FanDuel Referral Code and Fantasy Sports Review

If you’re looking for the best FanDuel DFS sign-up bonus, then look no further because here it is. When you sign up and deposit a minimum of $10, FanDuel gives you . And you don’t even need a FanDuel promo code. The sports that the free entries are valid for will vary based on the sports calendar when you open your account.

If you consider yourself a serious aficionado of the daily fantasy sports genre, surely, you’ve heard of FanDuel? Alongside its main competitor DraftKings, the two sites completely dominate the genre with their multitude of action-packed offerings, all of which come with guaranteed prize pools that make everybody a winner.

When the NFL season kicks into high gear, FanDuel offers millions of dollars in tournaments a week, which span from budget offerings to expensive buy-ins. Even in the off-season FanDuel has plenty of DFS tournaments on offer, ensuring that the action never stops.

This Fanduel DFS review covers how to create an account, how to get the (no FanDuel bonus code required), the offerings available and how to get started with daily fantasy sports.

If you live in , you also have the option of DFS and online sports betting at FanDuel.

Why Choose FanDuel DFS?
  • , welcome offer
  • Fully functioning DFS app for Android and iOS
  • Huge array of games and contests
  • Offers a loyalty rewards program with cashback
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The rift between FanDuel and DraftKings used to be quite significant, but in recent years the two have become less differentiated. A preference for either site tends to boil down to personal leanings, although you’ll rarely find people spending an equal amount of time on both.

While FanDuel is by no means a perfect site, you can’t deny that it offers players a serious bang for their buck. Additionally, their user-friendly interface and excellent customer support make them a competitive choice for many punters.

As the two-leading names in daily fantasy sports continue to rub shoulder-to-shoulder, does FanDuel have the power to pull away? Can FanDuel finally get the edge over DraftKings in 2022 and beyond? If you want to know the answer to these questions and more, we suggest you keep reading!

FanDuel No Deposit and First Deposit Sign-Up Bonus

All new FanDuel DFS players are given after registering a new FanDuel DFS account and making a deposit of $10 or greater. Any money you win with your free entries is yours to keep!

This welcome bonus is an exclusive offer not available on other sites. You do not need to use a FanDuel promo code or promo code to get the free cash offer. All you need to do is visit the FanDuel DFS site, complete the registration process, make a deposit of $10 or more and your will be waiting in your account.

FanDuel DFS referral code June 2024

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Now, we know what you’re thinking, other daily fantasy sports sites have much bigger offers. That is certainly true, but we challenge you to find an offer that’s as easy and clean to claim as this.

FanDuel provides this offer to help you get a taste for what the platform has to offer, dipping your toe in the daily fantasy sports water, and in our opinion, it works a treat.

In this case, big things come in small packages so make sure you claim this deal while you can.

FanDuel Points and Rewards

FanDuel focuses less on token freebies and more on taking care of loyal players that spend a lot of their hard-earned money. Nice touch. The Players Club is a great way to earn rewards. In order to qualify, you need to earn a certain number of FanDuel Points.

Yes, it’s another loyalty scheme, there are plenty around, but there is certainly something charming about FanDuel’s offering.

At the end of each month, your status is determined by how many points you have accumulated in that time. FanDuel Points are only worth about 0.04 cents apiece, so you need to get lots of them if you have any plans on actually making cash with them.

Entering any contest gives you five points, but many contests and tournaments let you earn many more. Seasonal promotions are a great way to get FanDuel Points, and occasional seasonal promos offer even more.

FanDuel gives you a number of offers to earn points, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of those offers when they emerge. Just be prepared to put in plenty of time and effort to boot your balance.

FanDuel DFS app

Fanduel iPhone / iPad app: If you use iOS, you’re in luck, FanDuel has an excellent DFS app for iPhone that has gotten great reviews from customers.

It offers nearly all of the same features as the desktop client, packaged into a sleek, optimized app that is easy to use and user-friendly. FanDuel offers a helpful video that will show you everything you need to know about using it.

Fanduel Fantasy Sports AppFanduel Android app: FanDuel has also released an Android version of the app. It’s not quite as polished as its iOS counterpart, but it still lets you use all of the site’s features in a relatively smooth fashion.

To get started, visit the FanDuel fantasy sports site and click on the app button relevant to your device. Fanduel will guide you through the process of downloading and installing the app.

When it comes to mobile play, FanDuel have a great understanding of what players want. Plenty of other daily fantasy sport sites (including some pretty big names) only offer web-browser mobile play. So, it’s great to see FanDuel pick up the pace with an impressive selection of mobile apps and functions.

If we’re being honest, playing on the move through FanDuel is a breeze, so we would certainly recommend giving these apps a whirl.

Game Types for Daily Fantasy Sports

All of North America’s biggest leagues have contests on hand here – the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and more are included. FanDuel is making a conscious effort to expand its offerings, with the PGA, NASCAR, EPL, and WNBA joining its ranks in recent years.

As of last year, FanDuel is now offering college sports to all of its customers. Growing at a fast rate, expect even more sports to be added to the ranks at FanDuel in the years to come, as it is committed to meeting player demand.

FanDuel DFS Contests and Prize Pools

FanDuel boasts some of its highest traffic during the NFL season. During this time, over 25,000 one-week football leagues are offered, giving every type of player lots of opportunities to find a buy-in and contests that best suits them.

These numbers are considerably lower outside the football season, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of options available for your favorite sport.

Entry prices for these tournaments range from completely free to over $10,000 for the high-rollers looking to win big.

The most popular tournaments offered on FanDuel are the guaranteed tournaments that have enormous starting fields and huge prize pools that players are guaranteed to be a part of regardless of what they bought in for.

If you can’t afford these, smaller satellite tournaments are offered that feature small buy-ins that players on a budget should be able to afford. In addition to the aforementioned options, players can also enjoy the following:

  • Head-to-Head – Direct, 1v1 matches in which the winner takes all.
  • Multipliers – These contents have a flat percentage of participants earn a pre-determined multiple of their earnings. This is usually 2x, 3x, or 5x their entry fee.
  • Beat the Score – If you succeed in reaching a score threshold, you’re guaranteed to earn an equal share of the prize pool.
  • 50/50 – Here, half of the players are guaranteed to win, while the other half walks away with nothing. Recommended for beginners.
  • Leagues – These are tournaments with a cap on how many people can enter. There is no guaranteed prize pool, so this isn’t recommended for inexperienced players.

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 If you want, you can also create your own Fanduel contests for any of the active sports on site. You have total control over how it is run – how many players can join, if it’s invite-only, the buy-in level, and more.

If you start a league, you can control the distribution of the prize pool as well. As we said before, the NFL season is where leagues and tournaments really shine. The prize pool for these can easily exceed millions of dollars, and the entry fee is just a measly $9.

Smaller tournaments have buy-ins of as little as one or two bucks, with a guaranteed share of the prize pool.

Daily NBA contests can eclipse $250,000, although the buy-in isn’t as affordable. If you’re looking for cheap options, check out the many satellite and qualifier tournaments that are always on offer – these are usually just a few bucks.

What Types of Contests Does FanDuel Support?

FanDuel respects the diversity in tastes that its many customers have, which is why it offers lots of different modes and choices for players to enjoy. FanDuel offers what are known as “Game Styles,” which refer to the different types of contests offered.

The majority of players like “full roster” games, but there are lots of other choices if that doesn’t tickle your fancy. Here are all the options available to you:

  • Full Roster – The traditional format of DFS, which utilizes a full player roster and a salary cap.
  • Single Game – This allows you to draft players from a single game. These are FLEX positions that score 1.5x the normal number of points, but otherwise uses the same salary cap as a full roster.
  • Super Flex (NFL-only) – Same as a full roster format, except it has an added SuperFlex position.
  • QuickPick – There’s no salary cap. Instead, you draft players from same-valued tiers, which rank players based on their value.

The aforementioned game types are just some of the different options available to you. Depending on the game you’re competing in, you may find some additional options, such as Home Run Challenge in the MLB and Weekend Gold for the PGA.

The real up-side of FanDuel game types is that they offer plenty of sport-specific options, so no fan should feel left out in the cold here.

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What’s Great About Fanduel?

If you ask us, FanDuel is no longer the great pretender. It’s shown that it can go step for step with DraftKings in practically every department, even if that does bring on its own issues, but more on that later.

One thing that has really caught our eye is its range of sports, as the coverage here is astounding.

NFL, NHL, NBA, PGA, WNBA, and so much else is offered, you just can’t help but want to make FanDuel your daily fantasy sports home when they offer this extensive a range, plus there is almost certainly more sports on the way.

Another big plus side of FanDuel is its bonuses and promotions, but we’re not talking about the size here, we’re talking about the ease of use. The quick $100 welcome bonus is great, but as you’ve just read, this daily fantasy site isn’t short on playing incentives.

The loyalty scheme, which does take some getting used to, mean your dollars will go a long way here.

Plus, this site always has its finger on the pulse of the biggest sporting events, so if the latest offers don’t quite do it for you, you can be sure that more will be added on site sooner rather than later.

What Could FanDuel DFS Do Better?

FanDuel is a great daily Fantasy sports offering (and we really do mean that), with it showing that it can go toe-to-toe with DraftKings in pretty much every department, but its need to compete comes at a cost. In a packed marketplace, the world doesn’t need a DraftKings clone. It needs something unique.

In our opinion, for however impressive it is, it isn’t doing enough unique to make it stand out. If FanDuel wants to be the number one name, it needs to branch out from the DraftKings blueprint and create its own legacy.

Unique offers, unique promotions, and even a more standout UI is what’s required. We hope that FanDuel can take this step in the very near future.

Its lack of uniqueness isn’t the only thing weighing fan duel down at the moment. Its withdrawal option selection, albeit good, isn’t great.

But we can say that this isn’t a unique issue at FanDuel, as other sites in the daily Fantasy sports field suffer from the same issue. Once again, we hope that FanDuel can bring more withdrawal options to the table soon.

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What Deposit Methods Does Fanduel Accept?

FanDuel offers a wide range of options and choices when it comes to managing your money. Many daily fantasy sports websites neglect this aspect of the customer experience, so the fact that FanDuel has made it simple to use speaks a lot about the way they care about their customers. 

Deposit Methods

Deposits are an area that you’d think the best gambling sites would have down pat. After all, who doesn’t want to take more of your hard-earned money? But amazingly, not all sites are set up for your convenience.

FanDuel, unlike many major daily fantasy sports websites, actually makes the process as easy and simple to use as possible. If you want to start gambling as soon as possible, here are your choices: 

  • PayPal
  • E-checks
  • Physical checks
  • Online bank transfers
  • Credit and debit cards
  • PayNearMe
  • FanDuel Prepaid cards 

What we must praise here is the number of deposit options. We said above, but so many daily fantasy sports sites have a limited or lopsided selection of deposit methods. It’s great to see that FanDuel has introduced a little variety in this department.

 Withdrawal Methods

If you’re eager to enjoy the fruits of your victories, FanDuel offers many different ways to withdraw your cash as fast as possible.  While some sites make it a hassle to withdraw your funds, FanDuel streamlines the process with an admittedly limited selection of cashout options that make it easy to enjoy your winnings. You have these following options available to you:

  • Physical checks
  • PayPal
  • FanDuel prepaid cards
  • E-checks

What goes up must come down, and while the deposit methods are plentiful, the withdrawal methods are actually quite restrictive at FanDuel. We certainly like how easy it is to withdraw here, but FanDuel certainly needs add some extra choice to the ranks if it really wants to impress us.

Customer Support

FanDuel doesn’t take their customer base for granted. There are plenty of high-quality options available for their customers whenever something goes wrong. Currently, there are four ways to reach their customer support team:

  • Phone – Simply call them at their toll-free 877- number to come into contact with a representative. Their hours are 24/7, so you’ll always get the help that you need, when you need it.
  • Snail Mail – For the traditionalists among us, sometimes the older formats work best. FanDuel has a mail box that you can send letters to, though we might suggest trying one of their other routes given that they’re available 24/7.
  • Live Chat – Simply click the tab at the bottom page to speak with a live representative. This service runs 24/7.
  • E-mail – Like live chat and phone, this service is answered and monitored 24/7. Emails are frequently answered within a couple of hours.

Many daily fantasy sports sites do not place enough emphasis on their customer support lifelines. When something goes wrong, people want answers.

FanDuel doesn’t take their customers for granted – their service is always available in several different formats, meaning that you will always get answers when you need them.

FanDuel’s commitment to quality customer service demonstrates how seriously they take the opinions and happiness of their members. Even other reputable sites like DraftKings don’t offer this level of service. 

The Bottom Line on FanDuel

FanDuel is a legendary name in the daily fantasy sports market and a name that other sites simply can’t get close to. Alongside its rival DraftKings, it’s nothing short of a powerhouse in what it offers players and how it runs its operation.

Just look at the sheer number of sports and engaging loyalty scheme for proof of how this daily fantasy sports site is able to keep punters coming back from more.

The big question will always be, can FanDuel knock DraftKings down a peg or two? Looking through everything the site offers, we feel that it’s almost able to do so, but there is something missing from the magic formula.

FanDuel features pure daily fantasy sports power and profit for players. Now, if it can add a unique hook to its operation then it might just have one hand on the daily fantasy sports crown.

Expect big things from FanDuel in 2020, as we expect this site to take the next step and become the daily fantasy sports site to beat!