Bet365 Sports Best Betting Features: The Euro Soccer Bonus

Posted on May 5, 2017

[toc]Bet365’s full range of sites offers gamblers many different ways to play, but the site originated with its core service of sports betting in the UK. It is therefore fitting that we start our look at some of the best features of the Bet365 family with one of its longest-standing and most popular promotions, the Euro Soccer Bonus.

What is the Bet365 Euro Soccer Bonus?

The Euro Soccer Bonus can be applied to certain football accumulator bets placed with Bet365.

When players place a qualifying accumulator bet with Bet365 and their bet wins, then depending on the number of selections in the bet, they receive a bonus cash payment. The size of this bonus cash payment depends on the size of the win and the number of selections in the accumulator bet.

The bonus is based on a percentage of the winnings. The greater the number of selections, the higher the percentage bonus players will receive. There is a maximum upper limit on a bonus payment of £100,000, so any bonuses above this amount is paid as a £100,000 lump sum.

The number of selections and the percentage bonus for the Euro Soccer Bonus payment are outlined below:

  • Treble bets – 5 percent bonus
  • Fourfolds and fivefolds – 10 percent bonus
  • Sixfold – 20 percent bonus
  • Sevenfold – 30 percent bonus
  • Eightfold – 40 percent bonus
  • Ninefold – 50 percent bonus
  • Tenfold – 60 percent bonus
  • Elevenfold – 70 percent bonus
  • Twelvefold – 80 percent bonus
  • Thirteenfold – 90 percent bonus
  • Fourteenfold+ – 100 percent bonus

If a player landed a successful 11-fold accumulator bet, then the player would receive a bonus of 70 percent of the total winnings paid.

The Euro Soccer Bonus is not applied to every accumulator, only those bets that adhere to certain terms and conditions.

What are the conditions for placing a Euro Soccer Bonus bet?

For an accumulator bet to qualify as a Euro Soccer Bonus bet it needs to meet some key criteria:

  1. All betting selections must be from either the Full Time Result or Result/Both Teams to Score betting markets. Players can combine selections from both markets.
  2. All bets must be placed before the first match of the selections kicks off.
  3. All selections on a bet slip must be taken from the following domestic league competitions: the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish Primera Liga, German Bundesliga 1, or Australian A League matches. Players can also select fixtures from the group stages onwards of the UEFA Champions League.
  4. If a bet slip contains any number of selections from any other league or competition, then it is not eligible for the Euro Soccer Bonus.
  5. If players fully cash out their bet at any time, they will not receive a Euro Soccer Bonus. Should players partially cash out a bet, then their bonus is calculated on the amount of the bet that remained active.
  6. A bet slip must contain at least three selections. Winning double bets do not receive a Euro Soccer Bonus, nor do Double Chance or Combination bets.

An example of how the Euro Soccer Bonus works

To see the Euro Soccer Bonus in action, let us use a real-life example taken directly from Bet365 Sports.

Punter A decides to place an accumulator bet with Bet365 on the following selections:

  • Champions League Quarter Final – Barcelona to beat Juventus and both teams to score – 6/4
  • Premier League – Swansea City and Stoke City to draw – 23/10
  • Premier League – Everton to beat West Ham United – 6/5
  • Premier League – Burnley and Manchester United to draw – 3/1
  • Serie A – Fiorentina and Inter Milan to draw – 12/5
  • La Liga – Real Madrid to beat Barcelona – 11/10
  • Bundesliga – Hertha Berlin to beat Wolfsburg – 7/5

This bet is available at the time of writing as a sevenfold accumulator, which will pay out at odds of 1243.07/1. Let us now state that our punter places a £10 bet on this accumulator before the first match on the coupon kicks off.

All the competitions included in the bet are part of the Euro Soccer Bonus, as are the two different betting markets, so this bet does qualify for the Euro Soccer Bonus.

So ordinarily, if Punter A’s accumulator comes in, then his £10 bet would return him £12,430.70. However, a successful sevenfold bet with the Euro Soccer Bonus in play also returns him a 30 percent bonus.

That 30 percent bonus is calculated on the returns, so 30 percent of £12,430.70 is £3,729.21. That means this bet would actually see Punter A receive back £16,159.91, a massive amount more for the same bet. It is therefore easy to see why the Euro Soccer Bonus remains one of Bet365’s most popular betting promotions.

Tips for more success using the Euro Soccer Bonus

Hitting the Euro Soccer Bonus isn’t easy, and punters can make it extremely difficult for themselves to land this bonus. Accumulator betting, by its very nature, is very tricky. Knowing that, this is a bonus that punters should expect to hit far less frequently than a standard single bet.

That said, there are certain strategies punters can follow to help land more of these types of bets.

Stick to a smaller number of selections

While the bonuses on offer for eightfold accas and more are hugely enticing, hitting this number of bets correctly on any given weekend is very hard. The more selections players add, the less chance they have of hitting the bet. Keep bets focused on three, four, or five selections initially and stand a higher chance of success.

Use the Match Result/Both Teams to Score market sparingly

With the Match Result bet, players have three potential outcomes: home team wins, a draw, or the away team wins. However, when factoring in the Both Teams to Score option, there’s a total of six possible outcomes — each result could see either or both teams score, or not.

Therefore, on statistics alone, players are twice as likely to land a Match Result bet than a Match Result/Both Teams to Score bet.

Personally, I only ever use the Match Result/BTTS option when there is a game between teams that don’t have great defensive records, but that both are strong on offense. AS Monaco vs. Manchester City in the Champions League in 2017 was a good example of this kind of game.

The five selection bet has more value than you realize

A number of people have told me they won’t place a fivefold bet on the Euro Soccer Bonus because it only pays a 10 percent bonus, the same as a fourfold. They reckon the fourfold bet is the value bet over the fivefold.

While I understand the appeal of having one less result to get correct for the same bonus, it is worth remembering players will likely win more money for a successful fivefold bet, and therefore a 10 percent bonus goes further.

Research selections and stick to the leagues and teams you know best

There’s nothing like a bit of research to help inform bets. Head on over to the stats section at Bet365 to check out the teams you intend to back. Check their form, goalscoring record, relative strength, and league positions for a clearer picture of how they may perform.

Of course, if players don’t have time to do that, then the next best thing is to bet on teams or the leagues that you follow closely.

Accumulator betting is an inexact science, but it is also hugely fun. It also offers potentially massive rewards for a very small initial bet. With the Euro Soccer Bonus from Bet365, the value of these rewards only increases. Why not have a flutter today?

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