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Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, DraftKings is known for the wide array of daily and weekly fantasy sports that it offers to gamblers around the globe.

While many forms of gambling are tightly regulated, DraftKings insists that its daily fantasy sports offerings are completely legal. Their claim to fame is that its regular contests offer ample, frequent opportunities to win lots of money in many different ways.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all of your daily fantasy sports needed, DraftKings has proven to be one of the premium names in the industry. Players from around the world flock to DraftKings to get their daily fix, and you should too!

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One of DraftKings’ signature features is that instead of pitting players versus each other, it instead pits players against the house. This has a simplifying effect on how the game is played. In a traditional format, players would create whole teams, lineups, and seasons.

DraftKings skips this involved process, and instead has players bet on teams and games from all of the major sports leagues. This proves to be particularly inviting to newer players who are not entirely comfortable with the format. And if that wasn’t enough, the generous welcome bonus available to newcomers makes it worth checking out DraftKings, if nothing else.

Each new player that signs up for an account receives $20 free play with their first deposit to be used contest entry. You don’t even need a DraftKings promo code to receive this – it’s automatically granted just for signing up. Plus, new and existing sign ups receive a 20% matched deposit up to $500.

Short, sharp, and simple, it’s great to see that DraftKings haven’t over complicated the welcome bonus, even though the offer requires a deposit.


DraftKings DFS promo code 2024

Online Fantasy SportsDraftKings DFS
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Unlike other daily fantasy sports websites, DraftKings utilizes its own in-house currency that can be redeemed for prizes later on. These replace their Frequent Player Points, and can be accumulated in the following ways:

  • Daily Missions
  • Achievement Badges
  • Daily Rewards
  • Paid Contents

It’s not a loyalty scheme that reinvents the wheel, but there is no denying that it is fun to get involved in. The following breaks down each part of the loyalty scheme and how you can earn crowns in more detail.


DraftKings understands how powerful the gamification of regular customer activities can be. To encourage their customers to log on regularly, they have implemented achievements that one can earn by performing various activities.

These quests vary in difficulty and length, and the awards are commensurate with the amount of effort it takes to complete them. Achievements can be completed by doing things like entering contests and placing a certain number of bets.

Once you complete an achievement, you are rewarded with Crowns, the in-house currency we just mentioned. Crowns are not worth much by themselves – 11,000 crowns is worth about $20. You’ve got to complete a lot of quests to earn these.

For example, entering an NBA contest each week awards you about 20 Crowns, which is equal to a bit under four cents. While these achievements take little effort on your part to complete, the small size of the rewards means that there isn’t much of an incentive to complete them, since actual gambling would reward quite a bit more.

Daily Rewards

Receiving your daily rewards doesn’t take much effort on your part. When you log in, simply click on the Daily Rewards button that appears on the Rewards dropdown menu. Depending on your status, the rewards you receive will change. Your status is calculated monthly, and your daily participation determines what they will be. Not exactly thrilling, but certainly a nice touch, it’s a little incentive that’ll tempt you back to DraftKings each day, even if it’s just to claim the reward.


In addition to daily rewards, missions can also be completed to earn more Crowns. These missions change depending on what your account activity looks like, and the rewards change in a similar fashion as well. Basically, a mission is something that you’ll likely complete just by playing on site with an extra reward attached to it.

Tournaments and Special Events

DraftKings is no slouch when it comes to tournament prizes. The last major tournament DraftKings hosted offered several million dollars in prize money. Most of their events are only held online, but they’ve expanded to offering some in-person events as well. These events occur across North America, and offer large prize pools to prospective players. Seven figure prize pools are almost the norm here, something that other lesser daily fantasy sport sites can only dream about offering.

DraftKings iPhone / Android Apps

DraftKings offers a perfectly serviceable mobile app for iOS users everywhere. If you don’t access DraftKings through their proprietary app, then their website will run just fine on your phone, as it has been optimized for mobile devices. The website is designed to make it easy to manage your bets and teams.

Additionally, it offers account holders many options and features that any hardcore player would be delighted to have, including a real-time contests lobby that constantly updates, past history of all the contests you’ve ever entered, as well as contests to be held in the future, and a link-sharer for individual contests you want to run.

This is on top of a full lineup editor, an invitational links for your friends and the ability to withdraw funds at any time.

DraftKings’ mobile app is one of the first of its kind for daily fantasy sports, and its functionality sets the bar for all of its competitors. The developers are never content to rest on their laurels – the app is updated frequently, and new features are being developed all the time.

Rival apps should really take note here, as DraftKings have cracked the formula when it comes to perfect mobile play, as any player can be up and running in seconds.

Casino Software Section 

For the most part, DraftKings’ websites is easy to use and well-optimized. The only time lag is really experienced is immediately before a huge event, such as kick-off Sunday at the NFL.

However, such occurrences are the exception as opposed to the rule. The website overall is well-designed and intuitive to use, but it does have a slight heavy data load at times, but that doesn’t weigh down the experience too much.

How you can tell that DraftKings has a UI that is impressive and functional is the fact that it’s been mimicked almost everywhere. The depth of the industry is rife with sites that act as DraftKings clones, but as you can see, when it comes to design and execution there really is only one original.

Game Types 

The diverse selection of game modes offered by DraftKings is a big part of why it is one of the biggest names in daily fantasy sports right now.

Daily fantasy play is its biggest money maker, but the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL are all offered as well. You can also enjoy soccer, golf, tennis, college sports, and even more niche offerings like NASCAR, MMA and e-sports.

There are plenty of salary-cap games on offer. The buy-in ranges go from free entry all the way up to a cool $10,600, and such a wide range of values guarantee that nearly every type of gambler is going to find something they like.

In addition to salary caps, league sizes also vary quite a bit. You can go as small as head-to-head, or go all the way up to large field tournaments (GPPs) which can feature more than 10,000 players. DraftKings gives you daily and weekly freerolls if you want to have some fun without spending money.

The gargantuan GPPs that DraftKings offers has made quite an impression on people in the industry, who are not so easily impressed. These offerings make DraftKings a consistent choice for people interested in any kind of daily fantasy sports, and coupled with the prize pools it’s little surprise why they continue to stand head and shoulders above their competitors. These are just some of the benefits and options available to players who sign up with DraftKings:

  • Guaranteed Prize Pools – If you sign up for a league, you will receive a part of the prize pool. GPPs never cancel, and run regardless of how many players sign up.
  • 50/50 – This means that players who finish in the top half of tournaments double their investment. It’s a great way for beginners to earn more money.
  • Multipliers – These are tournaments with high variance that pay out prizes equal to some percentage of the field.
  • Steps – These tournaments don’t typically pay out monetary prizes, yet they still succeed in turning small investments into big ones. A small Steps reward allows a portion of the field to advance to the next round in a tournament. If you advance far enough, you’ll gain the right to compete for REAL money in a very lucrative prize pool. It takes skill to win from these, but the rewards are well worth it.
  • Qualifiers – These are events that give winners a chance to compete in larger events with bigger prizes. If you’re a player on a budget, this is a good choice for you.
  • Head-to-head – Two players enter, one person leaves. In this format, the winner takes all of the prize money. There is no denying that this is the most personal daily fantasy sports experience on offer at DraftKings.
  • Leagues – Here, players have the option to either join an existing league or create their own. Leagues can range in size from as few as three players, all the way up to 50. Small leagues are winner takes all, while large ones give the top three to five finishers a share of the prize money.

Do you need to see any more? When it comes to game types DraftKings blows the competition out of the water and then some. What’s probably most exciting is that they always have new game types on the horizon. This means that fresh and sometimes even experimental daily fantasy sports action is always on the menu at DraftKings. 

What’s Good About DraftKings DFS?

DraftKings is the king of the daily fantasy sports scene for a reason, as it does more good things than bad. It also helps that it was a true innovator of the industry. You can’t look past the fact that the formula that this brand put together is the blueprint that all other sites now follow. Yes, FanDuel has picked up the pace and is running a close second, but DraftKings is still edging it for the No. 1 spot in our opinion. Find out more on our side-by-side comparison of DraftKings vs Fanduel.

What’s certain about DraftKings is that it has never once rested on its success, constantly growing its markets and games. To the point where you won’t find a bigger selection anywhere else. The same probably applies for bonuses and promotions too, as bang for your buck is guaranteed through the impressive loyalty scheme. You might have to work a little harder to get it, but there is no denying that the value is there at DraftKings should you be willing to put the time in.

Lastly, we can’t fail to mention the customer service team at DraftKings. In our interactions with them they’ve proven to be nothing but friendly and knowledgeable. If you are ever stuck it’s great to know that have a roster of customer service staff that any player can learn. Customer service stands for plenty in an industry that has a questionable reputation for it, so our hats are certainly off to the DraftKings team.

Where Can DraftKings DFS Improve?

If DraftKings has any drawbacks (trust us, it’s really not been easy to find anything) then such issues are probably found within the UI. The site feels like it’s a little too geared towards daily fantasy sports veterans rather than novice players. There is a wealth of data rolled out in front of players here, to the where someone new to daily fantasy sports might find it quite daunting.

Negatives wise, we really have to be pushed to find something to bash this site about. Going through feature to feature it’s pretty clear that the team behind this daily fantasy sports platform understand their audience. With almost a decade of experience and forming the industry blueprint, DraftKings is expected to be ahead of the curve and they rightly are.

DraftKings is a legendary name in the industry, as it certainly knows how to lead the way and show other daily fantasy sports sites exactly how it should be done.

Banking Section 

DraftKings is no amateur when it comes to banking and managing your money. While some gambling sites neglect this part of the customer experience, DraftKings makes it easy to manage your funds, provided it’s with a supported format.

Its cashiering service is fairly polished for a DFS website. Al major credit and debit cards are accepted – even American Express and Discover. If you prefer, PayPal is also an option should you want to avoid excess fees. While for those old school enough, a bank transfer is also applicable in certain circumstances.

Whenever you withdraw some or all of your winnings, they are credited back to the payment method you have chosen to use in lightning quick time. Any leftover funds are sent to you either by PayPal or a direct check in the mail. This is a slight knock in our opinion, as it hampers flexibility, so we hope that some tweaks are made here in the future.

Customer Support 

DraftKings provides a level of customer service that is exemplary even by industry standards. The way a company treats its customers says a lot about how it is run, and DraftKings has invested quite a bit of time and money into making it top-notch. You can contact them by email ([email protected]) or by traditional mail, which is listed on their website. You can also contact them by telephone on the following times and days – Monday to Sunday, 6:00 AM to 11:59pm EST.

Due to variation in state laws regarding gambling, DraftKings cannot offer its services to all 50 US states.

As of the time of writing, DraftKings is not legal in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, and Washington state.

A few states offer additional restrictions based upon age: you must be 19 in Nebraska, and 21 in Massachusetts. All other states allow you to play as soon as you turn 18.

The Bottom Line on DraftKings

DraftKings’ entire approach to the daily fantasy sports market can be summarized in one phrase, “go big, or go home.” DraftKings has spared no expense in its massive prize pools and generous promotional offers. Each day feels like a special event as you are greeted with ample opportunities to turn your small bucks into big bucks. And, if that wasn’t enough, DraftKings’ rapid payment process times mean that you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your winnings. 

As of 2019, DraftKings is the world’s biggest daily fantasy sports brand, but that really shouldn’t surprise anyone. No other website offers the sheer amount of variety, breadth of options, and opportunities to win as DraftKings. The ample amount of participation, frequent promotions, and daily missions and achievements ensure that you’ll never get bored. The free entry given to all new players means that you can hit the ground running, and the rewards they offer give you the chance to earn cool things like tickets and DraftKings-branded merchandise.

When push comes to shove, DraftKings is the daily fantasy sports top dog for a reason, so this is one site that you should by no means overlook. Take a look for yourself…

About DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports

The origins of DraftKings can be traced back to early 2012, when three executives from Vistaprint decided to leave their jobs to start a company that would capitalize on the fast-growing field of daily fantasy sports. Interest was piqued nearly immediately, with $1.4 million of seed funding being acquired within a matter of weeks. Within two years, DraftKings boasted an impressive $35 million haul from interested investors across the country. As of late 2019, this number stands in excess of $400 million.

DraftKings has almost single-handedly pushed state and national governments to pay attention to the field of daily fantasy sports. There is absolutely no doubt about it, without DraftKings there would be no daily fantasy sports in the US, let alone across the rest of the world.

DraftKings has attracted the attention of Forbes, the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal, and many other reputable news outlets, which shows its mainstream appeal. The company maintains a wide presence on social media, and its respectable A-rating by the Better Business Bureau is a testament to its high rate of satisfaction among its customers.