Success At Blackjack, Roulette, And Online Slots

Posted on August 10, 2016 - Last Updated on November 16, 2020

[toc]Most online casino players are just looking to have a bit of fun.

Any money they might lose playing their favorite online casino game is much the same as paying for an entertaining experience. After all, what’s the difference between spending $50 on dinner and a movie or spending it on three or four hours of high-octane casino action?

That said, most online casino players do like to win and feel like they’re getting something for nothing. After all, that’s why offers like a Bet365 bonus code are so popular.

Whether you’re simply looking to have fun or seriously want to maximize your edge against the casino, here are the top tips on how to win at the most popular games.


Basic strategy

Blackjack has a basic strategy that you can employ to minimize the house edge. In fact, at a live casino, some dealers will be happy to tell you the correct decision for you to make at the blackjack table!

It’s important to use the right basic strategy for the game you’re playing.

For example, some blackjack tables allow players to surrender their hand and forfeit half their bet, which is sometimes the best decision. The basic strategy also changes depending on whether a double down is allowed after a split, or whether a dealer hits or stands on a soft 17.

Card counting

The most famous gambling system out there, popularised in movies like Rain Man, involves counting cards in blackjack. It’s quite simple in theory, but does require some effort to pull off.

It’s not a guaranteed win either, but the reason it’s so famous is because it works.

Card counters assign values to the cards dealt, with higher cards being worth -1 point and low cards being worth +1 and middling cards 0. The higher the total count, the more likely that high cards will be dealt out. Card counting teams can predict this to a reasonable degree of accuracy and know that it’s time to start betting big.


Betting patterns

Most online casinos will display the winning numbers from previous spins at the roulette table. A lot of players believe that they can infer something from this, but each spin of the wheel is independently random.

The Martingale System

The Martingale System is a method very popular with roulette players, and some believe that it gives them an edge against the casino. Of course, this isn’t true – if it were, then no casino would offer roulette games anymore!

The Martingale System involves doubling your last wager in the case of a loss. For example, if you bet $10 on red and the wheel comes up black, you will then bet $20. If you win, you’ll get $40 back having bet a total of $30, covering your prior loss.


Progressive jackpots

The biggest prizes in online casinos come by way of online slots games, largely because of progressive jackpots. These are built up over hundreds of thousands of spins on different, linked-up machines.

They can reach truly staggering eight-figure heights, and are the way to go if you want a shot at life-changing money. The catch? They’re pretty hard to hit!

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