Colorado Online Sports Betting

The signature of Governor Jared Polis was not enough to start sports betting in Colorado. A referendum was also needed. The question (known as Proposition DD) went to a vote in November 2019. It passed – by a small margin – paving the way for the expansion of sports betting in the Centennial state.

As of May 2020, betting on pro and college sports is possible both online and at retail sportsbooks in Colorado. Each casino can apply for a single mobile license in conjunction with their retail sportsbook, creating healthy competition between the sports betting brands.

This page explains how to get the best from these new Colorado sports betting sites. Both the retail sportsbooks and the online betting apps are covered. You’ll find out about the law, the brands and how to use the sportsbooks below.

Out of state changes were required before the Colorado house could pass a sports betting bill. New Jersey has been challenging an act called PASPA for many years. This act denied the states jurisdiction over sports betting. In 2018, it was overturned at the Supreme Court. This returned jurisdiction over sports betting (and other forms of gambling) to individual states.

Since then, many states have already introduced both retail and online sports betting. Places where this is currently live include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Iowa. Many other states have passed legislation.

Bill HB 1327 was signed into law by Governor Jared Polis in May 2019. This includes tax changes, which meant a state-wide referendum was needed for it to become law. This took place, and narrowly passed.

Unusually, Bill 1327 included a start date. Sports betting will go live in Colorado on the 1st of May 2020. This provided time for the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission to set up a licensing system. Sports betting brands will partner with the brick and mortar casinos, setting up online betting sites and apps – plus branded retail sportsbooks.

Details of Bill 1327: What Colorado Sports Betting Will Look Like

There are few exclusions or rules in this bill which could adversely affect sports betting in Colorado. This bill does not include provisions for online casinos or poker rooms. DFS contests and pari-mutuel betting are already legal.

Highlights from Bill 1327:

Which Colorado Casinos Will Have Sportsbooks

Until the licensing process is completed, we will not know exactly which CO casinos will have new sportsbooks. There are 33 casinos in Central City, Cripple Creek and Black Hawk – plus the tribal casinos at Ute Mountain. With so many small venues it is improbable that they will all open sportsbooks.

Two partnerships are already known.

Here is the full list of venues which could have sportsbooks in 2020:

Black Hawk Casinos / Sportsbooks:

Cripple Creek Casinos / Sportsbooks:

Central City Casinos / Sportsbooks

Tribal Casinos in Colorado:

What Sports Betting Brands will Launch in Colorado?

Many of the biggest and best online sports betting brands are coming to Colorado. They will provide online platforms (websites and apps), plus branded retail sportsbooks. In other regulated states, William Hill, FanDuel and FOX Bet have all set up retail brands.

What Colorado Teams Can I Bet On?

You can bet on any team you like at the new Colorado sportsbooks. Naturally the local teams will be popular. Here are the biggest pro league teams in Colorado:

Colorado are well represented in other sports and in minor leagues. You can bet on the Colorado Rapids MLS team, the Eagles (hockey), Buffaloes (basketball), the Air Force Falcons (baseball) and many more.

Range of Betting Markets at Colorado Sportsbooks

Colorado based teams are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to betting opportunities at the new sportsbooks. You’ll be able to bet on matches covering the major / pro leagues, minor leagues and colligate action in all the popular sports.

You’ll find the depth of coverage for individual sports and international events impressive. All the sportsbooks cover US leagues in depth. You’ll find variations when it comes to the breadth of coverage for international games.

Here are some of the key sports you can bet on at both online and retail sportsbooks in Colorado:

What Types of Bets are Available at Colo Sportsbooks?

The move to Colorado online sports betting allows for types of bets which would not be possible in a retail sportsbook environment. These include in-play betting, which allows you to place bets on matches which are already underway – and cash out (also called early-redemption) betting.

These new bet types are in addition to the many ways you can wager on single matches or combine matches into multiples bets. Note that PointsBet add one more way to wager. This is ‘pointsbetting’, a new way of betting on the spread which gives you the chance to win many times your stake.

Odds are expressed in terms of a $100 bet. Keep in mind that this is for clarity only – you can wager any amount you like. If you see a positive number (for example, +350) this is the amount won per $100 staked. Negative numbers are common. This is the amount you’d need to bet to win $100. For example, a -200 line means you need to bet $200 to win an additional $100.

Single Match Bets:

Multiple Match Bets:

Props, Futures and Period Bets

Downloading and Registering for Colorado Sports Betting Apps

There are two ways to access online sports betting in Colo. From your desktop, the web-browser versions of the sites make the best of your larger screen. If you are using an iPhone or Android smartphone, then you’ll need to download one of the Colorado sports betting apps.

The first step for downloading sports betting apps is to visit the website of the book. This will detect what type of device you are using – and prompt you to download the correct app.

It only takes a couple of minutes to install an app. Note that Android users will need to download directly from the sports betting brands. Google won’t allow any US betting apps in their ‘Play’ store. Apple users will not have this issue.

Once your app is installed, you’ll be prompted to create an account. While the details of the process and order of the steps is slightly different from book to book – the overall information needed is the same each time. This will include the following:

Backup documentation is not required for Id as a default, though could be needed if your account is flagged for a security check.

Quick Guide: Using Sports Betting Apps / Websites

Each sportsbook website and app will have unique design elements. What you’ll find is that the processes of finding your match, listing the odds for each type of bet and placing your wagers are almost identical. Icons, how the different leagues are listed, and the terms used will be different for each app.

You’ll go through the following 3 areas of a site each time you place a bet:

Other important areas of the sports betting apps and websites include the cashier, account pages (which show any bonuses and your progress towards clearing them) and the latest bonuses and promotions. Apps also include FAQ / Customer Service sections and a responsible gambling section which includes tools to limit and manage your betting account.

It’s All Change for Colorado Sports Betting

As of May 2020, it is all go for sports betting in Colorado. Retail sportsbooks will open in the casinos in Central City, Cripple Creek and Black Hawk. Mobile sports betting, via apps and websites, will become available to use from anywhere inside state lines. More meetings still need to occur, but you can follow Colo sports betting updates and learn more about the proposed changes.

With some big partnerships to be announced, many of the biggest and best-known names in sports betting are expected to become available. You’ll be able to take advantage of many competing bonuses and promotions. With a mix of free bets, no-lose first bets and odds boosts, your betting bankroll will have every chance to get off to the best possible start.