Best iPhone Gambling Apps & Casino Games for 2024

iPhone iPad online gamblingAre you in possession of a shiny new iPhone? Or perhaps one of the new breed of iPads?

Well if you are, then there’s a very good chance that, at some point, you may want to use your device to enjoy a little wager online.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how you can use your iOS mobile device to enjoy different gambling opportunities online. In addition, we’ll take a look at some of the positives and negatives of playing certain casino games with your iOS device.

Finally, we’ll look at the other big operating system in use today, Android. Let’s see how gambling online with your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini compares to betting on a similar Android device. (And we’ll let you know which one of the two we feel comes out on top.)

So, what options are available for you if you fancy a spot of online gambling using your iOS device?

Best Real Money Casino iPhone Apps

Options available for iOS online gambling

The good news for any iOS device user is that there is a fantastic choice of apps available in the App StoreThey will allow you quick and easy access to a wide range of different types of gambling.

There are essentially three different types of gambling apps to download at the moment:

Other forms of gambling, such as betting on fantasy sports and eSports betting are also attracting interest. However, specialized apps in these areas are much less common than the other three.

What is pleasing is the process to install and use an app is incredibly easy. A simple click will download it to your device and install it. You can then register and begin using the app of your choice. Finding the apps you want is also easy thanks to the powerful search tool on the App Store. Just know that the broader the terms you search for, the more apps you’ll have to look through.

As a rule of thumb, if an app is available for one iOS device, it is usually available for the other. There are rare cases where sites have separate apps for tablets and smartphones. In general however, gambling apps can be used across iOS devices very easily. It’s also just as easy to load up your account on your iPhone as it is your iPad.

Let’s now take a look at the different positive and negative aspects of enjoying a few different forms of gambling on your iOS device, starting with arguably the most popular form of online gambling in the world today: slot gaming.

Benefits and drawbacks of playing slots on iOS

Benefits of playing online slots on iOS

  • Choice: If you want to play online slots, then playing via your iPhone or iPad affords you the chance to play a vast range of slots. Within that remit are video slots, progressive jackpot slots, film and TV tie-in slots, and even multi-player slots with some providers. The sheer number of slots available to iOS users is staggering. You’ll have the biggest choice of games to play out of any other similar type of casino game.
  • Ease of play: Playing slots on your iOS device is as simple as you can get. Once you’ve logged in to a site, simply click on the slot to begin play. The animations are smooth and all payouts are automatic. All you need to do is enter your chosen stake and then click the spin button to enjoy quality slot gaming, many in high definition.
  • Bet as much or as little as you want: You can tailor your slot gaming to match your bankroll level very easily. You can play for as little as 0.01 in your own currency per spin, up to much, much more. Slots are easily the most scalable form of gambling to suit any bankroll.
  • No skill required: Slots are entirely random. There’s no need to learn strategies and skills as there are in other types of online gambling.

Drawbacks to playing slots on iOS

  • Smaller screen devices: On some of the less well designed or older slot games, the smaller screen sizes on iPhones make playing a little more fiddly than on an iPad or iPad Mini. However, changing your phone to landscape position rather than portrait, can help resolve the issue in many cases. It’s really only a problem on a relatively small number of slots.

Benefits and drawbacks of playing blackjack on iOS

Benefits of iOS blackjack

  • Fantastic choice of games: If you enjoy blackjack, then iOS is the perfect platform given the wide choice of variations of the game available. Most top quality casino sites will offer a few variations of the game. The more sites you join, the more choice you’ll have about which blackjack version you want to play (single or multi hand blackjack, for example).
  • Gameplay: The smoothness of the graphics, allied to their quality (especially on high definition games) makes playing blackjack on iOS devices a real pleasure.

Drawbacks to playing blackjack on iOS

  • Can be more expensive to play: Blackjack does tend to be more expensive to play per hand than other casino games. This is because most games have a minimum bet level. Some games offer a minimum bet level of just a few pence or pennies, but others can be as much as 1.00 in your local currency. In Live Casino games with a human dealer, that can increase up to 5.00 per hand or more.
  • Strategy is useful: There is a basic blackjack strategy that you can learn to become more proficient (and profitable). So if you’re a new player, then you’re not as likely to be as successful as a player that understands at least basic strategy and perhaps even more complex blackjack strategy.

Benefits and drawbacks of playing video poker on iOS

Benefits of iOS video poker games

  • Fantastic range of video poker games to play: Across the wide range of sites that offer video poker, there are a huge number of games to play. These range from the basic game of Jacks or Better to games where Jacks or Deuces are Wild and many other variants. You can also opt to play between 1 to 100 hands at a time, depending on the game you select.
  • Low house edge: Video poker has amongst the lowest house edge of any casino game. That means it’s generally more profitable to play than other forms of casino entertainment from your iOS device.

Drawbacks to playing video poker on iOS

  • Strategy: Video poker is another game where if a player is to enjoy greater long term returns, they need to play to a certain strategy. Hence, knowing this strategy is an advantage that not many beginner players will have when they log in.

Online gambling with iOS devices vs. similar Android devices

One of the most common questions people want to know about iOS devices (or indeed Android devices) when they consider gambling with them, is how do the two sets of devices compare to each other when used? Could one be ‘better’ for online gambling than the other?

Let’s answer the second part of that question first. It’s fair to say that each device has its own pros and cons. Android has the largest market share of devices worldwide. It’s also easy to find an Android device to gamble with online, even for a modest amount of money. Apple devices are generally a lot more expensive to buy, comparatively.

The first thing to note though is that despite Android having the largest market share, there are as many iOS gambling sites as there are Android-compatible ones. The top sites, be they sports books, poker sites or casino sites, all offer access via both methods – either via an app, a mobile compatible site, or both.

Your choice of sites isn’t impacted by what device you choose to gamble with, but what is different is the actual experience of gambling online.

In fairness, we’ve found that sports betting via Android or iOS is pretty much an identical experience. We have, however, experienced differences when it comes to poker and casino gambling.


Generally, we’ve found iOS devices are more responsive and more stable to use than Android. The difference is only very small and at times barely notable. But there are instances where certain sites experience lag, timing out, and glitches with the animation with an Android device, but which when accessed via an iOS device have performed very smoothly.

That difference is only negligible and only noticed at certain times. In our view, regardless of whether you want to buy an Apple or Android device, you will have the perfect machine to enjoy all the different forms of online gambling available.

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