PrizePicks DFS Review

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Launched in 2018, PrizePicks is one of the new kids on the block, with it putting a fresh spin on the daily fantasy sports concept. The whole idea behind the site is that instead of picking players on a salary cap – we’ve all seen that before – you pick up to four players and wager whether or not they’ll come in under or over the expected fantasy score.

That’s it! It’s a very simple pick and play concept that removes some of the data-driven nature out of daily fantasy sports play.

In a crowded daily fantasy sports market, this gives PrizePicks something different to offer. Its unique edge means that it can certainly boost your sports viewing experience, as simplicity and ease of play certainly counts for plenty.

The big question will forever be, is PrizePicks good enough to turn away from the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel? Read on to find out, with the following review revealing all regarding that question and more!

Potential Bonus Offerings

If a daily fantasy sports site doesn’t have some impressive bonus offerings it won’t last long. Players need to know that their money is going to go far at any site they play at.

Thankfully, PrizePicks clearly got the memo about this, as they’ve come flying out of the gate with an offer that’ll have players chomping at the bit to start enjoying all the daily fantasy sports action on offer. But, that’s not all the bonus offerings PrizePicks have to offer, but more on that later.

Up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus

Prize Picks Referral Code LINESThere is absolutely nothing we love more than a welcome bonus that gets right down to the point. When you signup to this DFS site using our PrizePicks referral code LINES,  you  get a very generous welcome offer to the tune of $1,000.

The deal is a classic 25% matched deposit offer, just with a four-figure twist. This offer can be accessed by going through the usual motions of using this link to vist PrizePicks, inputting our referral bonus code “LINES” and making your first deposit.

Like many other matched deposit methods, the more you put in the more you’ll get out. Plus, very few daily fantasy sports sites offer players anything anywhere near $1,000 for a first deposit, so this is a deal you can’t afford to sleep on.

A word of warning however; PrizePicks only operates in certain states. Therefore, while you may register from anywhere in the country, you must be careful. If you’re not in a qualifying state, you can’t play real money entries, deposit, or withdraw funds from your account.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Now for something a little more old school, but no less enjoyable if you ask us. Refer a friend bonuses might have had their day elsewhere, but at PrizePicks they are still as powerful as ever.

If you love the daily fantasy sports experience and find someone that registers on your recommendation, you’ll get some extra cash credit on site. At the time of writing that was a cool $20 per player. That’s not all either, as should your recommendation deposit $100 or more, you’ll get a nice 10% on top.

It’s not a deal that’s going to blow your socks off, but if you have a network of daily fantasy sports fan friends, this offer can be a real money maker. If you want our advice, take advantage of this and start recommending friends while you can, as there is some extra cash to be made.

Play PrizePicks Now and Get a 25% Match Bonus up to $1,000!

More to Come?

PrizePicks is still a relatively new name to the daily fantasy sports scene, less than a year old in fact, so it doesn’t have a huge roster of bonuses yet.

Expect the pace to pick up in 2020 with more market and sport-specific offers made available to players – the term watch this pace certainly applies here.

Mobile App Section at PrizePicks

PrizePicks DFS Referral code Apps, apps, and more apps, they’re everywhere when it comes to daily fantasy sports. If you ask us, daily fantasy sports is probably more of a handheld experience than it is a desktop one these days. Good news for PrizePicks fans, as there are DFS apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The bad news is that actually getting them onto your device can be a bit frustrating.

Neither of the PrizePick apps are available on app stores, so you need to visit the PrizePicks website to download and install from there.

It’s not a deal-breaker, but it does slow down the process of playing a little. The app itself, however, is actually really impressive, as it replicates the desktop experience and, in some areas, even furthers it.

Clean and precise, scrolling the menus is a breeze, while all the same functions for managing your selections are only ever a swipe or two away.

Download, login, and play, there isn’t much more to the PrizePicks mobile app than that, which is exactly what we like about it so much.

Play PrizePicks Now and Get a 25% Match Bonus up to $1,000!

Software Section

PrizePicks look slick and is showing the big boys how it’s done in the design department; the entire site looks great when put up against a black backdrop with a navigational bar at the top.

Absolutely no clutter to be found here, as you can jump between sports in just a single click, with all players clearly displayed on screen, along with position, next game, and projected score.

Daily fantasy sports is driven by data, but there is no need to blast players with it whenever somebody logs on. PrizePicks have got the design right by not doing that.

We must also mention the technical quality of the site; downtime is minimal, there are no dead links, and the site runs at a fast speed, which is exactly what you need when big prizes are up for grabs. Other daily fantasy sports sites take note, this is what a great-performing site looks and feels like.

What games does PrizePicks offer?

Phew, we’re getting a little hot under the collar now, as PrizePicks picks up the pace when it comes to game types. NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MMA, Soccer, Golf, and more are offered, so you name whatever sports to bet on and you can be almost sure that PrizePicks offers it. But, if you think that this is just another run of the mill daily fantasy sports offering, we’ve got some news for you. This site is different from the rest for a reason.

So, let us explain further just how PrizePicks works.

Take Your Pick

Right out of the gate, you need to forget about salary caps, lineups, and the rest of the useful daily fantasy sports questions. At PrizePicks you’re presented with a selection of players for any given sport and from there, well, you need to pick and wager whether they’ll beat (or fall short) of their predicted fantasy points. Sounds easy, right? Well, don’t think that the action here is slow, because it’s far from it.

Getting started is easy, pick between two and four players from the sports listed. Once selected, pick whether they’ll go over or under the fantasy score, select your wager and that it’s, you’re good to go.

Here’s a quick example, the projected fantasy football points for Leonard Fournette and Todd Gurley are at 16.1 and 19.4 respectively, and you’ve predicted Fournette to go over and Gurley to go under.

During the next round of matches Fournette scores 21.3 and Gurley scores 12.3, this means that your picks are winners and you’re going to bring home the cash.

The minimum wager is $10, while players can max out at $100 should they wish to.

Each payout will be determined by the number of players picked; two player pick pays out 2.5x, three player pick pays out 5x, and four player pick pays out 10x. The same applies to fantasy MLB and NBA.

There might not be a whole lot of variety in the way PrizePicks works as a daily fantasy sports site, but that actually works in its favor.

Removing the need to crunch numbers, anyone can start playing here in seconds, which means that it’s perfect for beginners.

Play PrizePicks Now and Get a 25% Match Bonus up to $1,000!

PrizePicks Banking Section: Depositing, Cashing Out


Depositing at PrizePicks is a no-hassle experience, even if the options for depositing are extremely limited. You can only choose between PayPal and electronic check here. In the site’s defense, should you use PayPal your deposit will be credited almost instantly (you can use credit and debit cards via PayPal for those that don’t know), but some other options for depositing would have been nice.

Additional deposit rules include deposits made to take advantage of promotions. These deposits must be played through at least one time before a withdrawal can be made, which is pretty standard. Members must also play through deposited funds at least one time before to requesting a payout, which – once again – is a standard requirement at most daily fantasy sport sites.


When making a withdrawal at PrizePicks, you don’t need many guesses to determine the methods that are available. Yep, it’s PayPal or electronic check again, which can be pretty frustrating.

Another frustrating factor is the maximum $1,000 withdrawal limit; there’s a $30 minimum for those wondering, along with the limit of withdrawing just once every seven days.

What is impressive about withdrawals here is just how clean they are, fill in the form, make your request, and that’s it, leave it up to the team and you can expect it to be carried out in quick time.

Customer Support at PrizePicks

The terms and conditions might not be clear for all to see at PrizePicks, but we can assure you that this is a transparent, upstanding, and reliable daily fantasy sports platform.

You can’t deny the clean-cut nature of the site, but sometimes trouble can strike out of nowhere, which is why dependable customer support is critical.

It pretty obvious that customer satisfaction is crucial to the guys at PrizePicks, so the dedication to customer support is impressive. You have several ways to seek help at PrizePicks when this happens. F

irst, head to the on-site FAQ. We know FAQ is an old school move, but PrizePicks have put a lot of effort into what’s here. Covering every basic question you could possibly think of, this little Q&A session will help you can get up and running and navigate the general PrizePicks experience.

Still need more help? Then it is time to make direct contact with the PrizePicks team. This can be done via live chat on the site or through the PrizePicks platform’s social media. Either of these will give you the help you need. In a side note, however, it’s hard to find out what particular hours the live chat service is open unless you actually head into the live chat feature itself.

The staff are impressively helpful, as they know the site in and out, which is a big plus point in our eyes.

PrizePicks take huge pride in their customer service and it shows through its staff. Therefore, if you are in a jam when playing there, don’t hesitate to reach out to them and let them guide the way.

The Bottom Line on PrizePicks

PrizePicks has some serious punching power for a daily fantasy sports site of its size. It’s not in the league of the big-time names quite yet, but it’s certainly knocking on the door.

The super clean UI is leaps and bounds over what you’ll find elsewhere, with it never being any easier to get in on the action.

New players are going to find this platform particularly enjoyable, as getting involved takes just a few clicks or screen taps. In fact, we might have never seen a daily fantasy sports site that’s been as user-friendly as PrizePicks before, which pretty much tells you all you need to know about the platform.

If we’re being honest, a few improvements need to be implemented if it is to really reach its peak. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of daily fantasy sports, you would be missing out by not playing here.

What’s Great About PrizePicks

PrizePicks might be a smaller name, but that doesn’t change the fact that this daily fantasy sports platform does a lot right. For starters and because it’s the first thing you see, we love the look of PrizePicks. Gone are the waves of non-stop, snore-inducing data; instead you get core player info splashed across a jet-black background.

The simplicity of the UI also carries over to the mobile app, which is easily one of the best mobile apps for daily fantasy sports we’ve ever seen. Intuitive and immersive, it’s probably what’s going to keep you coming back to PrizePicks long into the future.

Lastly, while DraftKings and FanDuel lead the way, PrizePicks aren’t far behind when it comes to sport choices, as it’s a pretty globe-spanning offering by anyone’s standards.

We also like the fact that PrizePicks feels like it’s a grassroots name. It’s not as flashy as other daily fantasy sports sites, but at times this actually plays in its favor. Wagering here feels like you’re getting in on the ground floor of a new experience. That’s a feeling that you can’t buy and is certainly something that’s going to draw in players if you ask us.

Play PrizePicks Now and Get a 25% Match Bonus up to $1,000!

What Can Be Improved at PrizePicks

What goes up must come down, and when it comes to the negatives of PrizePicks, you have to start with something we praised just moments ago. The mobile app here is great, but actually getting it is a nuisance. Not having it on either app store harms its cause, with all users having to download the .apk from the site directly.

The other major issue is with the promotions and bonuses on offer. It feels a little half-baked at the moment and some way off where it needs to be. There needs to be more variety outside of what is an admittedly an impressive welcome bonus.

Also, the terms and conditions could be displayed a little clearer on site. We have no doubt that PrizePicks is an honest site, but actually getting down to the hard terms and conditions associated with registering and bonus use isn’t easy. Lastly, the banking methods and practices could be improved at PrizePicks.