Liven Up The French Open Action With A Bet365 Accumulator Bonus

Posted on June 6, 2017 - Last Updated on September 22, 2020

[toc]The bright orange of the clay, fine clay dust coating the white lines, the sight of finely tuned athletes sliding across the surface to reach the ball, all under a blue, warm Parisian sky.

May is always a popular time for tennis fans. Not only does it signal the start of the clay court season and the build up to Wimbledon, but it also sees the second Grand Slam of the year taking place at Roland Garros, the French Open.

Betting on the big Grand Slam events in tennis is always popular with sports betting fans. However, at Bet365, customers have more to look forward to than most. That’s because, if you enjoy a bet on some of the most popular tennis betting markets, then you could be in line for a nifty bonus when you hit a winning bet, thanks to Bet365’s Tennis Accumulator Bonus.

Bet365’s Tennis Accumulator Bonus explained

This is an exciting offer that works similarly to the Bet365 Euro Soccer Bonus. Of course, this offer pertains to selected bets made on tennis matches in the form of an accumulator. Let’s learn a bit more about the key details of the offer as well as how you can use it to add extra value to your tennis betting.

The great thing about Bet365’s Tennis Accumulator bonus is that it available almost all year. It can be used on a massive range of tournaments on a choice of three different betting markets. The devil is in the detail of these offers though, so let’s explore this to clarify exactly what tournaments and markets you can bet on.

The first thing you need to know is that the bonus only applies to select accumulator bets of two selections or more that meet the criteria outlined below. Single bets do not attract a bonus. Plus, if you decide to place another form of multiple bet, such as a Yankee or Lucky 15, then the bonus is also not applicable to these bets.

Eligible accumulator bets

To qualify for the bonus, your bet needs to be an accumulator based on selections from the following tennis markets:

  • To Win Match
  • First Set Winner
  • Set Betting

Additionally, you must also ensure that any bet is based on matches in any singles or doubles event of the following types of tournaments:

  • The four tennis Grand Slam events (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open)
  • ATP (Men’s) tour event
  • WTA (Women’s) tour event
  • Challenger (Male and Female) tour event
  • Davis Cup match (Singles or Doubles)
  • Federation Cup match (Singles or Doubles)
  • Hopman Cup match (Singles or Doubles)

Essentially, this means that you can add matches to your accumulator from almost all major tennis tournaments in the world. Certainly, the list includes all the top level ATP and WTA tour events. Furthermore, you can also select matches from the Tier 2 Challenger Tour, which features players not quite good enough to make it onto the main tour.

How to place your Tennis Accumulator Bonus bet

Placing your qualifying bet with Bet365 is very simple. All you need to do is add your qualifying selections to your bet slip. When you have a total of two or more selections on your bet slip, simply enter your stake and click place bet.

When you do this, Bet365 will automatically review your bet. If it matches the criteria, the Tennis Accumulator Bonus automatically applies to your winning bet.

How Bet365 calculates Tennis Accumulator Bonus

The size of the bonus does depend on two key things. These are the number of selections on your bet slip and the size of your winnings from the bet. The number is just winnings, not your total return including your original stake.

The table outlined below shows you how the size of the bonus applied to your winnings increases with the number of selections of your successful tennis accumulator bet.

Bet Type Bonus on Winnings
Doubles 5%
Trebles 7.5%
4-fold 10%
5-fold 15%
6-fold 20%
7-fold 25%
8-fold 30%
9-fold 35%
10-fold 40%
11-fold 45%
12-fold+ 50%

Example payout for the Tennis Accumulator Bonus

Let’s now use a simple example to show you how to calculate the bonus on a successful qualifying bet.

Punter A places a £10 12-fold accumulator bet on a selection of matches in regular ATP and WTA tour events on the To Win match market. After adding up his selections, his bet would return winnings at odds of 100/1 if successful.

Let’s now say that each of the 12 selections win their respective matches. On a standard accumulator bet of £10 at 100/1, Punter A would win £1,000, plus his £10 stake back, for a total return of £1,010 on his bet.

However, with the Tennis Accumulator Bonus from Bet365, Punter A receives £1,000 winnings. Then, he receives a bonus on top of that of 50 percent (for 12-fold or greater accumulator bets). This means that on this successful bet, Punter A would receive a bonus worth £500 on top of his standard winnings. That is £1,500 in winnings, plus his £10 in initial stake money. All told, a total return of £1,510.

It is easy to see therefore why many punters feel that offers such as the Tennis Accumulator Bonus and Euro Soccer Bonus offer them potentially such great value for accumulator betting.

Key things to remember about the Tennis Accumulator Bonus

The most important thing to note is that the maximum bonus you can receive on a bet is £100,000 or the currency equivalent.

In addition, if you Cash Out a bet, then the bonus is not applied to that bet. If you Partially Cash Out your bet, then the bonus is only paid on the remaining active stake for the bet. Additionally, if you use the new Edit Bet feature to change your bet, then your bonus is applied only to the edited bet and altered winnings.

Keep tabs on the action at Roland Garros with Bet365 livestreaming

Another reason why tennis betting is so popular at Bet365 Sport is because the online betting site offers extensive tennis coverage via its livestreaming service. You can watch action from all courts at the French Open via Bet365’s hugely popular livestreaming service.

What better way to keep tabs on your accumulator selections than by logging in to watch how the events unfold?

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