 introduced the custom-shot sequences which work with clips and characters from the show that are found in all the games.

Hordes of zombies can leave extra wilds on the reels in the base game. When you get the bonus wheel, there is an excellent sequence where a group of zombies turn around to watch it spin. You can win jackpots, free spins and cash awards via this wheel.

During the free spins, wilds literally ooze down the reels, making one or more reels completely wild.

The reels have a non-standard setup. The characters and props from the show come in odd sized groups and will often cover complete reels. This game has the biggest progressive jackpot of the 3 titles. The Grand jackpot is seeded at $500,000 – and grows from there.

Walking Dead II Slots

This game was a huge hit – and is still popular in casinos after the 3rd game in the series was released. It is based on seasons 3 and 4 of the TV show. Popular characters on the reels include Rick, Daryl and Michonne.

There are some very entertaining on reel features. These include the ‘Wild Horde’ where zombies tumble over the top of the reels. Look out for the sword-wielding Michonne, who attacks the reels from time to time.

Free spins start with a trip to Woodbury. You pick heads, revealing free spins, before starting these games. Expanding wild reels, showing the ‘Governor’ can result in some big wins. Multipliers can appear on reel 5, boosting them further.

Jackpots also come from picking disembodied heads in fluid. You can get a multiplier of up to 10x on any of the 4 jackpots. Best of all, if you get the jackpot game, the free spins follow on from this every time.

Walking Dead III Slots

Aristocrat went a different way with the 3rd version of Walking Dead. This game uses a wider screen, which holds two sets of reels side by size. That gives scope for the ‘Wild Walkers’, which appeared in later versions of the show, to move along the reels.

This game is just as spectacular as the tall screen versions. Characters from the last series are again in different sized strips on the reels. If you get the horde wilds (where the walkers drop from above the reels) you can connect them with plenty of wild symbols.

You can win jackpots via a wheel which is set horizontally in this game. If you are lucky, flaming torches will upgrade the cash amounts and progressives available.

Where Can I Play the Walking Dead Slots?

Walking Dead 1 is getting harder to find these days – with the 2nd and 3rd version being so much more popular. You’ll find these games at brick and mortar casinos around the country. Bets start at just 75c (and there is no minimum bet to be in with a shot at winning a jackpot).

These games are not currently part of the portfolio of Aristocrat games found online, and Aristocrat online games are not yet available in the US. You will however, find multiple titles from other big name developers such as IGT and Konami at PA, NJ and WV casinos.

Interactive Multi-Media Design of the Walking Dead Slots

Everything comes together to bring you an intensive experience when you play the Walking Dead slots machine. Sound comes from speakers in the headrest of the chair as well as the screen, and the chair jolts and rumbles at the right moments. Eerie sounds suddenly get loud as the screen is covered in flames or a horde of zombies appears.

If you are a fan of the show, many of the sequences and references to ideas in the bonus games will be instantly familiar. A tank breaks down the fences of Woodbury at one point – with the first- person view of a ruined Atlanta featuring in another.

Wrapping Up: Will You Survive a Session on the Walking Dead Slots?

These games are among the most popular titles in casinos around the country. Their appeal to fans of the TV show is obvious, though with amazing graphics and entertaining game play, the Walking Dead slots appeal goes much further than that.

The appeal goes beyond the entertainment angle. There are jackpots on all 3 titles. The largest progressive is on Walking Dead 1. With 2 and 3 the Grand jackpot starts smaller, with different ways to boost this tied to the bonus features.

Characters spinning on the reels might have already been written out of the TV series – though there are opportunities to win big prizes with them available right now!