Zoltar Speaks Slots

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Zoltar Speaks Slots
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Fans of the 1988 movie, “Big,” remember when Josh, disgruntled about being too short to go on a carnival ride, puts a coin into a mechanical fortune-telling machine and asks Zoltar to make him big. Zoltar grants his wish and adventure ensues (at least, for everyone but Josh’s mom) when it turns out he was granted a grownup body.

Now Everi Interactive taps into nostalgia by bringing Zoltar to the world of video slot machines in this five pay-line, 3×3 reel game, Zoltar Speaks, that features multiplier wilds and weighted respins. Come and see if Zoltar has the power to make your fortunes big.

Basic Game Experience for Zoltar Speaks

Zoltar Speaks is a three-reel, old-school-style slot machine with sevens, bars, and five pay-lines built around the theme of the mechanical fortune teller seen in the 1988 movie, “Big.” The five pay-lines comprise of three horizontal pay-lines and two diagonal pay-lines. Any symbols sitting on these pay-lines in the right combination results in a win. The bar pay-symbols are one bar, two bars, and three bars with winning combinations being three of a kind or also any combination of bars. The sevens are higher paying and the pay-symbols are purple single seven, green double sevens, and white triple sevens. The sevens will win with three of a kind and also any combination.

The music only plays during each spin and has a light, enchanting bell-like arpeggio sound that is professional sounding and enjoyable. The win sound effects and jingles sound more like classic slot machine sounds.

There are three Zoltar Speaks wild symbols. The first one is on reel one, the second on reel two, and the third is on reel three. The second Zoltar speaks wild symbol has a 3x multiplier for a three-times the pay-line win. The third Zoltar Speaks wild symbol has a 5x multiplier for a five-times the pay-line win. If the second and third wild symbols line up on a single pay-line, this would give you an amazing 15 times the pay-line win. If matched with the highest paying symbol, the triple sevens, this would give you a significant win. If all three Zoltar Speaks wild symbols appear in one pay-line, your win is 4,000 times the stake, which is a huge win.

What really sets this game apart is Zoltar. Zoltar sits atop the reel set with his velvet curtain and burning lamps while showing you his fortune-telling cards. His right hand is posed, ready to aggressively summon prophetic insight from his crystal ball. Any spin can activate Zoltar respins once it’s complete.

Zoltar Respins

In the movie, “Big,” Zoltar is silent. In Zoltar Speaks, he not only speaks, but he also has a lot to say. Zoltar periodically comes alive after a spin with snippets of amusing dialogue like “Zoltar says, I got this. Hold my beer…” or “Here’s a little something I learned from Grandma Zoltar.” Then he takes control of the reels for one or more free spins. During these Zoltar takeovers, usually at least one of the pay-lines in one of the spins results in a win. After a big win, he will chime in saying things like, “Great googalee-moogalee, you’re a big winner.” Zoltar is quite a character.

How to Play in the United States

Zoltar Speaks is a fairly new game, and available only online. You won’t find it in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

If you happen to live in New Jersey or if you are possibly planning to visit there soon, you can find Zoltar Speaks at the Tropicana Online Casino and Golden Nugget Casino. If you happen to live in Pennsylvania or are possibly visiting there soon, you can find Zoltar Speaks online at the Hollywood Online Casino or PlaySugarhouse.

Final Thoughts About Zoltar Speaks

One of the main reasons I’ve never been a big fan of old-school slot machines is that there is usually no action at all, or very little, and then finally a big win. It can get a little boring. With Zoltar Speaks, the five pay lines, respins, and Zoltar himself make this game very entertaining. It is a lot of fun to play, and some of his sayings made me chuckle. He has quite a lot of sayings, actually. The more you play, the more you hear. If you haven’t given Zoltar Speaks a try, you should because great googalee-moogalee, you might just be a big winner.