Not My President? Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Posted on February 20, 2017 - Last Updated on April 28, 2017

[toc]Since Donald Trump became the forty-fifth President of the United States of America, the news (whether you call it “fake news” or not) has covered his every move.

The first four weeks of his administration have been bathed in controversy, from his clashing with the courts over his Muslim travel ban to his proposed $20 billion border wall with Mexico – not to mention his constant tweeting!

Bet on President Trump’s impeachment

What this means for gamblers is that there is a chance for players to bet on whether Trump, just one month into his first term, will resign or be impeached before 2020. Given the controversy that has mired his first few weeks on the job, the odds aren’t all that huge!

Ladbrokes, for example, are offering just 11/10 (a little better than evens) that Trump will be impeached or resign within his first term.

Their fellow UK bookmaker, Bet365, has Trump at 6/4 to be impeached and 11/8 to resign in his first term.

Trump’s cabinet isn’t safe either! Following Michael Flynn’s resignation over ties to Russia, you can bet on the next member of his cabinet to resign at Betway. Currently the favourite is John Kelly at 9/2.

Fantastic value on a 2019 impeachment

On many sites, you are able to bet on the year that impeachment proceedings will be brought against President Trump and put before the House of Representatives.

It appears that bettors can pick up some fantastic value here. For example, here is the list of odds from just one sports betting site:

  • 2017 impeachment: 4/1
  • 2018 impeachment: 9/1
  • 2019 impeachment: 16/1
  • 2020 impeachment: 20/1

The odds have been automatically staggered by year, but savvy gamblers can take advantage of this automated process with a significant bet on 2019.

Mid-term elections have not been taken into account, which means that 2019 is by far the most likely year for President Trump to be impeached. Incumbent governments tend to lose seats in mid-term elections.

How Trump cost the bookies millions

This isn’t the first time that bookmakers have laid odds against Donald Trump, but the last time they did they came away worse for the wear, nursing a multi-million-dollar loss.

When Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the electoral college to secure his place as President-Elect, CNN reported that a total of $186 million was wagered on the election. This makes it the largest non-sporting event ever wagered on, with much of that going against Trump.

Ladbrokes claimed to have handled more than one wager every two seconds on the 2016 US election.

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