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ncaa sports betting

NCAA Seeks Federal Sports Betting Legislation

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the college sports governing body, wants the federal government to step in and regulate sports betting, ESPN reports. Sports gambling became legal at the federal level in 2018 thanks to a US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the nationwide ban outside Nevada. That didn’t automatically make sports betting legal […]
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Iowa sports betting

Sports Betting Ready for Kickoff in Iowa

When football season for the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones kickoff on August 31, die-hard fans of the Black and Gold and Cardinal and Gold will, for the first time ever, be legally allowed to bet on (or against) their favorite college football team. Sports betting is now legal in Iowa following the passage […]
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Daniel Negreanu online poker

Daniel Negreanu Defends Use of VPN’s to Play Online Poker in US

With over $41 million in lifetime earnings, Daniel Negreanu is the second winnings live tournament poker player of all-time, only surpassed by the $45 million of Justin Bonomo. He’s also a long-time ambassador for PokerStars, the world’s leading online poker site. And he has as much credibility as anyone in the poker community. But, Steve […]
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Casino Gambling in US

Native Tribes Across Country Split on Legalized Gambling

Up until recently, a combination of Las Vegas and Native American tribes held a monopoly on the US gambling industry. Last summer, that changed when the US Supreme Court ruled that a previous ban on sports betting was unconstitutional. In the immediate wake of that decision, states began legalizing and regulating sports betting. While this […]
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Iowa Legal Sports Betting

Iowa Moves to Legalize Sports Betting

For those unfamiliar with US gambling laws, it is worth mentioning that a momentous decision was made in 2018. After years of legal challenges, the US Supreme Court struck down a Federal ban on sports betting outside of Nevada. This did not immediately mean that sports betting was legal across the whole of the United […]
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