Monkey Knife Fight Promo Code for $100 and Review

UPDATE: In February 2023, it was announced that Monkey Knife Fight would be shuttering its daily fantasy sports product. With that in mind, here is a list of DFS operators that we recommend as of July 15, 2024:

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The latest in addicting platforms for prop gaming is Monkey Knife Fight. MKF is a website built around fantasy sports and all of the entertaining and unique ways to bet while watching the sports you love.

Though just recently launched in 2018, Monkey Knife Fight began its beta in 2017 under the leadership of its savvy billionaire, who aims to rise to the very top of prop gaming as an industry.

In addition to being just plain fun, Monkey Knife Fight has proven they can practice what they preach by paying out millions in prizes over their short time in operation, with weekly numbers to the tune of six figures.

All new players that join Monkey Knife Fight will receive a free $5 game plus 100% instant deposit match up to $100. Read on for details.

Monkey Knife Fight Bonus Offers

Instead of putting players in competition with each other, Monkey Knife Fight changes the daily fantasy game up by twisting it into player versus the house. Players place prop bets on games from major sports leagues, like the NBA, NFL, NHL, and PGA. You will also find a solid selection of eSports betting.

While many fantasy league players make teams, lineups, and seasons, Monkey Knife Fight offers a way to play quickly and easily – all you have to do is choose your game, pick from the props available, and choose an amount to wager.

To make the deal even sweeter, they’ve got a great welcome bonus that’s certainly going to send a message to both FanDuel and DraftKings.

Get Up to a $100 Bonus

If you love to predict the outcome of sports based on stats and other variables, Monkey Knife Fight will give you the chance to really test your abilities of foresight. You can try it out by signing up and depositing, and newcomers will be able to claim a solid deposit bonus when they do.

In order to claim your welcome bonus, interested players must make a new account and then make a first deposit into that account.

The bonus gives you a free $5 game, plus a 100% instant deposit match up to $100, which is the maximum amount available. The amount you actually get depends on the size of your first deposit and the associated percentage of match rate, so the more you pay in the more you’ll get out of this sign-up incentive.

Not the biggest welcome bonus offer by any means, but certainly a nice offering that’ll let you test the waters at Monkey Knife Fight.

It’s important to note that, like many online welcome bonuses, the bonus money that Monkey Knife Fight is only available as a site credit, meaning it can’t be withdrawn, with there being bonus terms of use and wagering requirements attached. However, you can use it on the site to fund your games and buy your way into the contests.

Up to $500 Reload Bonus for New and Existing Players

In celebration of this last NFL season, Monkey Knife Fight offered up a reload bonus for everyone on the site, including players both new to the site and already members. No matter whether your account has just been opened, or if you’ve been playing for a while, this reload bonus is open to you.

Bonus Usage Conditions

We mentioned this earlier, but there are conditions attached to all bonuses issued at Monkey Knife Fight. The bonus money that you receive are in the form of a site credit to use on Monkey Knife Fight. They are sent to the account Pending Bonus, so that you can use them towards your buy-in for games.

The bonus can be used as 4% of your game buy-in, so if you were to enter a contest with a buy-in of $20, $0.80 of that can be released. Once all of your bonus funds have been released, you can withdraw it.

Monkey Knife Fight Industry Experience

The team behind operations at Monkey Knife Fight built on veterans of the daily fantasy sports industry have years of experience under their belts. As a result, the gaming site is successful because the team knows how to make it work for both the company and the players.

Deposit methods are legitimate, as are payouts, which are received in only a few business days. In addition, Monkey Knife Fight is based out of California, which puts it under the jurisdiction of daily fantasy laws in the US.

For those who are familiar with gaming props, Monkey Knife Fight no doubt sounds like a blast. For those who are new to this type of game, prop games allow for a unique experience when it comes to fantasy games.

For example, Over/Under is the most played game on Monkey Knife Fight, which offers you the chance to win 16x your original wager by simply picking a minimum of 2 correct over/under on various players of a game.

Monkey Knife Fight isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly a great prop bet offering site, serving up a new way to play contests over a single game without having the heavy competition of huge amounts of users.

Monkey Knife Fight Mobile Apps

Monkey Knife Fight is available for a variety of mobile devices. Why? Because there’s no mobile app you have to download – everything is browser-based.

This means that you access the site from a laptop, a desktop, iPhone, Android and any old tablet, provided you have an internet or data connection. When you load the site on a mobile device, it will automatically resize in order to fit the size of your screen.

In all honesty, while apps are handy, the Monkey Knife Fight mobile website is about on par for the quality of any app that they could create.

The functions are there and easy to use, from login to depositing to putting in entries for contests, all of it is accessible and completely possible from the website on your device. We love a mobile platform that’s versatile across all devices, so hats off to Monkey Knife Fight, as they’ve created something special here.

Casino Software Section

As we just said, Monkey Knife Fight is only available on the web – no app for mobile or software for desktop. That said, the website is consistently fast in terms of loading speeds and efficiency, as well as just an overall entertaining experience.

Once you’ve created your account, the rest is pretty straightforward – it’s just a couple of clicks to enter a contest, which is where all the fun is on Monkey Knife Fight. Minimal downtime, no slow pages or links that lead nowhere, and no errors that we ran into, along with a UI that’s effortless to navigate, Monkey Knife Fight’s setup and software is exactly what you expect it to be – high quality and effective.

What’s Great About Monkey Knife Fight?

At its core, Monkey Knife Fight is pure fun. The site is great for those who like flexibility between platforms, and there are plenty of different contests to choose from so that you’re never bored.

Payouts offer a variety of over/under props and player parlays, and the long-shots are risky at 19x, but realistic in a way that a lot of sites just can’t compare to.

In many ways, while it isn’t as well-known as its rivals and despite a somewhat silly name, Monkey Knife Fight is growing force on the Daily Fantasy Sports scene and certainly a name to watch.

What Can Be Improved at Monkey Knife Fight?

The main complaint that we have with Monkey Knife Fight is the lack of detail in explanation – there’s not a lot about how exactly the contests work and what’s different between them, leaving you to find out with a very hands-on approach.

There are some hints and tips that you can scrounge up, but ultimately it’s a lot like being tossed into the deep end of the pool for the first time – beginners beware.

The other thing we’d like to add is that Monkey Knife Fight could boost the payouts a little. Some have pointed out on various social media that visiting a legal sportsbook and physically placing parlay wagers can lead to better payouts than what you find here, provided you live in a state that allows sports betting legally.

For obvious reasons, this isn’t a time or cost-efficient option for everyone who likes to bet on sports, but it may be something to keep in mind if you are in one of those areas.

Last but not least, Monkey Knife Fight could benefit from adding more variety in deposit methods, as just offering two is a deterrent for some customers. Credit and debit cards work for a lot of people, it’s true, but it could only help to offer deposits in the form of bank transfers, e-wallets, or cash deposits. No PayPal or Skrill is probably the biggest determent to Monkey Knife Fight as a platform.

Games Available at Monkey Knife Fight

Do you prefer to bet on fantasy MLB or what about fantasy football? No sweat, MKF has you covered!

There are a few different professional leagues that Monkey Knife Fight offers in terms of contests to enter: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Golf, and Soccer. In addition, there are multiple formats for games, and even more options for letting your opinions be known when it comes to players, teams, or even entire games.

You name the sport, the team, and even the country, you can be sure that Monkey Knife Fight covers it. Here’s a few details on the game types available, so you know exactly what you’re in for when you play here.


Over/Under is based on the stats for set players, all you do is choose the over or the under. For example, the receiving yard marker for Julian Edleman might be set at 84.5, so all you have to do to play is to choose over or choose under.

Multiple versions exist for this game, all for the various sports available. In addition, you’ll be able to see a higher return the more that you guess and the more you get correctly.

So, if you get three correct out of four, you can look forward to a 2.53x return on your money. Or. if the style you’re playing requires you to get 5 out of 5 correct, you can look forward to a return of 12x.

For basketball, returns will be based on rebounds, assists, and blocks, but the general consensus is the same.

Stat Shootout

For this game type, it will be named differently depending on the sport you choose, and will reflect that sport in its name.

For example, if you’re wanting to play this in football, you’ll be looking for in-game factors such as reception connection – where you’ll actually choose three players to get to a target goal that is set for receptions.

Target goals get harder in terms of difficulty, and there are three in all, but the higher difficulty means that you’ll get a bigger payout.

You choose which tier you want to compete for, so even if you choose the easiest and beat the hardest, your payout will be based on the tier that you choose.

Fantasy Challenge

The fantasy challenge offers up fantasy points and only fantasy points. Here, you’ll choose three players to accumulate points in an effort to beat a set number. J

ust like Stat Shootout, prizes are set in a three-tier format with higher difficulty as you go, and your prize is based on the goal you choose, not the goal you necessarily beat.

Rapid Fire

Those familiar with fantasy sports will know the set-up for Rapid Fire, especially veterans of DraftDay way back when daily fantasy games were just getting their start. This game is one that gives its users a number of player combinations to go against each other.

So, you may have Jared Goff going up against Tom Brady, and you will be choosing who you think will get the most in terms of passing yards, then rushing yards, then receiving yards, and finally receptions.

You’ll have to pick the highest amounts for all players, and getting them correct will mean you get your prize, which varies on your choice of Rapid Fire.

Some Rapid Fire set-ups allow you to miss one or two and still get your prize, and others even allow you to choose your answer from between two. Some are hard, where you can’t get a single one wrong or have to get a set amount correct.

Banking Methods at Monkey Knife Fight

Monkey Knife Fight isn’t exactly a start-performer when it comes to banking. In fact, it falls pretty short of what you might expect from Daily Fantasy Sports site of this size. We explain further below.

Deposit Methods

There’s not a ton to talk about here, as it’s a pretty restrictive offering. On the menu on the left, you’ll find a button for the option to “Add Funds,” where, you guessed it, you’ll be adding funds. The options for depositing are pretty sparse:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard

That’s it! Monkey Knife Fight offers a simple deposit set-up, as Visa and MasterCard are major credit cards.

The minimum deposit for the site is $10, and it doesn’t look this DFS site accepts PayPal, bank transfers, or cash deposits yet. Simple, to the point, but worryingly thin on the ground, what you see is what you get when depositing at Monkey Knife Fight.

Withdrawal Methods

There’s not much to talk about here either. You’ll find the options for withdrawal in “Add Funds” as well, so hop on over there to find out what your options are.

  • Check
  • eCheck

There are only two options to get your withdrawal. The check option is a paper check that is mailed to you, while the eCheck is a check that comes in your email rather than your physical mail.

If you’re looking for the fastest option, you’re going to want the eCheck, which takes 1-3 business days as explained by the site. The minimum for withdrawal on Monkey Knife Fight is $20.

Again, this is a scarily thin selection of withdrawal methods that won’t appease anyone that wants lightning-fast withdrawals.

MKF Customer Support

Monkey Knife Fight is a refreshingly transparent daily sports betting platform, as it hides nothing from its players. Its policies are routinely detailed on-screen, while its commitment to responsible play is clear, as is the brand’s privacy policy.

Should you require direct assistant while playing, you can contact Monkey Knife Fight via live chat support on the website, email via [email protected], or on their social media, you can find them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, should you wish to make contact.

All live chat support is run through ZenDesk, which can be a patchy system, so you have been warned.

Making it clear, the lengths Monkey Knife Fight will go to ensure customer satisfaction is tremendous, as their support options are nothing but top class. For anyone that doesn’t want to make contact with a Monkey Knife Fight representative, the length FAQ is also on hand, you can find it through the “Help” section.

The Bottom Line on this New DFS Site

Daily fantasy sports players are going to love Monkey Knife Fight for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it’s not jam-packed full of players like other sites, giving more people an opportunity to take home prize money because it’s more likely you’ll get into a contest.

The site is quality and great for players who already have a bit of daily fantasy sports play under their belts.

New players might find the site a little daunting in places, but that shouldn’t really deter anyone from playing here.

The promotions are impressive, the markets are varied, and the customer support is reliable, overall, Monkey Knife Fight has plenty to offer as a daily fantasy sports platform, so expect to hear more from this up and coming name in the very near future.