GGPoker Bonus Code and Review

GGPoker online poker
Deposit Bonus Deposit Bonus100% up to $600100% up to $600
Bonus Code None - Use Links

Well established as Asia’s largest poker network, GGPoker is rapidly growing its global presence. Filled with unique and fun features and promotions, there is something for everyone.

Some of the unique features of GGPoker are:

  • 100% deposit bonus for up to $600 in bonuses on your first deposit or $100 in cash and tickets.
  • Honeymoon period for newcomers with special rewards for new players.
  • All-in insurance: Protect yourself from bad beats.
  • PokerCraft: GGPoker’s tool to help you analyze your game.
  • Tournament staking: Buy and sell your own poker action or your favorite player or professional.

Moreover, did you ever dream of playing with some of the poker industry’s biggest names? Well with ambassadors such as Daniel Negreanu, Bryn Kenney, Kitty Kuo, Felipe Ramos and Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, now you can make those dreams a reality!

Why Choose GGPoker
  • 100% deposit bonus for up to $600
  • Honeymoon period for newcomers
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Tournament staking
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  • Bonus:
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GGPoker welcome bonus

Get that bonus, bonus, bonus! If you’re a first-time player at, get 100% up to $600 on your first deposit!

What’s more, is there are no restrictions on how or where you place your wagers to redeem the bonus. This means more flexibility for players. Simply sign up through us!

The bonus is automatically credited into your player account. Keep in mind, the bonus releases in $10 increments. There is a 100% play-through requirement on this special bonus offer. Finally, redeem the bonus within 90 days or forfeit the offer.

Alternatively, you can opt for a $100 in cash and tickets package that is unlocked when you deposit $20. This requires you to play specific game types though, so check the site for T&Cs.

GGPoker bonus code 2021

Online PokerGGPoker
Bonus Code None - Use Links
Deposit Bonus100% up to $600 or $100 in cash and tickets with $20 deposit
Last UpdatedJune 2021

GGPoker honeymoon for newcomers

For all new player accounts at GGPoker, the online poker operator offers a 30-day honeymoon period with instant rewards, challenges or missions. The additional rewards offered total $300. As you complete successful missions, get freeroll tickets, tournament dollars or straight cash.

Simply select ‘start honeymoon’ on the honeymoon page and complete one mission per day. The honeymoon option is available to new players for three days after the first login. If you choose not to participate in the honeymoon promotion, these benefits will expire.

Here are some honeymoon mission examples:

  • In hold ’em: Show your hole cards after winning a pot.
  • In Omaha: Play 50 hands in a given day.

Fish Buffet, the GGPoker VIP rewards and rakeback program

According to GGPoker, the Fish Buffet is a level-based rewards program. In other words, not only can you earn cash prizes, but at certain levels you may even get 100% rakeback.

In order to take part in the Fish Buffet, you do not need to sign up; simply start playing and start to earn Fish Buffet Points (FP) for every raked real money game or tournament fee. All players start at the Plankton level and move up as they hit the FP requirement during the corresponding time period. There are 7 different statuses and 24 different levels. For each level unlocked, spin a wheel with different reward options.

Remember: If you do not hit the required FP during the time period, you will move down a level and the accumulated FP expires. When the FP expires, receive 10% cashback of the expiring FP amount.

For more information, check out the table below:

StatusFPs to EarnTime LimitPrize RangeExpected Cashback
Plankton50024 hours$0.50 - $1.5015%
Shrimp1,00024 hours$1-$320%
Goldfish1,50024 hours$1.50 - $622%-28%
Crab5,00072 hours$5-$2528%-32%
Octopus 15,0007 days$15-$9032%-36%
Whale40,00015 days$40-$32040%-44%
Shark 100,00030 days$100-$1,00045%-50%

Registering for a new player account at

In order to play for real money, get the following information ready:

  • Full legal name
  • Current address
  • Date of birth
  • Copy of government issued ID like a driver’s license
  • Email address or mobile number

Please note: There is an age requirement at GGPoker. The age requirement differs from country to country from 18 to 25 years old. So be sure to check your geographic jurisdiction’s age requirements.

Mobile GGPoker app

Although the GGPoker mobile app is available for both Android and iOS, it can be a little tricky to set up. Here are the step-by-step instructions for download on both mobile operating systems.

Download and install GGPoker on iOS

  • First, head over to on your Apple device.
  • Then, click on the “Download Now” red button.
  • Finally, a window pops up explaining you need to email [email protected] to obtain the newest and most up-to-date link for download.

Download and install GGPoker on Android

  • First, go to on your Android device.
  • Then, click on “Download Now” — in this case a green button with the Android icon.
  • Choose “OK” when the pop-up window appears with a message about this download. GGPoker is a trustworthy source, so its software will not harm your device.
  • Some Android devices may require that “Installation of apps from other sources” is completely enabled in the security settings.

GGPoker software and features

Download GGPoker client in three quick and easy steps:

  1. Downloading and installing: First, select “Play Poker Now” from the homepage. This starts the download process. Once the download process is finished, double click the downloaded file and the GGPoker set-up window appears. Set the preferred language and “Install” to begin the process. Override any security warning your computer operating system may show. Finally, open up the app after the installation process finishes.
  2. Account creation: Now, select the sign-up option in the lobby. Make sure to provide a valid email address and/or mobile number. Finish by clicking on the sign-up button after providing your information.
  3. Once your account is verified, log on to the GGPoker client.

Minimum system requirements for GGPoker desktop clients

For Windows:

  • Minimum of Windows 7
  • Minimum of Intel Core i3 Clarkdale
  • Minimum of 2 GB RAM, but 3 GB is the recommendation
  • Minimum of 300 MB of free disk space, but 600 MB is the recommendation


  • Minimum of OS X Mavericks 10.8
  • Minimum of Intel Core2 Duo
  • Minimum of 2 GB RAM, but 3 GB is the recommendation
  • Minimum of 300 MB of free disk space, but 600 MB is the recommendation

GGPoker Software Review

g poker tableOverall, GGPoker is the most visually pleasing and attractive online poker site. However, there are some serious software issues that we faced.

The biggest issue is the constant software freezing and crashing. To explain, often the software froze, causing us to time out and miss blinds while in a poker session. Because the software freezes, it caused us to be unaware until we realized that a hand was taking too long. Another issue we faced with crashing is around 50% of the time we reached a final table, the entire software client would crash during seat selection. These issues are not exclusive to only us; a simple Google search yields many customer complaints about the software crashing.

In order to combat these incredibly frustrating software issues, we resorted to setting reminders to restart the poker client every hour while on a break. This fix seems to help immensely, although it is a pain.

However, we do enjoy playing on GGPoker enough with all of its features and promotions that we continue to play and also recommend playing there even with the software issues.

Types of GGPoker games

gg poker gamesLet’s be clear, isn’t just your run-of-the-mill poker site. However, you will find a heavy emphasis on hold ’em and Omaha along with an array of cash game offerings and tournaments like most other poker operators.

What separates GGPoker from its competitors are some really fun features and jazzy graphics. For example, should you be so fortunate to reach a final table in one of GGPoker’s tournaments, choose your own seat based on your chip stack, or if you’re at a cash table, run an all-in hand three times.

Cash games at

If you’re looking for hold ’em or Omaha, GGPoker has got it. However, if you’re looking to play some of the lesser known variants of poker, forget about it. In fact, although other online poker operators offer the less popular poker games, these games rarely run. Our advice? Stick to the popular forms of poker; GGPoker certainly does and it has worked out well for the operator.

Hold ’em cash games

You can pretty much find multiple tables running every day, all day even during off-peak hours. GGPoker has a robust player pool as evidenced by the vast range of cash game stakes.
Play for as little as the minimum buy-in of $1 or up to a $5,000 buy-in.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Available stakes: $0.02/$0.05 to $25/$50
  • Six-max tables only
  • 5% rake on hands that are 2.5 big blinds or more

Omaha cash games

Omaha games run very similar to the hold ’em cash games at GGPoker. Although Omaha is slightly less popular, so you may not find action at all hours of the day.

A couple of things to note:

  • Available stakes for pot-limit Omaha run from $0.02/$0.05 to $25/$50
  • 3% rake on hands that are 2.5 big blinds or more

Multi-table tournaments at

Multi-table tournaments really are GGPoker’s forte. Not only does GGPoker offer a wide variety of tournament buy-ins, but the guarantees are typically huge. Again, the bigger guarantees speak to the very healthy player pool at GGPoker.

The Sunday tournament schedule

Sundays at GGPoker are no joke. Just check out its impressive list of events and guarantees updated on March 2020:

  • A total of 174 poker tournaments with an incredible $2M in guarantees!
  • Play in the GGPoker Sunday Flagship event: GGMasters with a $500,000 guarantee
  • Buy-ins for Sundays start at just $2 up to $5,000 for high rollers!
  • Play in high rollers, bounty events, freezeouts, turbo events and more
  • High roller highlights: four $5K buy-in tournaments and three $1K buy-ins
  • 300 satellite events to help boost your bankroll

T$ Builder

GGPoker offers a special type of tournament where the prize pool only pays out in tournament dollars. (This means you cannot cash out tournament dollars, but can only use them to enter other tournaments). In addition, there is no rake or tournament fee entry. These special tournaments run every 30 minutes with varied buy-ins of $1, $2, $4 and $8.

High rollers

GGPoker states that it offers the highest tournament guarantees with regular tournaments. Starting anywhere from the $200 buy-in and up to $5,000, every high roller also boasts a very healthy guarantee. Moreover, on Sundays, the tournament guarantees double up for even bigger prize pools.

Chinese Zodiac

This is a special tournament series that runs daily in Chinese yuan. Eight-max No Limit Hold ’em, and if you choose to enter with US dollars, it is automatically converted to Chinese yuan. Play for a special chance to win unique prizes and avatars!

Phoenix Rebuy

GGPoker is also different when it comes to rebuy tournaments.

Here are the options in regard to Phoenix Rebuys:

  • You can single rebuy until right before late registration ends.
  • Double rebuy for three times your initial starting chip stack after the late registration ends but right before the actual rebuy period ends.
  • You also can double-buy add-on for six times the amount of the initial starting chip stack only right at the end of the rebuy.

Omaholic tournaments

These are GGPoker’s daily Omaha tournaments that range from $1-$22 buy-ins.

Other poker games

These are hyper-fast-paced cash games or sit-n-gos that other online poker operators also offer but with a GGPoker twist.

All-in or Fold

These crazy turbo tournaments start you off with eight big blinds. Choose between hold ’em or Omaha. To really get the adrenaline going, every all-in also gives you a shot at instant cash prizes with the special All-In or Fold jackpot. The jackpot builds up by pulling from 50% of the fee for all the all-in games. In order to win the jackpot, in Hold ’em make a straight flush with both of the hole cards or in Omaha make a royal flush using two of your hole cards.

Keep in mind: You may remove chips from your initial eight big blinds, but you cannot buy in for more than eight big blinds.

Spin & Gold

Launched in February of 2020, this is GGPoker’s version of jackpot sit-n-gos. Players who enter get to see a wheel spin to calculate the final payout for the winner.

These are quick sit-n-gos with most jackpots being double the prize pool. It is a three-handed very hyper turbo sit-n-go. The jackpot could theoretically hit for up to $12,000 over the initial buy-in.

For example, your initial buy-in can equate to:

  • $1 — for a jackpot up to $12,000
  • $5 — for a jackpot up to $60,000
  • $20 — for a jackpot up to $240,000
  • $50 — for a jackpot up to $600,000

Moreover, there are extras like cash back for playing in Spin & Gos. Simply click on the “Challenge” tab located in the top left-hand corner. Select the length of time for play: one to eight hours. Then, select a challenge called “Gold Mine Challenges.” You need to “mine” gold by playing to earn the cash.

6+ Short Deck

This game runs just like hold ’em except all the 2, 3, 4 and 5 cards are removed. Flushes in this game beat full houses. Therefore, the lowest straight is A-6-7-8-9. In addition, hit a royal or straight flush, four of a kind or flush and hit the short deck jackpot. However, you do need to pitch in a minimum of 15 antes, use two hole cards and a pocket pair to make four of a kind.

Depositing and withdrawing at GGPoker

Deposit and withdrawal options vary by jurisdiction. Most of the major deposit and withdrawing options are typically available. In fact, again depending on your country of residence, you may be able to deposit with Bitcoin.

Some of the major deposit and withdrawal options include:

  • Major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bitcoin

Remember the minimum deposit amount is $10, and like most major online poker operators, GGPoker does not charge any fees associated with deposits. However, your credit card merchant or issuing bank may charge foreign transaction fees.

As for withdrawals, GGPoker does charge a $1 fee and your account must be verified. The typical withdrawal limit is $15,000, but contacting support easily raises that limit.

About customer service

There are a few options when it comes to customer support, although forget about any live chat or phone calls.

  • Email for general support: [email protected].
  • Email for deposit and withdrawal help: [email protected].
  • Discord online community for GGPoker.
  • Social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Although there is a live help button located at the bottom of GGPoker’s webpage, when you click on the option, it directs you to email.

Although the help and FAQ sections are comprehensive on the website, we found customer support to be lacking in friendliness and professionalism. For example, we were asked multiple times to submit documentation to verify our account. Despite following instructions, we were asked to resubmit documents multiple times. Strangely enough, we were also asked to provide documentation that we cashed out at other online poker operators in order to make our first withdrawal.

However, it must be said that GGPoker kept us around due to the fun promotions, features and high tournament guarantees. It is fun and unique compared to other online poker rooms.